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The things that come to me.

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~My Dreams~
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~Chapter One~
Chapter 1
I approached the field with caution. As soon as it came into full view, a steel net collapsed on top of me. I was captured.
They brought me to a dark room and pushed me to the ground. One laughed a dark laugh.
"There's going to be less of you," he said, kicking me to the ground as I tried to get up.
"What a waste," said the other man. His voice wasn't as harsh sounding as the other. It was...soothing. I felt something run slowly down my back. It was warm. Human, no doubt.
I lunged at the fingers of the unlucky human. There was suddenly a crushing pressure weighing me down. I thrashed around on the floor, trying to get it off. Then, I stopped. My scarlet eyes widened. I sniffed at the air around me. There was a familiar scent. I felt around the room, trying to trace it. I then stopped at one of the mens' feet.
The scent was from him. Another one of my kind. Another vampire. I looked up into the darkness. The other man switched on the lights. I found myself looking up at the man with the soothing voice.
The human took a step forward and I stammered back against the wall. He took a few more steps towards me. He grabbed my arms and lifted them in the air. I whimpered as he took his other hand, lifted it, and brought it down quickly.
"Damien!" shouted the vampire, bounding over and grabbing his hand just before it hit my bare skin.
"What? She'll barely feel it," Damien snapped. He ripped his hand loose from the vampire's hold
"Have you forgotten? Her skin is very sensitive. We gave her medication so she wouldn't attack us," the vampire said.
"Why do you even care, Alex?" asked Damien, letting go of my wrists.
"Why were you planning on hitting her?" Alex jeered back.
Damien stormed out of the room, completely enraged. Alex stared at me for a second, then helped me up.
"You're not staying here," he said, glaring coldly at the small room.
Afraid to speak, I looked at the floor.
"Come," he said. I followed him down a narrow hallway. We stopped at a door. Alex opened it. "Go on," he said.
I walked into the mysterious room. It had a lot of fancy things. Unlike the other room, it had tables, carpeting, a bed, and even a window.
"I thought you would be more comfortable here. Oh--" he said. I cut him off.
"Will the other man be able to get in here?" I asked. He saw the fear in my eyes and answered politely.
"No. This room is only enter-able by out kind. No human can get in here without a vampire on their flanks," he said.
"Oh. How many of us are there here?" I asked in wonder.
He chuckled.
"Only a few. Four if we include you. You know...they let me choose to live or die. They told me to surrender, and I did so. I've been here for twelve years and never once had any intention of escaping.
I honestly hope they don't kill you. Our kind can't really reproduce without it causing a problem," he explained.
"Reproduce...?" I asked. "Can't we just bite other people?"
"Well yeah, but some vampires have been executed for biting children. But most vampires don't bite people at all because they're scared. One Newborn can destroy a whole town. Only few vampires reproduce like a human. Or through one," said Alex.
"Didn't that happen to that Cullen girl?" I asked.
"Yes. She almost died. Poor thing," he said. He looked at me, his eyes boring into mine. I flinched and he looked away.
"I think I should go," he said, hesitating.
"But what if Damien comes?" I asked, terrified.
"Oh...do you want me to stay?" Alex asked. I nodded. "Okay...I'll stay." He walked over to the chair in the corner, watching me.
I needed to change. So I turned around and quickly shrugged out of my clothes. I had bruises from the steel net. And from Damien. I heard a gasp from behind and I quickly slipped on clean clothes.
"Is that from the humans?" Alex growled. I nodded and he hissed. He walked over and put his hand on my forehead. I gasped. He lifted my shirt up and placed his hand on my chest. My bruises started to disappear.

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~Chapter Two~
Chapter 2
I stayed on the opposite side of the room as Alex.
"It can't hurt you. I swear," he was explaining his ability while I eyed him suspiciously. I walked over and touched his forehead."Concentrate only on that chair, move it with your mind," I said.
Alex closed his eyes and focused on the chair. After a few minutes, it rose three feet into the air.
"Whoa. How'd I do that?" he gawped.
"I'm radiating my ability. As long as we're connected, you can do just about anything I can," I explained.
"Oh. Cool," he said. He turned to look at me again.I stared into his bright, golden eyes. He leaned in closer to me. He took my face in his hands and brought his lips to mine.They moved together. This kiss...was so...strange. And different. Almost alien.
Neither of us pulled away. We were too into this kiss.
There was a knock on the door. Our eyes snapped open and Alex pulled away to go answer it. I hid. Someone hissed then yelped.
"Here kitty kitty. I know you're in here. I saw Alex sneak in with you. Come out or I'll beat you," Damien's voice sauntered.
He walked to the other side of the room. He took another step and I bolted for the door. Two huge men made me stop dead in my tracks. Each one took a grip on my arms.
Alex was squirming and thrashing about, trying to loosen the other vampires' hold. He gave up for about two seconds and tried again when he saw Damien approach me.
Damien chuckled and brought his hand up. Alex snarled as he brought it back down. I winced. Damien slapped me across the face and I hissed weakly. He ripped off my shirt and motioned for the others to turn me around.
They brought Alex so that his face was inches from mine.
Something struck my back and I let out a yelp. The thing struck me again. Alex hissed menacingly and bit the two that were gripped him. They yelped and let him go. He launched himself at Damien, tackling him to the ground.
The other two men dove into the fight. Alex dodged the punches they threw at him, and kicked them away. He dug his fangs into Damien's neck and started to rip it out.
He was covered in blood by the time he was finally pulled off of Damien. But Damien didn't move. He was dead.

~Chapter Three~
Chapter 3
We were kept in the room with Damien's dead, lifeless body. It was our punishment aside from the whip. I knelt down by Damien's head and wiped some blood from his face. I licked my fingers and sighed.
"I'm sorry," Alex said. He came over and put his arms around my waist.
"What makes you think this is okay?" I asked.
"Female vampires are scarce around here. It's hard to find someone if there's no females around," he said.
I spun around and rammed my lips into his. Without warning, Alex fell back onto the floor, making a dent in the ground. We ripped each others clothes to shreds and I twisted myself around him.
After a while, I noticed the light soaking into the room. We didn't stop the frenzy. It would probably take twenty of the strongest vampires to pull us apart. A low moan escaped my throat. Alex silenced me with another addicting kiss.
I dug my weak nails into his pale-white skin. He winced a little but continued the frenzy.
Just then, twenty bulky vampires rushed in and pulled us apart. No, not really. Alex stopped to run his fingers down my skin from my neck to my waist. He stopped again and laid next to me.

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~Chapter Four~
Chapter 4
The sun shone through the single window. I got up to get dressed. Alex stayed laying down, watching me. I felt like a gazelle the way I spun around the room. Once I was fully clothed, Alex got up and went to the door. He pounded on it a few times, and the guards slid clean clothes into the room.
He got dressed and suddenly appeared next to me.
"Sooner or later, I'm going to end up calling you a stalker," I said. He chuckled and put his arms around my waist.
There was a knock at the door, and it swung open. A vampire pair stepped into the room.
"It's time to hunt," said the bigger of the two.
He gave us wristbands to put on, then led us to the woods.
"Stay clear of the river. Too many humans there. You might attract attention," he said. Then, he and the other vampire stalked off towards the base.
"Kait..." Alex said, kneeling before me,"I love you. And I want you to have something." He took a little black object from his pocket and opened it. I gasped. Resting in between the box's cushions, was a little ring.
"It's a promise ring," he said, taking the ring out of the tiny black box. He slipped it onto my finger.
"Thank you," I said.
"You're welcome," he said. He took my hand and tugged gently. "Let's hunt." He pulled me into a deeper part of the woods.

We stopped at a giant oak tree. I sniffed at the air and crouched into a hunting position. I could smell the hot blood on my prey.
"Grizzly," I whispered. Alex nodded.
I sank closer to the ground and stalked forward. I slithered around the tree and saw it. The huge bear was ripping berries off the branch of a small bush.
I launched myself at the bear. It shrieked in terror and ran in circles, trying to shake me off.
I bit him and he fell. Alex came over to help me. We drained the bear together, party quenching our thirsts.
My head snapped up. A new scent was poisoning the air. Humans.
"Alex," I gasped. He looked up too, searching for the threat. I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.
"Come on!" I whispered. He hesitated for a minute, but ran after me. I ducked into the bushes and he followed. We watched as the human stepped into the clearing. He walked around for a while. He then gasped in horror.
The hunter walked over to our kill. He examined the bear, completely unaware of the vampires hiding in the bushes.
The sun shone through the trees. He looked at a shimmering object on the ground and picked it up.
"My ring," I groaned. Alex covered my mouth. I glared at him.
"Who's there?" The human shouted. We didn't answer. Alex pulled me back towards the base. I stepped on a twig, which snapped, causing the hunter to react. He man aimed his rifle. Alex started to run and I followed. The hunter fired and followed his shot. He swiped his arm on a nearby tree.
"Damn it!" he snapped. I stopped running. The air reaked of human blood. I sprung up to a high branch of a tree. The hunter was bandaging up his cut with a vine and some leaves. I crouched and jumped to a different branch.
I landed on a thin branch. Oops. The branch snapped and I fell to the ground. The man raised his gun. I hissed and cursed.
"Hello?" the man said. He poked me with his rifle and I lunged for his throat.

~Chapter Five~
Chapter 5
"Kait?" Alex shouted from the woods. I couldn't tell him what about I've done, so I took the hunter's body and stuffed it into the bushes ten yards away.
Alex bursted through the trees and bushes.
"What--" he started.
"I wanted my ring back," I said.
"How--" he started again.
"I pretended I was hiking in the woods and I dropped my ring. And that I came looking for it. He asked me about the bear and asked if I was alright. I said, 'Does it look like I was mauled by a bear?' So then he gave me my ring and left," I explained.
"Oh," he said, covering my mouth to ask another question. "Did he ask you about why the bear was dead?"
He uncovered my mouth. "Yeah. I told him it wasn't there when I came around. He asked what time I came by, and I said about an hour ago," I said. He pursed his lips.
"Alright. Let's go," Alex said, pulling me by the waist.

When we got back to the base, we were locked in the fancy room again. Damien had been moved while we were out hunting.
Alex wouldn't leave my side. He was like glue. He was like...stuck to me. Not literally, but he just didn't want to leave me alone even for the shortest second.
I felt really bad for not telling him about the human incident . I wanted to tell him so bad. I had to tell him soon.
He spun me around to face him, then put his arms around me. I brought my lips to his and it was like Dej'a Vu all over again.
My head spun. His scent was on my tongue. Did all vampires do this? Or just a few?
"What really happened in the woods?" he asked suddenly.
"I already told you, he gave me my ring and walked away," I said.
"Okay. As long as he didn't suspect you of being a vampire," he said, laughing. I giggled along with him. Out laughter did weird things to the way our bodies were connected, ending that conversation.

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~Chapter Six~
Chapter 6
We got dressed the next morning, like yesterday. The other vampires took us out to hunt. And that's where it got ugly.
"Your wristbands gave us information from yesterday. It says you came in contact with a human?" said one of the vampires.
"Almost. We went into the bushes before he came into view," Alex replied.
"Yes. And you went east after a few minutes?" the vampire asked. Alex nodded. "And one of you stopped after a few bounds and turned back?" I nodded at the second question. "It says you came in contact with a human, and took his life."
Alex turned to me.
"You killed him?" he asked. I frowned.
"My diet is mainly human blood. I hoped you would have realized that when you saw my eyes. So when the hunter scraped his arm on the tree, my senses over powered me. I tried to control them, but I couldn't. I'm so sorry for this. For not telling you," I said. I reached out for him, but be backed away. I growled. "You killed a human too."
"Yes. I did. But Damien wasn't innocent," he said. He glared at me for a second, then stalked off. I watched as he slipped into the bushes.
"I don't need to hunt," I grumbled.
They took me back to the base and locked me in the room once again.

Alex came back from hunting about an hour later.
"I'm sorry," he said. "I'm a little over reactive of some things. By the way, I love dangerous girls." He winked at me.
"Then why were you mad at me before?" I asked.
"I was surprised. I guess I never really paid attention to the color of your eyes. I guess I should have," he said.
"Yep," I said.
I walked over to him and help my arms out. He took me in his and pressed his lips to mine. he pulled away to whisper in my ear.
"I love you," he said. I smiled.
"So are we okay?" I asked, trailing my fingers down his chest.
"Only if you want us to be," he answered. "It's completely up to you."
"Kay," I mumbled. "Forever."
"Okay. And next time you choose to kill someone, don't tell me. It's really hard to picture you killing for something besides food," he said. I chuckled.
"I won't," I said, winking. He grinned. "I need you to promise me one thing."
"Hmm?" he murmured.
"If you ever see a female that's prettier than me, don't drop everything, including me, just to go flirt with her. Kay?" I said.
"I won't. I will never love another woman more than you," he vowed. And he started to kiss me again.

~Chapter Seven~
Chapter 7
The child took off into the woods, turning back every few paces to snarl at the men chasing him. His golden eyes flickered around, looking for a better escape route.
He glanced back. There was no one there. Was there a route he missed? He looked ahead again to see a gap between two trees. He turned down the narrow path.
A twig snapped. He looked back, nostrils flaring. A man appeared in front of him in that same moment. he grabbed him by the throat and crushed it in one quick movement.
I sat up at an impossible speed, gasping for breath.
"Kait?" Alex said. He had his arms around me in an instant. It took me a while to realize it was only a dream.
"Alex," I whimpered, burying my face into his chest.
"Are you alright?" he asked, sounding confused.
"Bad dream," I mumbled. My voice sounded muffled as I spoke. Alex chuckled.
"It's okay, I'm here. I'll protect you," he paused. "Would you like to tell me about you dream?"
"No, It's okay," I said.
"Okay," he said. I pressed my lips to his and drifted back to sleep.
The next morning was like every other morning. Alex and I got up to get dressed, then go hunt.
I turned to face Alex. He gasped.
"What? Does this shirt make me look fat or something?" I laughed.
"I don't think it's the shirt," he said. His eyes were pretty much bulging out of his head.
"Hey...," I said, scowling. He sigh, walked over, pulled up my shirt and turned me towards the mirror.
"Didn't mean you're fat. I meant...well...look at yourself!" he said. I saw what he meant then. My stomach had grown. It was bulging out of my body.
I stared in horror. I was pregnant.

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Community Member
~Chapter Eight~
Chapter 8
They took Alex and I to another room. It had a lot of tools and doctorish stuff. I couldn't help but wonder what was going to happen. I was scared again. I needed to figure out how to kill my fears.
"What's going to happen to me?" I asked. Alex was avoiding questions.
"Alex," I said. He avoided my gaze.
One of the other vampires picked me up and carefully put me on the table. I gave Alex a look, and he shot one right back. I flinched.
The vampire placed his ice cold hand on my balloon of a stomach. I gasped. He took a weird looking tool and put it on my stomach next to his hand. A tiny figure appeared on a screen next to the table.
I glanced back at Alex. He was watching my face. I frowned as he looked away.
"Well?" Alex asked the vampire.
"It's growing rapidly. I'm afraid we're either going to have to get it out of her, or let her give regular birth," he said.
"When is it due?" I asked.
The doctor hesitated.
"At the end of the week," he replied.
"You're not going through this," Alex hissed.
"I want to, though," I said. His hands were on my shoulders then. He shook me gently.
"Are you crazy?" he asked. "What if something goes wrong? What if something happens? I don't want to lose you! My life would mean nothing to me if you left. I love you.
"I love you too. But, I've never heard of vampires dying from childbirth. I'll be okay," I said. Alex frowned.
"Gabriel. Take us out to hunt," he said.
He took us to the woods and left us once more.
Alex hunted for me, while I sat in a nearby tree, watching. When he finally got more than four deer down, he climbed up the tree and carried me to his kills. I sank my teeth into a huge buck.
Alex and I drained the first three deer. He after the third, the fourth was too much for him.
I couldn't stop drinking. When I finished the final deer, I searched for more. But there weren't any.
"Still thirsty?" Alex asked. I nodded. The corner of his lips twisted into a crooked smile. He got up again and raced into the trees.
He came back a few minutes later, carrying two small bears and another deer. I drained the doe and one of the bears. Alex drained the other.
"Done?" he asked. I smiled. "Okay. Lets go."
He picked me up carefully and cradled me in his arms.
He walked me back to the base. When we came through the door, Gabriel pushed us back out. He was covered in blood.
"Gabriel wh--" I said. He covered my mouth.
"We have to ge tout of here," he whispered.
"Why? What's going on?" Alex asked.
"Humans. They brought dogs, guns, everything. They killed Aaron. I think one of them is a vampire, because it would be pretty hard to kill one of us with a gun," Gabriel said.
"But what about my baby?!" I hissed. Alex's arms tightened around me.
"We don't need doctor's equipment for childbirth.
"Okay," I sighed.
Alex picked me back up again and headed back to the woods. Gabriel followed.

~Chapter Nine~
Chapter 9
Four days passed since we fled the base. Which meant my baby was due tomorrow. But I feared it would come early.
I sat in a tree for three whole days. Alex hunted and brought his kills up the tree. I didn't eat much. Alex wouldn't leave me except when he had to hunt.
I felt spoiled.
"I need to hunt. I'll be back," he said. He dropped down from the tree. After Alex disappeared from view, Gabriel came back to the tree. He climbed up, and stayed a branch above me.
"I hope the humans leave soon. There's about twelve hours until your infant is due," he said. I didn't answer. I hadn't been talking much either.
Alex was probably just as horrified as I was. We didn't know this would happen so soon. He then came into view again, carrying a huge stag in his one arm. He climbed the tree and snarled at Gabriel. Gabriel hissed and jumped to another tree.
I rested my head against the trunk. Alex pulled me colser to him, so I leaned against his shoulder instead. I looked at the stag that was now hanging over a lower branch.
Alex lifted my chin up and touched my lips with his. Mine were weak. And he knew that.
I then felt dizzy. I swayed. Alex grabbed me just as I was about to fall to the forest floor. I started to slip away into unconsciousness.
He shook me gently.
"Kait?" he said. He started to worry.
I blacked out for a few minutes. Alex carried me down to the ground below. Gabriel rushed over. I blacked out again.

I woke in Alex's arms. He was rocking back and fourth. He felt my movement and held me out in front of him.
"Kait?" he said again. I started to reach out to stroke his face. Just as I did so, a sharp pain stabbed at my stomach.
A loud ear piercing shreik escaped my lips. This was it. It was time.

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