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Duck and Flower
It was another peaceful day on the Isle de Gambino. Peyo was, as per usual, working inside his mothers store. The old store was still going strong, even years after it had been built here seven years before. Peyo, once a ten year old with an affinity with ducks and a shy outlook on life, was now just another seventeen year old, full of angst and hormones and self-esteem issues. It hadn't been long since he had discovered the other half of the human spectrum; girls. Teen girls, full of their own special hormones and special teenage angst and special everything else, and there was one girl that Peyo had been lusting after for years; Rina, the owner of Buttercup Cafe, and Peyo's best friend since childhood.

" Mom! Closing time!" Peyo called to Ruby, his mother. The eccentric, provocative women shouted back to her baby, giving him the all clear to go. Peyo abandoned his position at the register and grabbed his backpack, slinging it over his shoulders and hurrying down to the Cafe, where he always met Rina. The Cafe was open most of the day, closing at dusk, right about when Ruby's Rack closed. As soon as Peyo was in the vicinity of the small Cafe, he could instantly smell the treats that the back room contained; jellies, toast, cakes and cookies, and various summer favorites. The smell of flowers also blended together perfectly, easily making this one spot in the entire town easily the most fragrant.

" Hey, Peyo!" Rina called cheerily from behind the register, waving to the fiery headed teen. Peyo waved back, hurrying over to the glass coutner, taking quick peek inside at all of the pies and baked goods. He looked back to Rina, a big, goofy smile plastered to his face. God, did she look beautiful, her hair was put up in a ponytail, her bangs hanging out to cover her forehead. She was wearing a simple outfit; a plain white t-shirt and skinny jeans, a black belt adorned her waist over the shirt. Her shoes were just simple Chuck's, the white part on the front messy with dirt, no doubt from picking flowers and gardening.

" Hey, Rina." Peyo parroted, adjusting his bright yellow visor. He'd forgotten to take it off after work, he realized. Rina giggled and grabbed Peyo's hand, something she commonly did that always made Peyo blush.

" I have something to show you." she smiled, taking off her apron and pulling Peyo behind the Cafe and into the woods. They came across a clearing, and Peyo immediately noticed a small, checkered picnic blanket was spread across the center. Rina pulled him to it, letting go of his hand and kneeling onto the blanket. She lit a few tea lights, which sparkled in Rina's emerald eyes majestically and made Peyo feel something he'd felt before; an immediate, dangerous lust for Rina. He sat on the picnic blanket, utterly awestruck. Was this all for him? Was this.. to tell him something?

Before Peyo could grow to hopeful, Rina pulled out a cake, adorned with scrumptious looking strawberries and whipped icing. She set it in the middle and pulled out two sundae glasses, filling them with a vanilla milkshake mixture. She handed one to Peyo and stuck a straw in it before she cut the cake, setting a piece on a plate and handing that to Peyo, too, a fork sticking from the top.

" Peyo, it's been a while since we've met, huh?" she said softly, appearing to reminisce a moment over their childhood misadventures. Peyo nodded, taking a bite of the delicious cake and chasing that with milkshake. He was starting to wonder where this was going. Rina noticed the nod and continued.

" Well, we've been through a lot together, and I've been thinking lately; We're getting older. I've started.. feeling things that I've never really understood.. about you, Peyo."

At this, Peyo choked on his milkshake, immediately covering his mouth as he sputtered for a moment. He could feel his cheeks light up as he stared at her in mild awe and disbelief, making the brunette girl giggle a bit, her own way of trying to lighten the awkward tension between them, sexual or otherwise. She gave a hearty smile before leaning closer to Peyo, a devious look in her eye; one that Peyo had never- in all his years of knowing the beauty- ever seen.

" Oh Peyo.. You're so messy!" she cooed before leaning in closer, her lips brushing Peyo's. He almost pulled away in shock- this was a dream come true- but he leaned in, connecting the kiss. They held the embrace for a moment before pulling away.

" Rina, I-" Peyo started, only to be shushed by Rina placing her finger over his lips lightly.

" I know Peyo, I love you too."

Purple Hyena
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Purple Hyena
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