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A Requiem
What a Nobody has to say.Please read according to date or you would not understand the story. NOT ABOUT KINGDOM HEARTS GEZZ. I just used names.
-Abyssal Rose:Somnus Nermoris-
" Tushiko....I don't think he'd like it if you did that... " But he's sooo cute.. " Tushiko...Don't.... " Tushiko smiled and held the white pup in her hands. " This makes him look cuter, Zanzura. " Around the pup's neck was a light-pink ribbion, decorated with bells. Tushiko let out a giggle for the success of her work. " Tushiko! Zanzura, come help me cook. " Riku was shouting from the kitchen, very much annoyed. " Hurry up! " Zanzura immediately stood up and faced Tushiko. " Come now, lets go. We don't want to disappoint your brother. " Fine. : She placed the puppy down next to the larger dog and headed towards the kitchen with Zanzura. Khani gained his footing as he faced his father. Somnus noticed his son's presence and shifted his gaze towards him. " What is it? " ...Umm...How long do you think we'd be trapped in this form? " Who knows? That idiot Haizen doesn't know. " I HEARD THAT! " Both Somnus and Khani looked over at Haizen who had sat down next to them. " Well, I'm only telling the truth." Shut up Somnus! Don't defy my genius! " Genius? " Somnus grinned, " I can't believe a genius doesn't even know a cure for his own transformation. " Haizen remained silent momentarily and scratched his head. " My, my I didn't expect the great Somnus Nemoris to smell so bad. " THAT'S BECAUSE YOU TURNED ME INTO A DOG! " Haizen grinned. " It's called a wolf, smart one. "Khani sat there as the two fought over and over again. " I'm going to check on Xion... " He climbed up the stairs and to the room where she was resting, as he climbed up, he could still hear their quarrel. " I'm so much decent than an outside mutt! " What? When did the idiot become such a snob? " Riku entered the room to find the two fighting in their transformations. " Enough! " Before either Haizen or Somnus could say another insult, Riku quickly grabbed them. " Now if you two continue this, I'm never removing those. " Frustrated, he returned to the kitchen. What could he have meant by I'm never removing those? Haizen thought. Suddenly he heard a chuckling, as he turned around he saw Somnus ginning. " What? " Look on your neck. " Crap. " Riku had placed the red collar on pretty quickly, pretty much without hesitation. Somnus continued laughing until Haizen shouted. " Shut up! Fib! " Somnus lowered his gaze to find a bright green collar. On its tag read ' Fibblenuggets. " Crap... "

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