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B'awww Updates TT A TT
b***h Please
Yuki: Definition: Awesomeness that takes a human form and pixel form. Aka The best of both Worlds. Warning talking to much to Yuki might result in Laughing so hard your stomach hurt, Smiling so much your mouth hurts and Etc. ;D
Yuki is simply amazing.
So amazing you have to know her to understand what I mean.
She's everything you want but more, like those T.V. ads that always include some gift to make you want to buy them. Except, she's not a rip-off ;D she is what you see, and it's unbelievable.
I'll start a new one! Y'know you lost kind words. well I'll just make some more and then you'll get more from others too!

I think Yuki is the best, most awesome homeless cousin who lives under my bed. There have been great times when we laughed over plates of leftover Frito pie. <3 I will always do my best to never lose her as a friend because she is just plainly EPIC WIN
Yuki, can you hear that?
No, it's not my hear beat; it's a bat.
Bats surely love you don't you see?
Its not because of you, it's me!

But you saved my life..
Thank you for killing them with a knife.

You're my hero and I will never forget what you've done.
Although you just did a hit and run,
You're still awesome in my eyes,
although I'm not wearing my glasses; what a surprise.

You're a very attractive person, yes you are.
You're like the new generation prius car.
I love that car like a cookie
but not as much as you, Yuki.

"There once was a girl named Yuki,who liked to donate and page count for prizes. She liked to stalk profiles (and sometimes photobuckets) and make fun of peoples typos. She was a true friend, and stood up for Milo, fighting against the whales. She manned the harpoons and took down the beasts, but the whales were pathetic, and decided to stalk her crush tag. They left hate mail, thinking she'd care, and thinking they were so cool. But she has real friends, who love her and care, and didn't need reassurance. She laughed at their efforts, as they cried in their corners, pathetic and lonely. Yuki ran off into the sunset with Milo and Denners, leaving the whales to drown in their blubber."
Lesse, Yuki, yuki, Yuki. I love this girl to pieces. She's a great listener and always there for me. Except when she has no Interenet, but yeah, whole different thing.
Anyhooo, I LOVE HER GUTS. Yarly, I do. She's funny and we have the best of times together, laughing over stupid things and making stupid typos. Mostly her, of course! XD
She's nice and considerate and is such a quack. Then again, all my friends are.
I LOVE YOU YUKI!!! <33333333333
And your guts too. c;
You are a lovely friend and ily. People who ******** you you can ******** with me. We may fight, but we get over it. You're amazing.
'Nuff said.
Well, you are a VERY special person to me. You are one of the friends that keep me coming to this site even in it's roughest times. You are one or one ofthe most nice and generous people I have ever met, in real life and on Gaia. <3 You have always been awesome in my sight, and you always will be. You, Beer, will always be one of my favorite people ever. Love ya~~! <33333


Beer, Beer, Beer;
I can't help being this sincere;
But I just love you so much
That it's getting weird.

You are too awesome for words;
You make those flying birds;
You aren't one of the nerds;
I will come to you in herds.

Beer, I love you so;
Which is why I need you to know;
Because your the one I need;
I keep growing on you like a weed.

Hey, you;
I hope you enjoy this;
Indeed you do;
Because I enjoy you.

So have a great day;
Have it your way;
I do know how to say


*struggles to stop laughing* I'll put the explanation too. c;~
I searched "Striped Strawberry" in a translator, and when I searched it as German, I got Gestreifte Erdbeere, so....BEER. XD

F is for ******** which is what I do to Yuki!
U is for UNISEX!
N is for everyone and everything I have sex with down in the deep blue sea!
My FUN song. c;
I macho you!

[size=15]Cliche Colours
I hope so! Or else I will hang myself wearing a strawberry costume with black stripes, with a note saying "where is my other Stripped Strawberry!?"


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