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Fire Bubbles
I'm a weird person. And I write about funny random stuff!
What shall i do it's following me everywhere it wants my exotic juices! but naw im not gunna give it to em those bad a** hooker monkey cows should suck it. why do they want it anyways, who knows mabey they dont. oh my theyre catching up i better runnnn!!!! ahhhhh theyve almost captured me! i turn arout to see one of them staring me down like im some litte kid and theyre michel jackson.
"what the hall do you want!?" I scream
"You know what we want you dimwit!" one of the beasts moan.
"yeah! well your not gettin any!" i say as i run away from the dragqueens.
They chase after me as fast as they can with their flabby man boobs flabbing in the wind like tortillas. Ew that so effing nasty i think to myself as I stop to beathe.
"You'll never catch me! I'm the muffin man!" I tease them. By now theyre right behind me and catching up fast. So I jump into a near by garbage bin behind a seven eleven. I peek out and they slide by without a word, haha they can't have MY exotic juices!
"DUMKOPFS!" i yell at the top of my voice, to get their attention.
"Aye, theyres the crazy girl on LSD!" one of the boob monsters say to the other one.
"Hey we should take her back to the hospital" Another explains.
"oh s**t" i thought to myself. theyre probably going to drain out all of my juices there, i better make a break for it!

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