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Story of KiNg MaDDeN 2
Story's of KiNg MaDDeN 2 Adventure threw gaia.
Trunks Story park 1
Trunks is a character from Dragon Ball z and Dragon Ball GT. Trunks first arrived in DBZ during "The Android Saga". Trunks came back from the future to destroy the android who came back to past to take over the world. Androids 17, 18, and 19 came back to the past first to take over. But Then another android came to the past to take over. The android was Cell, Cell came back to become perfect and take over the past and future. Cell absorbed people to become stronger and more perfect. Cell first absorbed android 17 to become A little perfect but not complete. Then absorbed android 18 to become perfect form. After becoming perfect he hosted the cell games to find out who was the strongest in the world. Trunks, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccloe, and the Z warriors were in the tournament. Everyone was defeated including Mr. Satan who will be included in "The Buu saga" and "World Tournament". Trunks in this saga was killed by Cell early into the Tournament. Gohan was the person to challenge Cell at the end of the tournament. Cell before the match kill android 19 sparking Gohan's angry to transform into Super Sayian 2 and defeat every challenge including Cell JR. who is a small form of Cell that can be produced by Cell. In the Battle Cell and Gohan were stuck with there blasts at challenge to see who would win. Goku's spirit was couching Gohan during the beam to out power Cell. (Goku is the father of Gohan and main character of the Dragon Ball series). Cell was distracted by a blast by Vegeta (Father of Trunks). Gohan put all of his strength into the final push and destroyed Cell for good. They then wished on the Dragon Balls to bring back everyone who died threw the Saga.
They were at peace once again and Trunks went back to the past. That ending "The Android Saga" but then a movie lead up in to this saga intitled "History of Trunks".

KiNg MaDDeN 2
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KiNg MaDDeN 2
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