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Shut your Whore Mouths.
I can't explain myself, I'm afraid, Sir....

So i LOL'd and said...

2. How much gold are you trying to get?
3. Is there anything specific that you are questing for?
4. If so, what? If not, bump here.
5. Will you quit this quiz if you make what you are aiming for in the process?
6. Do you think you'll ever be able to answer all of my questions?
7. What is the most number of questions you've answered in a quiz like this?
8. What do you think is a decent amount of questions for a quiz?
9. Have you ever abandoned a quiz?
10. If so why? If not, bump here.
11. Bump 5 times in separate posts.

Yes or No
12. Curse in front of an elder?
13. Do something you wish you shouldn't have?
14. Actually Role Play on Gaia?
15. Just come here for the gold to improve avatars?
16. Are currently questing for a Kiki or a Coco Kitty?
17. Prefer quizzes that have something to do with anime?
18. Read Manga?
19. Watch anime?
20. Know what Otaku stands for?
21. Are curious to know that Otaku means?
22. Are eager to move onto the next round?
23. Bump 5 times in separate posts.

General Questions
24. Are you glad that section is over?
25. How much gold do you have now?
26. Are you prepared to answer more questions?
27. What's your favorite holiday?
28. Have you ever wished upon a star?
29. What astrological sign where you born under?
30. What animal is representative of the year you were born in?
31. Do you like cheese?
32. How do you tell if milk is sour?
33. Can you cook?
34. What do you prefer cooking? If you can't cook, bump here.
35. What month is your birthday in?
36. Bump 5 times in separate posts.

This or That
37. Black or White?
38. Rich or Poor?
39. Rain or Snow?
40. Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?
41. Star Wars or Star Trek?
42. Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts?
43. Sunny or Foggy?
44. Rural or Urban?
45. Milk and Cookies or Steak and Potatoes?
46. French or Italian?
47. English or American?
48. German or Oriental?
49. Ranch or Blue Cheese?
50. Honey Mustard or Yellow Mustard?
51. Red Apple or Green Apple?
52. Monopoly or Life?
53. Bump 5 times in separate posts.

General Questions
54. How much gold do you have now?
55. Have you spent any since you've started?
56. Did you enjoy those last questions?
57. Are you going to make it to 100?
58. Have looked at the questions that are coming up?
59. Are you tempted to look?
60. Can you speak another language?
61. If so what language? If not, what's your first tongue?
62. Have you voted in the poll yet?
63. How many months until your birthday?
64. What is/was your favorite subject in school?
65. Did you have a teacher that you hated?
66. Have a teacher that you liked a lot?
67. Ever think about teaching as a profession?
68. Are you ready for the next round of questions?
69. Bump 5 times in separate posts.

70. List the 12 months of the year in separate posts.
71. Place all of the emoticons one-by-one in separate posts.
72. Type out every letter of your username in separate posts.
73. Place the colors of the rainbow (ROY G BIV) in separate posts.
74. Place each letter of your favorite TV show title in separate posts.
75. Bump 5 times in separate posts.

General Questions
76. How did you like those questions?
77. Are you surprised that you made it this far?
78. Are you going to keep going?
79. How much gold do you have now?
80. What genre do you like to read?
81. What's your favorite book?
82. What genre of movie do you like the best?
83. What is your favorite movie?
84. Are you part of the Harry Potter craze?
85. Have you seen all of the current movies?
86. Are you sick of people asking if you've seen it?
87. Ready for me to stop asking about it?
88. Want to move onto the next section?
89. Bump 5 times in separate posts.

90. Color?
91. CD?
92. Roleplaying Genre?
93. Season?
94. Sport?
95. Hobby?
96. Location?
97. Terrain?
98. Character (made-up or from a novel/movie)?
99. Game Console?
100. Article of Clothing?
101. Food?
1.] How much gold do you have now?
2.] Are you happy with that amount? Why (not)?
3.] Are you a boy or a girl?
4.] How old are you?
5.] Do you like Gaia Online?
6.] When did you join?
7.] Do you have pets?
8.] What's your favourite quote?
9.] How many friends do you have?
10.] Are you happy with that amount? Why (not)?
11.] If you could pick one superpower, what would it be?
12.] Do you bump often?
13.] Guess how many people are a member of Gaia
14.] Yes or no? You can trust people who lied for a good cause
15.] What's your favourite subject at school?
16.] Why did you join Gaia Online?
17.] Have you donated anything?
what would you do?
275.] Was the person who said it to you... you in a reflection?
276.] Ever blackmailed someone?
277.] What do you think of the Police?
278.] From the moment you joined Gaia, did you want to spend time on it everyday?
279.] What is your favourite question so far?
280.] Do you hate me yet?
281.] Do you think I want you to hate me?
282.] I don't... did you answer the previous question correctly?
283.] Do you like America's Funniest Home Videos?
284.] How good are you at lying?
285.] Ever cheated on someone?
286.] Ever made someone jealous for fun?
287.] What's the worst 'crime' you ever commited?
288.] Have you ever been arrested?
289.] Would you rather eat a cockroach or fish eyes?
290.] Did you ever throw up?
291.] Was it on someone else?
292.] Do you have a favourite artist here on Gaia?
293.] What do you think of the people who enter the Avatar Arena with starter clothes?
294.] Friendship or family?
295.] Yes or no? Inner beauty is more important than outer beauty
296.] Would you reject a potential lover if s/he had the perfect appearance but a rotten personality?
297.] Ever had a blind date?
298.] Do you want to have one (again)?
299.] What do you think of... people who rap?
300.] People who sing?
301.] People who punch people who rap and sing?
302.] Could that person be you?
303.] Did you ever... see a llama?
304.] Kiss a llama?
305.] On the llama?
306.] Did I bring up a memory of yours with the previous 3 questions?
307.] What is your law?
308.] Did anyone ever broke that law?
309.] Did you ever pretend to be someone you're not?
310.] Can you drive?
311.] What would you like to do atleast once in your life?
312.] Imagine... you're falling from a height of 10000 feet, what would you do in the time you were falling?
313.] Would you want to fall from a height of 10000 feet?
314.] What do you think of ninjas?
315.] What's your favourite martial art?
316.] Ever seen a school play?
317.] Ever been in a school play?
318.] Medium or well-done?
319.] Can you remember the last time you ate a cookie?
320.] Was it today?
321.] What's your sexual orientation?
322.] Happy with it?
323.] Did you modify your profile since you got here?
324.] What's on your Wishlist?
325.] Do you like to dance?
326.] Would you humiliate yourself to win someone's love?
327.] Are you a confident person then?
328.] Blizzard or thunderstorm?
329.] Hurricane or earthquake?
330.] Tidal wave or eruption?
331.] Can you think of any other disasters?
332.] Have you ever witnessed one?
333.] Can you still feel your fingers?
334.] Did you know you've answered over 1/3rd of the questions so far?
335.] I'm proud of you, does that mean anything to you?
336.] How many posts have you posted since you joined?
337.] What's your number of 'Posts per day'?
338.] Are you an active Gaia member?
339.] What do you think of the Fox Ears?
340.] Do you know what kawai means?
341.] Konnichiwa?
342.] Voulez vous couchez avec moi?
343.] Blasted ruffians! ?
344.] Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?
345.] Wentelteefje?
346.] What languages do you think were used in the previous 6 questions?
347.] What do you think of 50 Cent?
348.] Panic at the Disco?
349.] The Teletubbies?
350.] How much more do you think you can take?
351.] Do you know Freddy Krueger?
352.] What's your general impression of horror movies?
353.] Do you like to scare others?
354.] How about teasing others?
355.] When was the last time you got angry with someone?
356.] Was it about something important?
357.] Can you pull up a pokerface?
358.] Yes or no? Most people are egocentric, that's why there's such a gap between the rich and the poor
359.] How good of a kisser do you consider yourself to be?
360.] Do you have any prized possesions?
361.] Would you kill someone if they'd try to take one of those away?
362.] Did you earn a nice amount of gold so far?
363.] Do you think I should make more than 1001 questions?
364.] What's the best question so far?
365.] What's the worst job you can imagine?
366.] If you see a real heart, do you think of love?
367.] If you see a deer, do you think of Christmas?
368.] If you see yourself, do you think of yourself?
369.] Have you ever been on tv?
370.] Would you like to be famous?
371.] How about being famous by committing the worst crime in human history?
372.] Do you think fame is all about glitter and glamour after the previous question?
373.] Is there a tv in your eye of sight?
374.] Do you have a big room?
375.] Would you join the army for the rest of your life, to bring a deceased loved one back for one more day?
376.] What's pain to you?
377.] What could make you run around in circles panicing?
378.] Thanksgiving... What are you grateful for?
379.] Donuts or pie?
380.] Cheesecake or Strawberry shortcake?
381.] Sun or the moon?
382.] Sound or silence?
383.] Joy or grief?
384.] Is there anyone in your live you'll never forget?
385.] Is that person still alive?
386.] Can you write in newbie language?
387.] cn u red wot m sain?
388.] Can you talk like you're illiterate?
389.] Are you proud of the answer you gave to the question above?
390.] Imagine... You wake up, but your behind is still 'asleep', does the thought of something happening to you while you were asleep cross your mind?
391.] Who's your favourite Gaian?
392.] Did you know I might give you something if you choose me?
393.] What's more romantic to you, chocolate or strawberries?
394.] Would you say sorry even if you knew you were right?
395.] Are you a proud person then?
396.] Are you hungry?
397.] Thirsty?
398.] Well I am, do you think I should take a break?
399.] Are you a kind person then?
400.] What do you think of the idea that there are hundreds of thousand of billions of microscopic little creatures running over your body right now?
401.] Do you think I'm mad?
402.] Do you think you're mad?
403.] Yes or no? Normal doesn't exist
404.] Do you read comics?
405.] Collect them?
406.] Cosplay others...?
407.] Yes or no? With internet around, there's no more need for the newspaper
408.] Do you think being a millionaire is great?
409.] Do you have long nails?
410.] When was the last time you had a shower?
411.] A bath?
412.] When you laugh, are other people scared of you?
413.] Do you look a lot like your parents?
414.] What's your favourite snack?
415.] On a scale from 1 to 10, how badly do you believe in Santa Claus?
416.] Ever felt like screaming your heart out?
417.] If so, did it work?
418.] Do you think there's someone out there who can afford 10 Mini Angel Wings and 10 Mini Nitemare Wings?
419.] Would you like to be that person?
420.] Does your avi have any Monthly collectible equipped right now?
421.] Do you think avi's can only be good when they're equipped with Monthly collectibles?
422.] Do you randomly add people as your friends you don't even know?
423.] Would you vote a 10 in one of the Arena's if someone gave you 10g for it?
424.] Do you think it's okay to PM someone asking for donations?
425.] Do you like water?
426.] How about a whirlpool?
427.] Are you more of a hero or a villain?
428.] Did you ever scare yourself?
429.] Are your parents married or divorced?
430.] For how long?
431.] Did you ever say "I love you" to someone and actually meant it?
432.] Have you ever said "I love you" to someone and didn't mean it?
433.] What would you like to be good at?
434.] Imagine, you found a lamp, what would you do?
435.] The lamp turns out to be magical! Will you rub it?
436.] The genie of the lamp appears even before you made up your mind about the previous question. What's your first wish?
437.] Your second?
438.] Your third?
439.] Did you wish for more wishes?
440.] Too bad, genies don't exist, do you hate me now?
441.] Did you actually think the wishes would come true?
442.] Just out of curiousity, how much gold do you have now?
443.] Did you earn a lot of gold thanks to this quiz?
444.] Are you happy with that amount?
445.] How many times did you take a break from this quiz?
446.] Did you know that if you finished this quiz, you'll end up in the Hall of Fame?
447.] Do you think I should give you a prize for completion?
448.] Isn't earning all that money enough?
449.] Did anyone ask you any of these questions before?
450.] Do you want the questions to stop?
451.] Have you ever seen lightning?
452.] A woman with a beard?
453.] A pixie?
454.] Two pixies?!
455.] Did you seriously answer the questions above so far?
456.] How much time have you spend on this quiz so far?
457.] Do you think my questions are boring?
458.] Do you say that just to make me feel good?
459.] You're so kind... Do you think I should give you something for that?
460.] But that's just your thought, I don't think I should/shouldn't, right?
461.] Are you greedy by the way?
462.] Lazy?
463.] Always hungry?
464.] Are you a trouble-maker?
465.] Are you a nice person?
466.] Will you be my friend?
467.] Will you be his friend? *points*
468.] Do you know who I meant?
469.] It's a maffia boss! You shouldn't be his friend, right?
470.] Do you think I'll get kidnapped for pointing at him
471.] Do you want me to get kidnapped for pointing at him?
501.] Yes or no? I should take this quiz myself to feel your pain
502.] I'm going to, did you know that?
503.] Did I surprise you?
504.] Do your fingers hurt yet?
505.] How evil can you laugh?
506.] Did you try it out just to answer the previous question?
507.] Did you ever get hypnotized?
508.] Do you want to (again)?
509.] What's the strangest thing you know?
510.] What's the most romantic thing anyone ever said to you?
511.] What do you think of Domo the domokun ?
512.] Can you imitate others?
513.] Do you like pirates?
514.] Vikings?
515.] Asterix and Obelix?
516.] Can you tell me who Asterix and Obelix are?
517.] Who's your favourite superhero?
518.] Do you believe there are people who are a superhero?
519.] Is your inbox too small?
520.] Are you social or antisocial?
521.] Did you ever go against the will of your parents?
522.] What's your favourite mythic creature?
523.] What do you think of your profile?
524.] Do you want me to leave a comment?
525.] If people want to wake you up in the middle of the night, what would they have to use?
526.] If you had to wake someone else up in the middle of the night, what would you use?
527.] Which Forum do you like the least?
528.] Have you posted on all the forums?
529.] Apart from the Chatterbox, which Forum do you visit mostly?
530.] Is there any emoticon you've never used before?
531.] Just how new are you to Gaia?
532.] Could you pick a number between 1 to 10 please?
533.] Do you still remember it?
534.] Can you remember it till question 550?
535.] What's worse to you, dying or being old and alone?
536.] Which country would you like to visit?
537.] What's your favourite piece of furniture?
538.] Your room, what does it look like?
539.] Are there any things lying on the ground?
540.] Do you still remember your number?
541.] You see a spider's web in the corner of the room, what do you do?
542.] When you look more closely, the spider's web turns out to be made of a billion gaian gold, would you steal that poor spider's web?
543.] The spider notices you glancing at HIS precious web and attacks! How big is the spider?
544.] Are you scared?
545.] Are you afraid of clowns?
546.] Imagine, you and a friend of the opposite gender hand in the exact same essay, the teacher doesn't notice. One of you gets an A+ the other a B-. Would you tell the teacher that you handed in the same homework?
547.] For what would you kill?
548.] Did you ever amaze yourself?
549.] Do you still remember your number?
550.] Your number, was it carrot?
551.] Still enjoying the quiz so far?
552.] Did you know you finished more than half of it?
553.] I'm proud of you, but you already knew that, right?
554.] By the way, are you punctual?
555.] Rebellious?
556.] Scary?
557.] Could you sum yourself up in one word?
558.] You didn't asnwer "myself" in the previous question did you?
559.] Do you have any idea what you're gonna do after this quiz?
560.] Did you ever betray someone?
561.] Would you ever do it (again) to become rich and wealthy?
562.] Yes or no? Justice is fair
563.] What's your favourite song?
564.] Why did you pick that one?
565.] What do you think of the Amish?
566.] Would you like to be one?
567.] Who is the last person who was being unfair to you?
568.] What do you think of Mickey Mouse?
569.] Goofy?
570.] Donald?
571.] Sora?
572.] Do you know who I meant with Sora?
573.] So do you have Kingdom Hearts?
574.] Which games do you have?
575.] What do you think of girls who game?
576.] What do you think of boys who wax?
577.] Did the previous two questions confuse you?
578.] Are you bored yet?
579.] Are you going to finish this quiz?
580.] I bet you won't make it, do you think this is a challenge?
581.] Do you think I should motivate people to finish this quiz by turning my pixie into a prize?
582.] Well it IS my favourite (and only) pixie, do you have a pixie?
583.] Shadow Spirit?
584.] Gwee?
585.] Mochi?
586.] Momo?
587.] Do you think you can finish the list of 'pets'?
588.] You see a friend getting beaten up, what would you do?
589.] Was it you who beat him up?
590.] Just wondering, but do you have a dark side?
591.] How about your light side then?
592.] So... two you's or not?
593.] Is the world ready for two you's?
594.] By the way, what did you eat since you started this quiz?
595.] Did you got to the bathroom at all?
596.] Are these questions too personal?
597.] Have you answered them all honestly so far by the way?
598.] Do you think anyone will actually read all your answers?
599.] What's something people will remember you of?
600.] Where do you shave?
601.] ... Please, will you never answer THAT specific again?
602.] Wow, just 399 more questions, does this ease your mind?
603.] What are you thinking of right now?
604.] How much time a day do you spend watching tv?
605.] On the computer?
606.] Outside?
607.] What do you think of the people who steal questions from this quiz, made by me, DarkYoshimitsu?
608.] How much gold have you earned with this quiz so far?
609.] What are you going to use it for?
610.] So are you on a quest then?
611.] Do you think some items are overpriced?
612.] Do you own a shop?
613.] How much did you earn with that so far?
614.] What do you value most?
615.] What do you want out of life?
616.] What frightens you the least?
617.] Are you literate?
618.] Ever made someone laugh?
619.] Are you muscular?
620.] What do you think of muscular women?
621.] What did you ask Santa to give you?
622.] Do you think he'll give you that?
623.] What are your wearing at the moment?
624.] What would you like to wear?
625.] Blindness or deafness?
626.] Hands or feet?
627.] Penguins or rhinos?
628.] Up or down?
629.] Evil or twisted?
630.] Would you like to be immortal and never age?
631.] Yes or no? Women fear death, that is why they keep trying to make themselves look young
632.] Yes or no? Men can only focus on one thing at the same time
633.] Who's your favourite character?
634.] Is s/he from a book, videogame or something else (what)?
635.] Would you like to be like him/her
636.] Why do you like him/her?
637.] Can you look angry?
638.] If so, did you practice or is it all natural? If not, do you want to?
639.] Do people think you're cute?
640.] Ever drank beer?
641.] How about wine?
642.] What's your opinion about alcohol?
643.] Did you discover any grammar mistakes in my questions so far?
644.] Do you like my questions?
645.] Would you give this topic a thumb up?
646.] Do you have a job?
647.] Imagine, you discover an old painting of a rather ugly woman, what would you do?
648.] Later in the news, there's been reported that a painting is worth 1 billion! They show a picture of it, it turns out to be the old painting! What would you do?
649.] With or without your help the painting ends up in a museum, when you go to visit it, you have a good look at it again. You hear a voice and the woman's lips on the painting moved! What would you do?
650.] Do you ever feel like life is just too hard?
651.] Who was the last person you saw?
652.] How old is that person?
653.] Are you attracted to that person?
654.] Does the person have rabies?
655.] Yes or no? It's better to hurt someone than to get hurt yourself
656.] Is there a thread you think everyone MUST see? (yes this means you can advertize, but just this once)
657.] According to you, what's a fitting reward to those who finish the quest?
658.] Do you like playing hide and seek?
659.] How about basketball?
660.] Have you ever RPed?
661.] Have you ever written a song?
662.] Which animal matches your personality?
663.] And your looks?
664.] Do you like those animals?
665.] What do you think of Brad Pitt?
666.] Do you think there's something wrong with the number 666?
667.] What do you think of Angelina Jolie?
668.] Is there anyone you look upto? If so, who?
669.] What's the first thing that comes in mind when you read this word : Butterfly?
670.] Casanova?
671.] Lick?
672.] Rose?
673.] Menstrual disturbance?
674.] Force?
675.] Tornado?
676.] RAWR! ?
677.] So how do you like the quiz so far?
678.] Did you know you already passed 2/3rd of it?
679.] Are you proud of yourself?
680.] Do you like carrots?
681.] Is there any particular person who has big long ears?
682.] Do you know something white?
683.] Is it fluffy?
684.] Who do you think of when I say "Eh... What's up doc?"
685.] Did you like the five previous questions?
686.] Are you bored yet?
687.] Do your fingers hurt?
688.] Do you want me to stop asking questions?
689.] How much gold do you reckon you've earned so far?
690.] Do you want more?
691.] Are you greedy?
692.] What do you like most about yourself?
693.] Would you date someone for money?
694.] What do you think of blind dates?
695.] Are you a talkative person?
696.] What's the most cruel thing you've done during this quiz?
697.] Do you have any scars?
698.] Burn or freeze?
699.] All or nothing?
700.] Yes or no?
701.] Do you think humans should have long(er) tails?
702.] Which of your fingers is your favourite?
703.] Is that finger hurt of all the typing?
704.] Do you have ever made a long topic?
705.] What the item of highest value you own?
706.] Is that your favourite item as well?
707.] What kind of warrior will you most likely choose with the upcoming Battle System?
708.] Do you think Gaia will get better with a Battle System?
709.] Do you use hairgel?
710.] Stuff to clean your skin?
711.] Make-up?
712.] If you got 100 billion gaian gold, would you share/donate some?
713.] What if it was real cash?
714.] Yes or no? You get what you give
715.] Have you ever licked someone's eyeball?
716.] Given someone a lovebite?
717.] Is there anyone you'd like to kiss?
718.] Do you have frizzy hair?
719.] Do you want your hair to be an other colour?
720.] Would you ever wear what your avi is wearing right now?
721.] What time is it now?
722.] How much time have you spend on this quiz so far?
723.] How much time do you think I spend making up these questions?
724.] Are you a compassionate person?
725.] Could you massage my fingers please? They hurt...
726.] Say, have you ever massaged someone else?
727.] How about singing for them?
728.] Are you an artistic person?
729.] Are you right or left handed?
730.] Do you prefer writing with pen or pencil?
731.] Do you like to write?
732.] Which of your hobbies would you like to turn into a job?
733.] Do you think you'll get rich with it?
734.] Ever lost your keys?
735.] Would you be frustrated if it happened (again)?
736.] Are you easily frustrated?
737.] Do you have a lot of shoes?
738.] How many would you like to have?
739.] Finish the following :"I can't..."
740.] Are you a townsperson?
741.] Do you like to party?
742.] Have you ever been jealous at someone?
743.] What's your least favourite emotion?
744.] What's your favourite number?
745.] What's your favourite thing you dislike?
746.] Did the previous question confuse you?
747.] Are you hungry?
748.] Would you kill someone for food if you were?
749.] Do you think anyone could finish this quiz without going to the bathroom or having any kind of break at all?
750.] Do you believe me if I said you could?
751.] Yes or no? Words alone can't really hurt you
752.] Ever witnessed an accident?
753.] Do you believe in aliens?
754.] What would you do if your best friend said he saw a UFO?
755.] Do you like looking up at the stars?
756.] Imagine, you're looking up to the sky at night, you see a red dot that keeps getting bigger and bigger, what do you do?
757.] Suddenly you hear the sound of an alarm, warning everyone in town, would you panic?
758.] It turns out to be a false alarm, do you believe it?
759.] However, when you look at the red dot, it's still coming your way, a second after it reaches you and goes straight to a part of your body. Somehow, this quiz allows you to select what part of your body. Which would you choose?
760.] Are you an uncle/aunt?
761.] Would you like to be?
762.] How many brothers and sisters do you have anyway?
763.] Do you think having brothers and sisters is annoying?
764.] Would you panic if you saw 10 people who look exactly the same?
765.] Would you like to experience weightlessness?
766.] Do you like the questions so far?
767.] Why are you still here?
768.] What does the season of Spring mean to you?
769.] Summer?
770.] Autumn?
771.] Winter?
772.] Are you looking forward to your birthday?
773.] Do you like decorating the Christmas Tree?
774.] Has anyone ever mistaken you for someone else?
775.] Have you ever mistaken anyone for someone else?
776.] Would you like to roar for me?
777.] What's your lucky number?
778.] Do you like Dragonball?
779.] What about Final Fantasy?
780.] Are you looking forward to a game release?
781.] If so, which one(s)? If not... say Ahrrrr!
782.] Do you hate someone?
783.] Do you reckon you can come up with 1 million questions?
784.] What does the word pain mean to you?
785.] Have you ever moved?
786.] Would you like to (again)?
787.] Do you change clothes more than once a day?
788.] Do you clean your own room?
789.] Are you afraid to clean your own room?
790.] What kind of bed do you have?
791.] Do you like oranges?
792.] What word do you use most?
793.] And what letter?
794.] And what symbol?
795.] Do you have hair on your toes?
796.] Do you wax?
797.] What do you think of people who wax?
798.] Yes or no? Fastfood is worse than not moving a lot
799.] Did you ever fake a feel-bad?
800.] How aobut pretending to be sick?
801.] Finish the following :"Children are..."
802.] Do you think of the future often?
803.] Do you think someone who sneezes is dirty?
804.] Have you ever been in a situation where you did things you never knew you could?
805.] What's your favourite band?
806.] Motorcycle or car?
807.] Did you ever faint?
808.] What's the stupidest song you've ever heard?
809.] How old is the oldest person you know?
810.] Did you ever have to pee so bad but had no where to pee?
811.] What would you do if you were in that situation (again)?
812.] Ever ate squid?
813.] Oysters?
814.] Dog food?
815.] Do you like any of the above?
816.] What's the most disgusting type of food you can think of?
817.] Did you ever see an animal do something weird?
818.] If so, what was it? If not, would you like to?
819.] Did you ever walk right into a door?
820.] Would you laugh if you did it (again)?
821.] Do you use the word "Whatever" often?
822.] How long can you run in one go?
823.] Did you ever break something?
824.] If so, was it part of you? If not, can you imagine being such a goody-goody like you?
825.] Do you like the hospital?
826.] How about needles?
827.] Do you think you would do a better job as a politician than most politicians around?
828.] Do you thinks things through before you act?
829.] Imagine, you were alone, upstairs in your house. It's night, suddenly, you hear a scratching sound, as if it was scratching a blackboard. What would you do?
830.] Shortly after you hear someone walking up the stairs quite aggressively, would you go out there to face him/her or hide?
831.] The sounds are suddenly gone and it's been silent for 5 minutes now, how would you feel?
832.] An unexplainably strong feeling simply wants you to go downstairs... When you enter the door of the living room you hear one word echoing through the room... SURPRISE! How do you react?
833.] Are you physically stronger than you are mentally?
834.] Do you lose your concentration easily?
835.] Did you ever play a mind game on someone to entertain yourself?
836.] If you had a tail, would you chase it?
837.] Do you have any item of your family that's been passed on for generations?
838.] Do you think you'd be a good teacher?
839.] Are you good with children?
840.] If you had the power to change one thing in the world, what would it be?
841.] Do you think the answer of the previous question was noble of you?
842.] Are you tired of my quiz yet?
843.] Bored?
844.] Still you stay, why?
845.] Are you happy with the amount of gold you earned?
846.] Are you easily satisfied?
847.] Do you think you'll finish this quiz?
848.] Have you ever been to a wedding?
849.] Do you think you know someone you'd like to get married to?
850.] If you could manipulate one of the following elements, which would it be? Fire, Earth, Water, Air
851.] Do you believe in people who can read minds, contact ghosts or any of that sort?
852.] Could you tell me a riddle?
853.] How about a joke?
854.] Tea or coffee?
855.] Life or death?
856.] Disaster or tragedy?
857.] Punch or kick?
858.] Emo or gangster?
859.] Do you wash your own laundry?
860.] To you, what/who's the cutest thing in the world?
861.] And what/who's the least cutest?
862.] Do you like laughing?
863.] Yes or no? Crying makes you look weak and vulnerable
864.] Do you often find yourself understimating others?
865.] Do you think items on the Marketplace are being sold for a fair price?
866.] Did you ever sell an item for an unfair price?
867.] Finish the following :"Anger is..."
868.] Imagine, you heard a big bang while you were innocently reading this question, would you go check out what it was?
869.] Regardless of whether you looked or not, the person closest to you claims it to have come from inside the house, what do you think it was?
870.] It turns out that some blasted ruffian entered your house and lit his own explosive fart. Would you beat him up for this 'crime'?
871.] Did you yawn during my quiz?
872.] If you did, it won't make me sad, but you knew that right?
873.] It..really.. won't *sniff* make me sad *sniff sniff* (would you cheer me up if you saw me like this?)
874.] How many push ups can you do in a row?
875.] Did you go actually go and try out how many push ups you can do in a row to answer the question above?
876.] Did you answer all questions honestly so far?
877.] Do you like 'em?
878.] Did you get to meet new people in your quiz-answering-ness?
879.] Did you ever stumble across a Pink Link since you joined?
880.] How about a Magical Giftbox?
881.] Should you find a giftbox. Would you open, sell, give away or just let it rot away in your inventory?
882.] When was the last time you got physically hurt?
883.] Were you yourself the cause of it?
884.] Are you embarrassed if you hurt yourself, even though no one sees it?
885.] Would you cuss if you hurt yourself?
886.] Do you like The Simpsons?
887.] How about Family Guy?
888.] Would you ever skip school to be with your lover?
889.] Who would you want to be for one day?
890.] Are you easily relaxed?
891.] Do you believe in an eye for an eye?
892.] How high can you jump?
893.] Do you have a creditcard?
894.] You have to take care of your own lunch, what's in it?
895.] Do you eat healthy?
896.] What do you think of Feng Shui?
897.] What about starsigns?
898.] Reincarnation?
899.] If you could master any kind of thing, what would it be?
900.] If there's an insect buzzing in your house, would you kill it?
901.] What everyday activity is really annoying to you?
902.] Just 99 more questions, how do you feel?
903.] If all people's inner beauty would become their appearance, do you think there will be a lot of ugly people?
904.] How about you, do you think you'll be prettier or uglier?
905.] How much does the outfit your wearing right now cost?
906.] Yes or no? The more expensive clothes, the better they are
907.] Did any of the questions offend you?
908.] If they did, you DO know I'm sorry, right?
909.] Did you ever have a day where everything seemed to be going wrong?
910.] Would you rather have a son or a daughter?
911.] Did you ever have to call 911?
912.] Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?
913.] What was your last halloween outfit?
914.] Imagine you're a famous singer, would you have weird demands like your hotel room being all white, and bringing your own toiletseat?
915.] On one of your shows, a fan of yours faints right in front of you, would you continue your performance or stop to help him/her?
916.] Do you think your personality will drastically change if you went from normal to celebrity?
917.] So in general, would you like being famous?
918.] Black or white?
919.] Knocking your head or knocking my head?
920.] Pee or poo?
921.] Bite or nibble?
922.] Meow or RAWR! ?
923.] Did any of the questions confuse you so far?
924.] Did any of them make you laugh?
925.] Can you stay calm in a stressful situation?
926.] Do you like going out at night?
927.] Did you ever go to a party uninvited?
928.] Do you know why it's important to arrive at a party late? If so, why?
929.] It's because you're new and interesting, was that the answer you gave?
930.] What's your favourite Disney movie?
931.] How old were you when you first watched it?
932.] Do you still watch it?
933.] Can you still sing along to its songs?
934.] How many languages can you speak?
935.] Which languages would you like to speak?
936.] By the way... do you still feel your fingers?
937.] Do you have any idea what the following question might be?
938.] Ever ate camel?
939.] Did you peek when you read question 937?
940.] If you were in a competition with your friend and you threaten to defeat him/her, would you hold back just to let him/her win?
941.] What could be the source of everlasting youth according to you?
942.] Could you think of a nice question?
943.] Can you answer it?
944.] Do you like your own question?
945.] Are you going to try and make a thread like this one?
946.] Do you want me to stop?
947.] Are you crying?
948.] Your fingers hurt don't they?
949.] Do you think I'm laughing evilly right now?
950.] I already was the moment you joined this quiz! Are you shocked?
951.] Do you think I'm crazy?
952.] Just 49 more questions, are you excited?
953.] Would you kill something that got between you and finishing this quiz?
954.] Is there anything you'd like to ask me?
955.] Is there anything you think I should ask you?
956.] By the way, would you scream if someone crunched your n****e?
957.] Would you laugh if you crunched someone's n****e?
958.] Are you a cruel person?
959.] Did you learn more about yourself thanks to this quiz?
960.] Squares or circles?
961.] Running around in circles or slapping yourself back to your senses?
962.] Smart or popular?
963.] Flowers or chocolate?
964.] Coca Cola or Dr. Pepper?
965.] Did you have trouble answering the 5 questions above?
966.] Who's your favourite comedian?
967.] Do you think you'd make a good comedian?
968.] Who's your favourite member on Gaia?
969.] Have you played any other MMORPGs?
970.] Do you think it's worth paying for them ?
971.] Do you care about nature?
972.] Do you fear the future?
973.] Have you ever witnessed a heat wave?
974.] How about extreme cold?
975.] Do you chew on pencils?
976.] Do you still have all your teeth?
977.] If you had to give up one thing of your body, what would it be?
978.] What do you think of giraffe?
979.] It has a tongue of about 2 feet, do you think it can lick its own eyeball?
980.] Did you know I started this quiz over 10 hours ago?
981.] Did you know I'm very proud of you making it this far already?
982.] Can I hug you?
983.] If there's any time in history you would have to choose to live in, what period of time would you choose?
984.] Do you live in a house or an appartment or.. anything else?
985.] Do you live alone?
986.] If there's one person you'd have to share your room with, who would it be?
987.] If you had to give up one of your senses, which would it be?
988.] Have you ever seen someone who you immediately fell in love with? Not aware if s/he could have a rotten personality?
989.] Could you fall in love with someone's personality?
990.] Yes or no? This quiz is a crime to mankind
991.] Just 10 more! You can do it, do you believe I believe in you?
992.] Do you think I should reward you for finishing?
993.] The money you earned with this quiz is enough right?
994.] Do you think I earn something for making this quiz?
995.] So what was your favourite question?
996.] And your least favourite?
997.] Do you think I should make more threads?
998.] Just three more, are you about to faint?
999.] Now make a wish... Is it a wish for a good cause?
1000.] 1000! Does it scare you if I said I love you? Are you happy? How do you feel? Did you ever think you'd finish? Do I ask too many questions?
1001.] How much gold do you have now?

...because I'm not myself you see.

Wikked Wolfey
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Wikked Wolfey
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