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Devils Love

Dark-Hunteress Sage
Community Member
Alright sorry i havent posted a new entery to the story but here is the newest part to the story.

Seth and Haden let out their own curse and Marc’s lips thinned in displeasure. They flew faster and reach the location witch was an abandon lumber mill three minutes later.
Being the smart a** of the group Haden could not resist saying “For being a great evil these demons are not all that original in locations.” No one commented to his remark but they all agreed silently with Haden.
When they all landed in the woods that surrounded the mill they walked over to the two windows that looked into the building on the east side and looked into the building what they saw was surprising to say the least.
The two Halfling were hanging from the ceiling by chains around their arms and shoulders and a chain behind and completely ignoring the demons below them. The half-angle had long walnut brown hair in a ponytail that reached to the middle of her back and deep brown eyes. She was wearing white jean copries and a sea blue halter-top. Around her neck was a silver cross of her father. On her feet were white and golden sandals.
The half-devil had blond hair that hung to down to her waist. She had such light blue eyes they could be described as ice. She was wearing black cargo pants and a black graphic tee shirt. Around her neck was two gemstones on leather cords, one of the stones was Rose Quartz the other Amethyst. And on her feet was steel toe boots.
Backing away from the windows they all went into the woods “Well that’s interesting, though I’m not surprised how the girls were acting they always did ignore thought’s who p***** them off.” said Lousied.
What I have to ask is has the Half-angle and Half-devil always been friends?” asked Haden.
“Yes, Haden actually all of the Halflings are friends with each other and business partners to Supernatural café.” said Lousied
“Guys focus, two Halflings hanging form the ceiling with their powers unlocked.” exclaimed Seth.
Marc could only roll his eyes in exasperation at the way Haden could jump to a topic to another in the most serious moments. “Gentlemen not that I don’t find your argument festinating but I would like to rescue the Halflings sometime this night not next week and get them both to Safe Haven. Now lets form a plain to get them out of there.”
“Marc’s right our first priority are girls. When we were flying in, I saw that there were two windows on all sides of the building. What we should do is have Marc come throw the north side window, Haden throw the south side, Lousied throw the west side and I go throw the east side. That way we surround the demons and we can proceed in with wiping the floor with the demons. Once the demons are dead we rescue the girls and fly to Safe Haven.” said Seth
“Good plan brother lets get into position and wait for Marc’s signal.” said Lousied.
Once they were all in position Marc sent the signal and they went in throw the windows and cleaned house.


Pain was the sensation that Lily woke to, her whole body hurt. The second thing she noticed was that she could hear more than she had ever heard before. She could hear Jazlyn’s heartbeat and six other heartbeats that seemed to be further away but not too far. Lily figured that it was the six demons that kidnapped them in the first place. She also could hear Jazlyn cursing up a storm and the traffic outside.
When Lily opened her eyes, she remembered why her whole body hurt the fight with the demons. Lily looked to her left where she heard Jazlyn’s heart beat and curses that she heard before she opened her eyes. She now saw that she and Jazlyn were hanging in the air about fifty feet from the ground.
Lily knew she did not have to ask Jazlyn if she was alright because she could see and hear that she was, but she did anyway “Hay Jaz are you alright.” asked Lily.
“Yeah I’m fine just sore and p***** off. How about you, I know your cheek bone is broken but that all I know.” responded Jazlyn
“I’m no worst for the wear just sore all over, but like you said my cheek bone is broken and that’s the most painful and it kind of hurts to talk. If I stop talking all of the sudden don’t be surprised alright.” said Lily
Just then Lily heard a someone clear their throat coming from the demons below her, they had been so quit that Lily had all but forgotten that they were there. Both Jazlyn and Lily looked down and seen the six demons that kidnapped them all of them were looking annoyed but also smug.
Looking over to Jazlyn, Lily said “They sure are smug right now. I wonder if its because they kidnapped us?” Lily thought about that for all of a second then said, “Probably not, it does not take a lot of skill to kidnap two females when it is six against two that’s not fair odds. I bet they are nothing more than a bunch of cowards.” The demons squawked in protest when Lily called them cowards but Lily just ignored them.
“You are so right on them being cowards. They make my think of little boys who had to steal something they wanted and that’s just sad.” said Jazlyn
“Yeah its so embarrassing that they had to resort to kidnapping, and fighting two unarmed females. It was very pointless if they wanted to ask out or just talk to us, they did not have to resort to kidnapping. I would have given them a chance, but since they had to kidnap I will not give them the time of day now.” replayed Lily.
“We are not boys you insolent Halflings we are Lucifer own demons and we are the most powerful of the demons that have ever been born.” yelled the leader of the demon group.
“Hay Jaz did you just hear something?” asked Lily
“No you must of just heard the wind blowing.” answered Jazlyn
“I thought that was what I heard, but I couldn’t be sure.” said Lily
Soon Jazlyn and Lily were back to talking café again just like they were before they kidnapped right when they were talking about adding a new type of coffee to the menu of Supernatural café. While they were talking one window on each side of the abandon lumber mill shattered and four guys came throw the windows and they soon had the demons surrounded.

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