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Hello wonderful ppl!!! my name iz SexyKitten3786... ummm i really dont know y i created dis haha.... ummmm.... yeah idk haha if i had da guts id put my poems in here...but i dont have da guts hehe.... well idk...
The Crazy Unicorn Adventures

To Beckie Mountain

Chp. 1

By: Karie Urban

Once upon a time there was a unicorn named Gene and his little granddaughter

unicorn named Karie. They both really wanted a cupcake, but the only cupcakes

were at the top of Beckie Mountain. To get there you have to pass the crazy Don

Rapids, the deep dark scary Ann Forest but the wrose was the mean green sour

rudest pickle of them all Hunter. However Gene and Karie wanted a cupcake sooo

badly they decied to go on the dangerous adventure. So, they were off to Beckie

Mountain. When they had reached the Don Rapids they quickly used their boat

biulding skills they had taken a class on last summer and built a huge boat made of

playdough. Getting threw the rapids was hard but they made thanks to their

advanced skills. Now on to the Ann Forest. Their were bugs, crazy weather, and

mysterious gunk on everything and the only ways to get threw was to lick all the

gunk off, so they began to lick. However this wasn't any regular gross gunk, it was

he best ever! They loved it. So, they took some with them on their way to face the

green pickle Hunter. They walked and walked and walked till they thought they were

lucky and didt have to face him when all of a sudden he pops out! Gene and Karie

scream and began to ran when Hunter yells, "Is that gunk I smell?" Gene and Karie

stoped running and turn around. They noded there heads and handed some to him.

Hunter smiles and lets them threw. They skip merley to Beckie Mountain and

collect all the yummy delicouse cupcakes there. They eat so much of them that

they pass out and have sweet dreams. The End!?

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  • [08/07/10 08:32pm]
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