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The Elven Princess
~*~Part One~*~
~*~ In the Moonlit Forest ~*~

On her 218th birth day , the princess was finally ready to explore the surrounding woods around her home, during the night walking through the hidden roads of the forest with her guards and fairy near,everything was dark and quiet.They stop by a waterfall to rest, with a beautiful full moon in the sky , the light hit the water just right at that point to where a lunar rainbow appeared, they sit there in awe, looking at nature's beauty unfold right before them.

The fairy brushes against her companions face, bringing a smile across the princess' face, she extends her arm as the fairy lands on the top of her hand and shiver's a bit from the cold breeze, the princess nods and the fairy goes under her hair for warmth, curling up. Just then the rainbow disappears, clouds roll over the moon and the air turns colder.

The guards and princess exchange glances to one another, the princess nods, they pack up and swiftly leave the site, leaving no evidence of their existence behind them. The wind still cold and getting colder with every minute that passes, the guards look around a bit frightened with the stories of " The Dark Lord ", the princess just thinking it is about to snow or rain soon hurries at the same pace as the guards, the fairy curling up more in her hair for warmth.

Soon they hear the bushes behind them rustle and shake fiercely as a huge gust of wind explode behind them, before they knew it, the guards were stabbed in the back by cloaked men with red eyes. The princess looks at them shocked and frozen still of fright, one of the guards look at her and yells out to her." GO ............ NOW!!!! " The princess nods and starts running , worried for the guards.

A man mounted on top of a shadow horse rides in behind them, looking at the dying guards and his men, he nods to his group, they all yell in sync, " YES CAPTAIN!! " slitting the throats of the guards. The captain points forward to where the princess ran, they nod and run after her.

Meanwhile the princess is still running, getting tired with each step she takes, she decides not to run but to hide, she hops behind a tree with what looks like an owl's hole, knocks on the tree's bark three times, a hole big enough for her opens, she jumps in and the hole closes behind her.

The captain and his men reach to where she is, the group running forward in front of the captain in a hurry, the captain stops and cries out to his men " WAIT!!! ", they stop immediately, running before him and kneel. The captain looks at them saying " She is here, now search for her! ", they nod once more and go searching the surrounding area. The captain himself goes looking, crossing the path of the hole where she can see him, she gasps a bit and closes her mouth.

The captain hears it and slowly looks at the tree, she ducks, praying he does not see her. He turns to his group and speaks. " Well, I guess I was wrong, lets head out " The group looks at him, the captain winks, they nod and run off in a short distance, the captain and his horse hide behind a tree, the group up in the trees near the princess.

The princess looks out the hole, sees nothing and hears nothing, she taps the inside of the tree three times and the hole opens again, she hops out and it closes. She gives out a sigh of relief and starts to walk back to where she saw the guards last. The time the group has waited for, she took the bait, now they jump down, grabbing her tight, chaining her in a flash before she new what hit her. She looks at them shocked and tries to struggle free but it is all to no avail, she is trapped and there is no way out.

The captain comes forth with his horse as they turn her around to face him. He speaks " I would not go back there you know? It is quite a bloody mess back there. " She looks at him shocked, speaking in a shook up voice " Wh-what did you do to them?! A-are th-they dead?! " He nods and smirks in the shadows of his cloak, speaking once again. " Yes , those pests are gone for good and unable to protect you like your father wanted them to. Soon , as he realizes you won't come back , he will suspect the treaty has been broken between him and his old friend, there will be a big dispute of your whereabouts and there will be a war. And this war, will be caused by you, for your little adventure you wanted to take! " She looks at him totally stunned by what he said , never has she thought of how this would have turned out, how her father was so protective over her all those years.

He looks at her and then his group, nodding. One of them nod back, pulls out a rag, covering it in chloroform and covering the princess' mouth, knocking her out.
Hours pass, she finally wakes up, but in dark shackles. She slowing stands and tries to rub her head but can't due to the shackles holding her tightly to the ground, she snaps into reality and looks around, nothing but pitch black. A voice is heard. " NOW , TAKE A GLANCE AT THIS PRINCESS, MY LORD!! "

The black surroundings around her suddenly turn a white, she shuts her eyes and slowly opens them hesitantly, seeing a male elf in front of her dressed in black and gold, a giant sword at his side, with an evil smirk planted on his face, speaking. " Nice catch you have here. Did you leave any witnesses? " The captain speaks. " No witnesses were left sir! "

The prince speaks again. " Good............... arrange a wedding tomorrow, I shall marry her. " She looks at him shocked and starts to weep. He stands up and walks towards her, gently lifting her face to his. " Don't cry now, once you get to know me, you will know I am not that bad of a guy " He smiles at her.

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