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Twist!? infos! Character Profiles Mainly, but anything about Twist!? that I feel like categorizering goes HERE!

Aen Veritate
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Gaia Adventure Story-- Profiles [[Secondary+ Side]]
The Profiles for the Secondary and Side Characters for our Gaia Adventure Story.

[[Chapter 1]]

[[Chapter 2/3]]

Username: Hell mistress
Name in Comic: Kayne
Age: 15-17 ish
Occupation: - - -
Likes: Leather gloves, spicy foods, vanilla, strawberries, fox's, Mystery's, crimson/white roses.
Dislikes: Sweet pickles, chocolate, large amounts of blood, surprises.
Personality:Kayne isn't much of a talker. She usually acts like a mute unless it comes to web/mystery information. She speaks little even then, but what she says usually helps give some clues, or assistance.

Bio: Kayne was born as a normal child, but as she was at the age of 7, capable of speaking in both English, and French, she experienced an accident. While driving out on a trip in the summer, her father lost control of the wheel, due to a drunk driver speeding past. Kayne's family, and the car was driven into the cliff side of the road, where the front passengers were crushed dramatically by the edge of the rocks pushed in through the dash.

Kayne was sent to the hospital with minor injury's, her mother killed instantly, while her father lived for about two more days. Kayne had been in a state of shock, and asleep the whole time, waking up the day after her father had passed on. The shock, and slight memory loss became hard on her. And since the rest of her life growing up with her cousins she's learned only to talk when she found she wanted to. Taking a large amount of knowledge in mysteries, crimes, and clues seeing her eldest cousin was a investigator, she dedicated herself to being one herself. However, unable to pass and become her dream she just settled with helping to solve mysteries, if people ever needed the help. Though, even to friends, or family she finds it hard to talk. Only when something spikes her intrest will she speak, mainly only mysteries, sometimes just for fun.

Username: TLB
Name in Comic: Tealetta Bleue
Age: It doesn't really matter, she's dead XP
Occupation: ...Ghost?
Likes: Erm, respect for the dead? Psychics?
Disikes: Being told she's not real.
Personality: Tealetta is constantly trying to reach her daughter through dreams, visions, any way possible. She wants her daughter to know that she cares and will not rest until Kayne moves on from her grief.
Bio: Tealetta Bleue was killed in the car accident Kayne suffered through along with her husband. Her spirit, however, was not able to rest until she knew her daughter had finished grieving, and her ghost haunts Kayne constantly.
Anything else: Before the accident, Tealetta had red, curly hair, her ghost has white, scraggly hair. Her eyes, however, are the same brown color as they were before death.

Username: Gala maiden
Name in Comic: Kayle Harbinger
Age: 22
Occupation: Drunky.
Likes: Alchohol, body parts, music, Girls.
Disikes: Police, closing hour, boys.
Personality: Quite a strange one from the point of view by her peers. Always drinking alone, and really pokey around other girls.
Bio: At age eight, she had encountered a boy she really liked but he was always being mean to her. One day should just had enough with boys, and started "honkin' the girls knockers.". During her middle school life she was extremely critisized by every one, and thought she could feel less alone if she kept on getting drunk.
Anything else: Likes to sneak up behind people and grope them...

Username: Onegaki
Name in Comic: Shun
Occupation: orphan
Likes: Candy
Disikes: Cold, mean people
Personality: happy and curious
Bio: When he was just 1 year old his parents left him in a forest beccause he has cat ears and a cat tail.
He has lived in that forest ever since but he wants to get a family that cares for him.
Anything else:

Username: daydreamer_girl
Name in Comic: day
Age: 18
Occupation: works at a coffeeshop
Likes: to read, draw, daydreaming, relaxing
Disikes: paying attention, smacking, hair on peoples back, other annoying sounds like constant tapping and the sort.
Personality: seems really calm but is always edgy (Loud sounds really make me jump, can get hyper or really annoyed), always off in another world. Just hangs around and doesn't say much, mostly neutral to everything. But when I get started about things I like (Beatles nintendo) I can get really gabby.
Bio: must I add more?
Anything else: meh

Username: levi_theactor
Name in Comic: Espian Archibald
Age: 15
Occupation: Acting, Singing, Entertainment
Likes: Acting, Singing, being mean, being complimented
Disikes: being upstaged, dumb people, poor people
Personality: Snooty and rude to get what he wants, he doesn't let any one walk over him!
Bio: Growing up in a rather wealthey family, he was gifted with a talent, to act and sing. But, he father was killed mysteriously and his mother, well she is alive, but disappared as well. So now, Espian lives on his own, with maids and butlers of course!
Anything else: Nope.

Username: Jerry Curl
Name in Comic: JC
Age: 17
Occupation: Leader of the Schools underground Computer Hackers/ Techs.
Likes: Singing, Manga, Women, Videogames
Disikes: Mean People,
Personality: A fun and outgoing person, JC has a vast background in Choir. Known by all in his school by his awsome curly Fro Hair, he is respected by many. Easy to make friends, but difficult to earn his trust, JC is a Man that can be one of the most valuable allies that one can have.
Bio: As a child, JC was abandoned by his parents at the age of 1. Not much else is known, accept that he was adopted and lived a normal life.
Anything else: Ummm..nothing yet

Feel free to submit a profile for the comic~! The code is found in the main thread!


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