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xxemovamp0893xx's Randomz :'D
Idk, just feeling like writing something. Please don't judge. If you're thinking, "Well maybe you shouldn't have posted this" or something like it, don't bother w/ your comments, thank you :3
ummm.....i can't go to sleep eek so instead i'm going to write blaugh and hoping it comes out good sweatdrop
This is just something i'm currently working on so....

My alarm woke me up on a Saturday morning. "Can't believe I forgot to turn this stupid thing off." I felt wierd and then I felt really thirsty; but not for water that's for sure. Yeah yeah, I know I have a problem. I love the taste of blood. No one was up yet so I snuck into the kitchen and took a blood bag from the frizzer. O possitive for breackfast. I put the blood into a bowl and heat it up. I drank it and then went to the bathroom. I still felt wierd and it hit me as soon as I looked in the mirror. I couldv'e sworn someone else was looking at me, but we had the same horror expression in our faces, and she copied everything I did. I screamed and so did she. I fell to the floor, knocking everything over, and so did she. I felt a harp pain on my leg, when I looked down blood was oozing from the fresh cut made by the metal stand. I looked up at the girl in the mirror and her leg was bleeding too.
Vlad and Layla came running and opened the bathroom door only to find blood all over the floor and everything knocked down. I could've sworn Layla's face was draned of blood as soon as she saw me. Vlad only looked at me with a concern look. After my woun was taken care of, Vlad and Layla sat me down. That's when they told me I wasn't human. We were creatures without a name. We weren't vampyres nor werewolfs, nor some kind of fairies.
Just creatures without a name. We get our energy and strengh from drinking blood, but never from the source. I couldn't believe in something like this, even if it was the honest Vlad telling me. Then hey both transformed into what I looked like. We even had tails! Pointy ears, nose, eyebrow, and lips pierced. How can I not see that in their human form? After hours of explaining why they'd kept something so important like this away from me for so long, and how Layla already knew, someone rang the doorbell. Vlad told me how to transform back into a human while he got the door. Layla went up to clean the mess I've created this morning and I went up to my room to change. I looked in the mirror again and again, just to make sure I wasn't the creature I was minutes ago before heading downstairs. I was still freacked out by the whole thing, and I freaked out more when I saw my boyfriend, Shadow, at the door.
After the incedent I went on pretending that I was perfectly fine for 6 more months. After those 6 months everything changed. Vlad became very serious about Shadow finding out what we were and made me suffer with two choises. Ether I transform him into what we were, or erase his memories of me and everything that had to do with this household. After Vlad telling me about our kind; how we live; how a human becomes one of us, likewise us becoming human and never returning; the history. For all those 6 months; I had no other choise. I delay giving Vlad an answer and enjoyed the last few weeks with Shadow.I didn't know how I was going to do this, once I've done it there was no going back. We went to the movies and the arcade that day and by the end we were standing outside my house. "I couldn't allow you to get hurt or killed because of me. I love you too much, and if you ever did I would never be able to forgive myself." He looked at me with concern eyes and hugged me tightly. I transformed into the creature i was. He was shocked, but interested. After telling him what I was, and breaking my heart along with Shadow's, and knowing that nothing will ever be the same again, Vlad took him away and everyone from our clan came to help him with the retual. The worse part wasn't just that, but that I also needed to be there and help.


This was more of a flashback for the story i'm currently working on. I might post some parts of the story here sometime, or maybe not sweatdrop I'm not very confident about my writing, but I try 3nodding

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