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Welcome to My world....
Join me in My Gutter Punk Deccora world, live breath,eat, love Gutter Punk =) Just follow my guide lines and then you can make it your own whee

1. Q What is Gutter Punk Deccora?
A It's a form of style influenced by Deccora girls of Japan but it has a twist on it.
Deccora is a Japanese fashion genre worn mostly by girls with a mix of stuff but it is put together not sloppy and rushed it takes allot of thoughts look up Deccora girls and you will see what I mean.

This is created by me

This is the style
It's a mix of all the punk styles, cyber punk, Ska, Skater Punk, and the classic punk, but it is very hard edge and can be cute depends on how far you want to take it. It's a rebellion and for people who want to shock and have the shock value. There is room for cuteness that is LaceGutter Punk the softer side and less shocking for people who don't want to use the shock value they use allot of pastels, Lace almost like a lolita but hence the style with a mix of himae kei(Princess kie) But not full blown, with the punk elements still intact, Boys and girls can dress the same they can be fem or not depending on how much they want to use the shock value. They can be soaked in blood or their clothing ripped etc. Or they can take a Cyber punk route or they can look like a club kid but add the punk elements of their choices, Azwego61 is modeling one version of Gutter Punk Decora, Deccora is all about layering but it looks put together not sloppy so be careful just because you layered does not mean you have the deccora look, if your totally confused look at the Deccora genre rules on how to be deccora do that first, then venture on to my version of deccora Gutter Punk Deccora. whee

So once you have it down, Sit back, and have fun! whee

Every other day Azwego61 will show versions of Gutter Punk Deccora so you can follow but not copy Azwego61's looks no cloning though Azwego will be flattered then if you keep on doing it he will be freaked out lol

From Kui Kuma the keeper of Azwego =)

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