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my journal that no one will most likely read
this is were i write random things because i feel like it and updates on my life that no one will most likely read.
rp samples
me as several peoples

Luffy was eating meat and didn't notice Emiko again until Nami was yelling something about a neko. "Emiko's a what? She's done changing?" he looks over. his eyes widen. "she's a cat person!?" He goes over with food in his one hand. With his other hand, Luffy felt the girls ear. "they're real!"

Emiko had put her ears flat slightly when Nami yelled out since she was so loud. She slowly twitched her ears back up. "Yeah... they're real..." she didn't no what else to say to that. She looks back when she felt something touch her tail. Chopper was looking at her. "I've never seen a person with cat features before. Did you eat a human human fruit of a neko fruit?"

"well um i have never seen a talking reindeer...And NekoNeko. I was born a regular human."

Luffy laughs. "you're even cooler." He grins. "yeah why didn't you change into a human before?" He asks again repeating zoro's question.

"um well. um. I just feel more comfortable as a cat because when i am human people would always make fun of me and be mean because of my weird ears and tail." She looks down blushing. "Sorry I should have told you all sooner. Oh and Nami sorry but i had to rip your...shorts." She had to find a word to describe the barley their piece of clothing.

"Well you had no reason to hide from us. we're all strange in my crew!"

"speak for your self rubber boy!" Nami yells at him and hits him in the head. "oh and don't worry about the shorts."
It wasn't long after that that rocket man was ready to go!


Usopp was in the train watching Sanji from some place safe. He looked out the window and say some one out side the train and freaked out some. "Sanji some ones outside." he tells him.

Sanji stands up straight after finishing off the cart. "what are you talking about? No one could be out side we are in the middle of the ocean." He coments looking at the masked former member of the straw hats.

(a lot going on i know )

me as one person and a few others)
Mysty was walking down the streets with some of her friends. She sighs some. She was tired. "can't I go home?" she asks hugging herself in effects to keep herself warm. She was tired and cold. but her friends were just trying to cheer her up. Mysty had just gotten some bad news. Her heath was deteriorating. Her friends wanted to give her a night on the town while she was still well enough to. They took her shopping and gave her a make over. The fragile girl didn't want to but she wanted to please her friends. She went along with it.
"come on please one hour and after that if you still want to go home we can." one of her friends says.

She smiles a little. "Fine one hour." she was having some fun but it wasn't what the short natural blonde haired girl would do.

They first took her to a salon and got her hair died green. Mysty was always to afraid to do something weird like dying her hair. But her friends also went shopping for her and got her a dress that she normally won't wear. It wasn't to short but it was tight. It showed off her chest that she keep hidden under baggy t shirts or hospital gown the group of young adult women went into the bar after a while of dancing Mysty sat at the bar and sighed some.

Rita looks over at her and nods. "Yeah I think getting a schedule will be a good idea." She starts to dig through her bag to find a map she was given of the campus. "We wouldn't want to wonder around aimlessly. Not on our first day. Where is that map?" she asks herself and stops walking to take a better look into her bag. She finally got it out. "Okay." she says and looks it over.
She continues walking once the map was out. She was paying attention more to the map then to where she was going so she was hoping Evie would act like a seeing eye dog for a while while she tried to figure out where they had to go and keep her from walking into people, or into the schools fountain.

Rita looked up from the map to open the school's door. She looked around. The halls were almost empty. ' i wonder if we are late or early.' Her sense of time was still off because of Jet lag. She was to tired she almost didn't remember waking up and getting in the limo. She looks back at the map. "I think the office is this way...." she says with more hope in her voice then confidence.

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