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My Recommendations
I recommend it, give it a brief summary, give it a review, tell you how many stars I give it, and then you decide if you want to trust me or not! (Recommendation types vary, can include anything from anime to books.)
Manwha: Love in the Mask
Love in the Mask

Type: Korean Manga, or Manwha

Summary: In Seoul, there is a boy and his big brother, orphaned by gangsters(?) who make them sell bubblegum on the subway in order to make them money. The younger is named Pig, the older is Frog. However, Frog has a secret - he's really a girl. His mother advised him to pretend to be a boy, so that he wouldn't be sent off to a brothel like she was. One day, instead of giving the money to their "guardians" like all of the other orphans/children, Frog and Pig bought meat buns because Frog knew Pig loved to eat (hence the name). The gangsters did not like this. They made Frog and Pig stay outside in the cold winter with nothing more to eat, nor anything to keep them warm. Pig died from the cold, which caused Frog to rage. The next day, the Korean FBI see Frog on the subway and ask if he wants to come with them. The "guardian", Crazy Dog, tries to stop them from taking him but fails.
Frog is then taken to a house where they tell him to get this job at any cost, which he has no clue what it is. Later, he comes to find out it is a bodyguard job for a rich man's granddaughter. Frog is then dubbed "Hyun-Bin" and told to leave his old life behind and always protect Yun-ha, the granddaughter. (They also knew he was really a she, but continued to persuade Hyun-bin to keep the disguise.)
Hyun-bin is trained in hard and difficult courses and becomes Yun-ha's bodyguard.
(there's more to the story but I'll add it later)

Review: This series is OFF THE CHARTS. There is so much drama, it's so intense. Hyun-bin's life is arduous and long, filled with treacherous people who are trying to knock her down a peg or are using her. She must overcome all of these challenges as a man! This series is still being translated, so far has 112 chapters (that I know of), and is probably the most dramatic series I've ever read in my life, ever.

Rating out of 5: heart heart heart heart heart heart
(oops, added an extra heart.... did it on purpose! wink )

Marquise S Mindfang
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Marquise S Mindfang
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