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my life is totally wack
LoZ: Dark Lin Ch 4
(Yin pov)
I ran again, but then I hit a big wall..

"HEY! YOU COWARD!!!!"I punched the wall with my iron fist gloves that I made, but it kept shocking and burning me..

"OW! Argh, fine I have to use Light.."I put my hands together, like praying, and then I hit the wall several times. I then put my hands on the walls, and where I hit, made the Triforce appear. I blew on the wall, and it fell down..

"Heh, pathetic..."I stepped over the remaining parts of the wall, and ran to the lake.

(Lin Pov)
"Huh?" I was standing on an area in Death Mountain. It was night time and I saw a blonde girl with short hair, dead. What was that? I don't have short hair so that obviously wasn't me. Then the girl disappeared into darkness and I heard wicked laughter. It scared me. After that I woke up.

"Oh good, you're awake," Navi was blue-ish white again,” I hid you in a cave,"

I got up and looked outside, “The sun is already coming up,"

"You were out for a while," Navi circled over something, “Look what Shadow brought you over night,"

It was my sword. My wonderful sword! I grabbed it and it felt heavier, maybe I was still weak from using dark magic. I had unlimited power to anything dark, so I can use it. But there's always some kind of aftermath when I use it, this time it was losing consciousness. I should practice using it.

(3rd Person PoV)

Yin yelled harder than ever, probably people in Death Mountain heard him

"Well, let’s try this..”he did ninja hand signs, and then said, “Shadow clone Jitsu!" Yin made 4 copies of himself. Wait, where’s the 5th one? It was lying dead on the ground.
"Oh boy...WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH YOU! YOU PIECE OF JUNK!!!"He kicked it, and it flopped over on its back. Hope Lin heard this yelling...he thought to himself

Lin was still resting in the cave and overheard Yin.
"You heard that, right?" she asked Navi


Lin looked down from where I was, “Oh look, it’s Yin right under my feet, Hi!!!!! And look out!" she threw a few dark fire balls down and after she hid and started panting, dumb dark energy .


The fire balls headed straight towards Yin.

"What the!?" he dodged the dark fire balls, but one hit his chest and it started to burn...”GAH!" he fell backwards, then rolled forward.

"Lin! I'm just trying to ask you something, and THIS is how you repay me!? Now fangirls are gonna be like 'OMG its Yin Yaminora! Let’s get him!' DO YOU WANT THAT TO HAPPEN AGAIN?" He marched towards Lin because he saw where she hid, (and also smelled dark magic.)and made an earthquake before she ran.

Lin was unable to move, the dark power made Lin very weak and helpless. Everything was blurry, she fell down from Yin's earthquake and couldn't stop panting so she struggled to talk while facing the ground,

"Repay you? Repay you for what you dumb nut?!"

"You burned down the village, hurt me about umm 8000 times. And so much more...” Yin picked Lin up by the neck, eyes turning black.

"Now, tell me why you are doing this...”Dark lines appeared over his body, and started turning red and blue. “OR else..."

Lin could barely breathe; she was so weak and couldn't do anything. That she couldn't even struggle to get out of Yin's grasp. She talked very softly,

"I-I-I can't tell you if I can't breathe..." it was like she was whispering

"Ugh, fine...”He dropped Lin on the ground like a dead fish..

"Weak fool..." Yin put my iron gloves away, took some food out and gave some for Lin."Take it...I just need to know why you are doing this! “His teeth got sharp like when he's a werewolf. Yin put all his weapons in his bag and throwing his bag next to a tree.

Lin ate the food. What am I going to tell him? 'Oh I'm doing a mission to make you mad so I can see true strength and end up getting killed' yeah right. She just decided not to say anything; instead she stared at her hand.

"Grrrrr. START TALKING YOU LITTLE BRAT!"IYin smacked her across the face, leaving red palm marks on there..

"What am I doing? IT!!!!!!!"Yin punched his gut again. “Lin, just tell me why you burned down the village...”he took her sword away to make sure she talks. Then he jumped up into the air and stabbed it into the highest part of the tree.

"Now tell me what you’re up to.."

"Just having a little fun," That was so a lie, I didn't enjoy burning that village one bit. It scarred her heart. She thought she won’t be able to repay for that, not even if Yin killed her, “If you want to know what I'm up to then think, what do evil people do, smart one? she said attempting to taunt him.

"Gah, ummm well evil people have evil plots and they try to get the good guy to defeat them...It sounds more like you..."Yin started laughing because he knew that would make her angry. And so just in case she punched him, he got out armor made of iron.

"Well! What are you waiting for!? Hit him! “It was being stupid, so I reached under my shirt and punched my gut...

"The armor is made of iron, I'm weak from using so much energy, do I look like have a sword on me?!" Lin looked up at my sword, it was in a tree. Navi where are you? "Is It bothering you? Is that why you keep punching yourself like a complete idiot?" Lin laughed, and meant it. That was actually kind of funny.

"HEY!" I wanted to sound like Navi, but I hate her guts. If a fairy does have a gut. Well, at least my fairy is less annoying then Navi...”I will make sure your sword is gone if you laugh again. Just tell me why you are doing this or else your sword will be gone forever...”he held his hand toward the sword, and a big ball of light and dark appeared. It was an attack he taught himself to use. Thank you friends from another kingdom!

"Heh, destroy the fake then," Lin tried using dark magic again, but it made her weaker and the purple fire was too small, “Navi, where are you?!"

"Behind Yin, I think this is a safer spot from you," she popped up from behind Yin,


"Heh...She knows I'm stronger...Now; just tell me why you are hurting people...”His eyes looked right into her soul. It taught Yin to do this. It always works. His fairy came out of my pocket, and he was flying around him and started nagging at Lin, bit awkward, but normal....

"I can't tell you that," I stuck out my tongue,” A mission you'll never know until the end!" Lin felt her energy suddenly back so she stood up, Then laughed, “Awkwaaaaard..."

Yin face palmed himself, then whispered to myself” Great Goddesses, tell me why I'm her cousin!” he knew there would be no reply, so he just had to find out himself why she was acting this way. “Lin, just go. It’s getting dark, AND you’re bothering me..."he wanted to make her angry, so he just used his hands and pushed her away. “Bye bye, see you next time!” After Yin pushed her, he jumped into the trees and fled. “That was a close one, wasn’t it Shiroi Okami?" he was talking to It.
"Yeah, to close...”He mumbled.

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