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My Life Revalations My journal will be all the things I learn in life. Big or Small. Legal or Illegal. Im just a guy looking for the answers to my questions and i plan to find them before i die.

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A story Im writing. 3
Prologue. Pt 3

Thomas nodded. "Yes Father." He took his sister's hand, leading her out the door. The king and Samiel watched them leave. The king rose as the left, pacing in front of his throne. Samiel cleared his throat.
"Milo was killed by a poison-tipped arrow. They must've known he didnt wear his armor during his walks." The king shook his head.
"Milo was smarter than that. What made him slip up?" Samiel shrugged.
"I cannot say. Im but a messenger. But that's not all Im here about. We've found another link to the thing we've been searching for." The king's head shot to look at him.
"What? You've found a link? Tell me."

Thomas and Celeste walked through the gardens. Celeste would, now and then, pick a few flowers.
"Aren't they pretty brother?" Thomas smiled at his sister.
"Yeah." He looked around, watching out for anyone around. "Celesre, have you ever wanted to see something outside the castle?"
Celeste looked at him, confused. "Why would I? We have everything we could ever want here. Why would I want to leave?"

A story Im writing. 2
Prologue Pt. 2

Samiel walked through the halls of the castle. He walked for what seemed like ages before he reached the door to the throne room. He politly knocked on the door and waited for a response. A voice sounded form inside.
"Enter." Samiel did as the voice said, entering the room. In front of him, sitting on his throne, was king Edward Severan. At the kings feet, sitting cross-legged, were his two children. The boy was named Thomas and the girl was named Celeste. They were both 7 years old, twins as a matter of fact.
Samiel removed his cloak, revealing his face. It was rugged and scarred in places. He ran a hand through his dark black hair, stirring any dust that may have settled itself in it. He blinked his grey, tired eyes.
"My king. I bring news from the front. We have had a series of victories in our campaign against the rebels." The king let out a hearty laugh as Samiel finished.
"That cant be it. You wouldn't of come all this way just to tell me that. What has happened?"
Samiel nodded. "The general heading the assualt, Milo Drake, has just died. He was ambushed by rebels and killed, yesterday.
The kings eyes showed his obvious shock. "What?! Milo was a strong man, he wouldnt of let a few rebels kill him." He looked down at his children, at his feet. "Thomas, take your sister for a walk through the gardens."

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A story Im writing.
Prologue Pt. 1

It was dusk, as the sky turned blood red. Over the horizon a figure could be seen. As the figure approached, the gaurds watched, looking for anything farmiliar. The figure approached the gate. As it did a gaurd ran out to get a name for the figure.
"Identify yourself stranger!" The gaurd yelled, his hand resting on the hilt of his weapon.
The figure just stood there, only his eyes visible from under the long claok he wore. "My name is Samiel. Ive come to speak with the king."
The gaurd nodded. "The king is waiting for you, in his throne room."
Samiel nodded. "Thank you." He walked through the gates, into the castle town. Samiel attracted alot of attention as he walked through the streets. The villagers hadn't seen an outsider for months. As he approached the main castle, a young peasent boy bumped into him. The child looked up at him with friegtend eyes.
"Im sorry sire. I shant' let it happen again." The child sat, frozen to the ground in fear. Samiel smiled.
"It's ok my little friend. None of us are perfect." He helped the child up. "Now run along my little friend, I'm sure your mother is looking for you. And take this." He put a small silver coin in the boy's hand.
The boy looked up at him, his eyes full of bewilderment. "Sir.. This is more than my family makes in a month." Samiel smiled.
"Then go share your good fortune with them, wont you?" The boy nodded, thanked him, and ran off. Samiel walked into the castle.

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