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The Rantings of Her.
I will put up here rants that I have. Rants of myself, rants at the world. I'm blunt, I'm emotional, I occasionally swear a lot. I also ponder. I ponder about many things. My head is a messed up little placed crammed full of awesomeness.
"But the beauty of Grace is that it makes life not fair"

So, yesterday, at 18 years old, I had my first ever breakout. Like millions of pimples on my chin. Now, don't get me wrong, I've had the occasional pimple here and there, but never an actual breakout.
And let me tell you, it ******** sucks, and it is making me depressed. Probably why I haven't left the house at all today.
Since yesterday, I've been scouring my face with clearasil, and dousing my chin with pimple cream and pawpaw ointment. It's helped a little bit, but not as much as I would have liked it to work.

So I stayed inside all day and finished my book. It was absolutely amazing. I even came up with these little excersises to do whilst reading on my bed. Mainly core and adductor muscle groups.
But now I've got what's apparently been recently dubbed "the book hangover" as in the inability to start a new book because I'm still living in the world of the last one.
But here I am, suffering an emotional trauma at the hands of a freaking paperback. (hardback, actually. Though I much prefer paperbacks).
The book I finished today was the last in a trilogy by Scott Westerfeld. I think he's an amazing writer.
So this trilogy: The Leviathan trilogy is a steampunk sort of sci-fi alternative history of World War one. It's amazing, and I highly recomend it to anyone.
The book even ended with a bit of romance, which I though was quite stange, but sweet, so I allowed myself to go all soft and soppy and say "awwwww", simply because I had become so attached to the charachters (typical nerdy me).

Other than that, I accomplished nothing today (oh, aside from bakingsome chocolate cupcakes). Which would have otherwise really sucked, but I really enjoyed it, and do not feel that it was a day wasted. Although, it really sucks that my computer is broken and will not access the internet. sad

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