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Neko's Fanfics
A small note before we get started. This story is not spoiler free! This was written as per request by lMitchell, a close friend of mine. I don't actually ship these two and this was more of a fun project if anything. This will be a very short and sweet one-shot story, unless for some reason I get a herd of people begging me to write some more. If you would like me to write anything for you, feel free to ask. However, I only write fanfictions for series I am familiar with. Well, I hope you enjoy this small tale!

A Witch and Her Familiar

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The two girls were both flying on a broom across the starry sky, just above the deep blue sea beneath them. It was a slightly windy night, but nonetheless the scenery around them was astonishingly beautiful. Like the waves that swayed, their dark-colored hair was also flowing with the gentle breeze. "...Can we...land soon...?" Stella asked meekly, her voice sounding like a very delicate whisper. Unlike her master, the starfish did not like to stay up in the air for a long amount of time. The feeling of her feet hanging off the ground made her rather anxious, even if there was a large body of water under them to safely catch her if she fell. It was not odd that she was afraid of heights; after all, the girl was a creature of the land. The witch looked behind her shoulder, "Huh? Why? This is fun, isn't it?" Chlomaki questioned, a smirk across her face. She knew very well that her familiar did not like to travel via broom, especially when Stella was tightly holding onto her waist and nuzzling her head against her back like this. However, just like Lobco, Chlomaki loved to tease the starfish. "So...you don't like it when I do this?" With a grin, Chlomaki tightly held onto her broom and pulled back, causing the magical device to go backwards in a 360-degree turn. Stella shrieked, hugging the witch even tighter than before. Her fingernails were practically digging into the woman's sides, trying to hold on for dear life as she began to do loop-de-loops with her broom. "N...No!" She cried as she shook her head repeatedly, tears already welling up in her eyes. Laughing, Chlomaki finally came to an abrupt stop. "Sorry, sorry." She apologized, though it was hard to take her seriously with such an impish smirk on her lips.

Eventually the witch and the starfish landed on a small island, known as Star Isle. It was a location best known for its delicious star fruit, as well as its lush and green scenery. At night, it was an excellent place to gaze at the moon and watch the stars glide across the dark sky. As much as Chlomaki wanted to go to Deep-Sea Town instead, the witch was more than aware that there were still residents not willing to accept Stella. Each time the two came for a visit, the starfish was often greeted with hate, even if she was no longer a part of the Red Sea. Still, Chlomaki believed that within time, everyone would grow to love her just like she did. But for now, she wanted to focus on basking in the moon's soothing light. "Nice, isn't it?" The witch commented, looking at the girl next to her with a warm smile. The two were both lying down in the grass, using their arms as a cushion for their heads. Without any clouds blocking the sky, they were able to stare in awe at the mesmerizing show above. It was a full moon tonight and not only that, but there was multiple shooting stars as well. The environment around them was pitch black, but the lights scattered across the sky faintly illuminated the Earth. Stella nodded, "...It is." She replied, as quiet and brief as ever. Her response was rather simple and seemingly lacked emotion, but the girl was feeling happy. She used to rarely ever see the outside world, but now Stella was blessed with the opportunity to see the sky every day. She came to learn that many colors graced the horizon, depending on the times of day. Sometimes it was a beautiful bright blue or in this case, it could turn into an ominous yet stunning black. If it was not for Chlomaki, she would have not been able to see this breathtaking sight before her. In fact, Stella would probably still be locked in that horrible, painful place for all eternity if she had not been saved. It was a few months ago, but the starfish could still clearly remember the traumatic memory of her time inside of the Red Sea. Even if years passed, the agony she felt would always creep upon her mind and haunt her dreams forever.


Pain. Pain was the only thing Stella could feel, other than remorse for her actions. Even if she was locked away deep under the ocean, the girl felt as if she was engulfed in the flames of hell. Yet at the same time, she also felt painfully cold, as if trapped in a thick block of ice. Her whole body burned and froze in torment, while her cells were devoured one by one. Her flesh was cooked to a crisp, yet her consciousness still remained. Even though her entire body was consumed in a hot and icy inferno, death did not come to her. As much as she wanted to die, to escape from this never-ending torment, Stella couldn't. It was as if a curse was put on her, so that she would never escape the punishment she was given. She was not able to drift away to slumber or lose herself, but instead feel the painful sting of her nerves burning and freezing. As a starfish her arms and legs tried to regrow, but her fragile limbs were only melted off and crushed over and over again in a vicious cycle. Her fate was to be tortured for all eternity, just like everyone else who floated around her. She could no longer tell her comrades apart from each other, whether it was Sal she was standing next to or the only one true friend she had, Tsuribari. Their flesh had clearly dissolved from their undying bodies, to the point where no one could be distinguished as male or female. However, it wasn't like that mattered at all. Now, everyone here was classified as prisoners writhing in agony. When Stella was first damned back into the Red Sea, piercing screams of suffering could be heard echoing throughout the water. Now, all that was left was silence. After all, without a mouth one could not release their unbearable shrieks or cries for help. If the Sea of Death denizens thought their pain was awful before, it was ten times worse now. For killing thousands of innocents and attempting to convert the ocean into their own world, they were sealed inside and trapped here until the end of time. That was Stella's, as well as her allies', punishment.

Though many of her colleagues did not feel any regret for their actions, the lonely starfish known as Stella did. Instead of hate or rage, she felt sadness. At the time, the servant of the Red Sea was not aware that what she was doing was wrong. In fact, she thought that her actions were moral and justifiable. The girl was convinced by Sal and Princess Mikotsu that the Blue Sea was not 'normal', and that the reason they were banished to this place was because they were trying to do the right thing and make the ocean a 'haven for all underwater creatures'. Stella was convinced that everyone in this 'demented' and 'sick' sea were to blame for everything and were the true villains, which was why she decided to help take over and seize the ocean. It was not only until it was too late that she realized all these people living in the Blue Sea were innocent, and that the murderers were the Red Sea themselves. She felt guilty and not only that, but betrayed as well. The people she thought she could trust the most manipulated her into thinking Wadanohara and her familiars were evil, when in fact her own 'friends' were the ones in the wrong. She felt more than remorseful, hoping for a second chance to undo all of her wrongdoings and restart her life anew. She thought no one would be able to hear her pleads of forgiveness from this bottomless Hell, however, one day a bright light shone through the red and murky water. It was a merciful glow, which engulfed and shone over Stella's broken and dissolved body. Somehow the heavenly light healed all of her wounds, recreating her pale skin which was burned off by the flames. Her torn-apart skull was mended, as well as her charred bones which were exposed in many places. Once again, the starfish's body was whole, like nothing had ever happened in the past year. The agonizing sensation she felt was finally gone and was replaced with relief and comforting warmth, as if she was wrapped inside of a soft blanket. After feeling excruciating pain for such an extended amount of time, Stella had completely forgotten what it was like to be alive and healthy. "Sorry for taking so long, but better late than never." A woman's voice emitted from the bright light. It was the first sound she had heard ever since coming here, aside from the piercing screeches and shrieks of torture. After hearing only wails of agony and dead silence, this melodic voice was soothing and comforting to her ears. Moments after a hand reached into the dark and muddy liquid and without hesitation, Stella quickly grabbed it. She gasped as she felt herself being pulled out of the Red Sea, her prayers after so long finally answered.


For giving her another chance at life, Stella couldn't help but feel grateful towards Chlomaki. At first she was a little skeptical about her savior. After all, it was a powerful witch who had damned her back into the Red Sea in the first place. She thought that perhaps this woman only drew her out from that awful fate to only torment her soul even more by throwing her body somewhere even worse, but that was not the case. Apparently, Chlomaki felt some type of pity towards the girl and allowed her to be free under one condition, which was to dedicate her life to her by becoming her familiar. There was a fear that she may only be used and controlled like a puppet again, but that fear did not compare to the thought of being tossed back into that agonizing abyss. Deciding to take a chance, Stella formed a contract with the cat-like witch. It was the last thing Stella thought would happen, but ever since then the two girls had become quite close. In fact, after a while the starfish began to harbor feelings for Chlomaki. Despite the occasional teasing, she was the first person to show her genuine kindness and care. Even though she was only a mere servant and familiar to her, the witch obviously worried about her wellbeing and tried her best to protect her, as shown in their many adventures and battles. Stella's feelings for her had been stirring for quite some time, but she wasn't sure how to confess her feelings. As if she already had enough problems, the girl was also afraid of being rejected too. Chlomaki had so many friends and familiars who were so much better than herself, so it wouldn't be a surprise if she had loved them instead. Stella finally snapped out of her thoughts when she realized that the witch had been repeating her name multiple times. With an embarrassed blush on her face, the starfish's eyes scrolled towards Chlomaki. "Y...Yes?" She asked, hoping that she hadn't spaced out for too long. "Say, do you have any wishes?" Chlomaki asked, her gaze still remaining on the stars shooting across the jet-black sky. Stella sighed and looked back above at the moon, a frown decorated across her lips. Without realizing it the familiar answered, "...I wish I had...the courage...to tell you I like you."

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