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A Little Story.....(note: if you're a wimp who's afraid of your own shadow, don't read this, you'll pee your pants)
A little story that I made.....some of the stuff is kinda self-emotion....and I'm going to end with a "to be continued...."
The girl rushed down the streets, her backpack bouncing on and off her back, sweat dripping from her face, eyes looking in all directions.
Her long white skirt suddenly twisted around her foot, sending her sprawling forward with a CRACK of her ankle. Her backpack flew off of her and slid a little bit away. Slowly, she tried to get up, blood dripping unto the ground from her scraped palms and knees. She slowly rose, and halfway up, her ankle made another cracking sound and she gasped and fell again. Her face hit the rough cement, scraping some of the skin off of her nose and her forehead, which had hit the cement. She gritted her teeth, blood dripping down her forehead and nose and getting into her eyes and mouth. She spat and coughed, then slowly--painfully--crawled to her knees and turned around.
Thunk thunk thunk!
Footsteps. Panic sped up her heart and bile rose into her throat.
"This way!" yelled a voice, echoing down the alleyway the girl had ran and fell in. The footsteps got louder.
The girl, desperate now, struggled to her feet, ignoring the aches and pains, grabbed her backpack, and started running again.
But the footsteps kept getting louder. Her scrapes and injuries were slowing down her pace, and the blood was leaving a trail.
She raced around a bend then screeched to a halt, gasping for breath. A cement wall stood in her path.
"Hurry! The drops of blood are getting fresher! She's close!" The girl brushed some of her chocolate colored hair from her face, opened her backpack, took out a few things and stuffed them in her pockets, then dropped the backpack and started climbing the wall.
There were barely any footholds and the girl slipped often, sometimes banging her knee against the wall, sometimes hanging from both hands, trying to pull herself up.
"Only...." she huffed, grasping the wall desperately. "....a few....more inches..."
The girl whirled her head around. Shadows were coming towards the bend. Desperately, she stretched her arm and grabbed the top of the wall, then did the same with her other hand. Scraping her knees a bit, she pulled herself on the top of the wall--
--and fell forward. Air whistled past her ears, shapes blurred and rushed by, something scratched at her face, and suddenly, she met hard ground. Well, not really "ground". Rather, a shorter fence with arrow tipped beams. One of the spikes went through her stomach, the other her left arm. She gasped and coughed blood, her body twisted in an uncomfortable position, crimson pouring out of her belly and arm.....
Slowly, her eyes rolled up. And, though muffled, she heard someone say: "MOM! MOM! SOMEONE FELL ON OUR FENCE!" then everything went black.

NOTE: this is a dream I had once, and I just stopped there because my fingers are starting to ache.
--J. Gravestones

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  • [04/06/09 01:50am]
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