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i have love for anime and dogs
iv been havin anger issues for some odd resons
my friends are laff out oud comedys so i love them soooooo much
some chick at my school (no names you know who u are if u know me) keep s drawin me into drama and she hurts me soooo bad and now she wants to be my friend again RAWR she makes me mad but a sweet person and im hard to get mad yay and thats it thanks for readin =)
A tear rolled down my face as i stared at the grave stone in front of
me. "Shannon Renal Long" read on the top of it. I remember watching the
plain with her ,my mom, in it crash with pieces and fire booming from
it i remember her face when she saw me out the window and i remember her
calm voice on the phone when she called to tell the plain was about to

I looked at the tombstone next to it. that one read "Shane
Christopher Long". that one is my dad. he was murdered by this gang who
is after my friend, destiny. next to my dads tombstone was both my

A hand was set on my shoulder. it was the man i put to live with. the
government put me with them because "my family didn't want me anymore".

"You ready to come home now?" he asked.

I let one more tear role down my cheek before i answered "yea".

My "brother" gave me a hand up.

My eyes blurred with tears. "Where is Destiny" i asked.

"Right here" he said with a smooth voice. i ran to him and gave him a
hug. my legs gave out so he held me there in his arms. He is the only
person in this world that can comfort me.

I herd my father ask Jason, my brother, "why does she hug that piece
of s*** before she hugs us?" and then my brother answers " she has known
him her whole life and he is the one who protects her from the gang and
he is the only one who has had it like her, you know his father died
his mother died his other recent parents died both his sisters died and
his real sister was kidnapped by the gang"

"i thought he murdered his real father" my dad asked. Jason just
rolled his eyes.

I tried to use my legs again and it worked. i separated my head away
from his cold hard muscular chest. My dark eye makeup stained his white

"Oops" i said looking at his face. he is major pail, almost ghost
pail.he wears all white all the time and his hair is white too, but not
the every day white, its WHITE. He has the sparkly-est blue eyes. he
looks blind almost. his teeth are as white as hair even though he drinks
and smokes.

"oh" he says "its alright, i can just take it off" he took of his
shirt and handed it to me. he has big, i mean big, muscles.

He looked at me "don't worry now we both are the only people in our
family still living" he grinned, then he stroke my hair.

i walked through the hall. nothing was in view, or at least thats how it looked. the whole house,building or watever i am in is painted with a black paint. you cant see ant deital. i ran my hands against the walls hoping to feel a door nob or door. at last i found one. i tried to open it, but it was locked. i began to walk again, slowly down the black hall. i found another one. hoping for luck, i twisted the nob.the door opened. a smile crept its way across my face. i pushed the door open all the way, and emediatly my smile vanished. a man was on the floor. he had a knife in his hand and i bruised and bloody face. he was dead. his whole body was bloody. a gun was all the way across the room. i grabbed the knife then walked to the gun. something was carved into it. i cleered it off then read the neat name RANDY BRAIDY. he was the man that went missing last week. i grabbed the gun, held it to chest and whispered "sorry" then walked off with it. i went to the room that was locked. that smile came back. i slid the knife through the crack between the door and wood. the door clicked the began to open. this door opened too easily. i made sure the gun had bullets. it was loaded half way. something about this was just too obviouse. i held my ear to the door. i couldnt hear anything. what if... what if he new i would relize that it was too obviouse and new i would have thought he was in there so i would keep walkin or..... what if he was in there..... or what if it was a trap and i would go in lookin for him and fall into it or............ wat if.......

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