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Warped & Wonderful Short Stories
A journal about my brain orgies.
He fell for her: A Broken Heart
He Fell For Her : A Broken Heart

I knew a girl about four years ago, her name was Eva, and she was my best friend along with another girl named Quinne.
I remember everyday we got off the bus, just the three of us, and we walked down the winding road of the bike path all the way down to Eva's apartment, where we would say our goodbyes, and I would walk all the way back to where I lived. It was a ten minute walk to and from.
Eva had an obsession with reading. Her favorite stories were love stories, she always loved the love novels. She met a great guy named Allan Miller, he was sixteen, and she was twelve. He was cute, and he was a great guy too. Allan had a great life, he had a stable family, he did many good deeds, and he had an overall healthy environment. He was the good guy. It was for that reason that I never understood why he jumped, why he killed himself. He just had his first anniversary with Eva, and they were great together. She had surprised him with a necklace with a locket that cherishes a picture of him and her together inside. The locket was in the shape of a heart, a heart that would hold them together inside it always. Why he wanted to jump away from that, I'll never know.
That was two years ago, when they found him dead behind Eva's apartment.
He came from the roof tops, there was no second guessing it.
I never truly knew Allan very well, so I didn't have the closest feeling for him, but I was sad anyways, because Eva was torn apart. The only time I ever saw Eva cry, was when she finished a good book. But a week went by, she never picked up even one book, she had this eerie not-all-there look upon her eyes, while pale skin covered the rest.
One day I found myself on the roof, it was fourth of July, 2007, one week after he was found, and I had been scaling the walls of the apartment with my eyes, straight down to the spot where he was found dead. But now, his memorial was covered with balloons, flowers, and a tent as the center of it all. Eva had been camping out there, as if waiting for his return. But he never came back. The tent seemed as if it were floating off the ground with all the luminescence around it. It was almost beautiful. It was then that I was looking down that Eva came from the entrance to the roof, and walked towards me. She looked at me, with a sad kill-me expression on her face. She looked over the edge like I had, and asked me if she thought if he had time to think before he had hit the ground. If when he was falling he thought this was a stupid idea.
She had asked me if while he was falling, if he thought of her.
I saw that she was about to just jump, with the answer that I would give, the answer that she thought. But instead, I told her no. A sense of reality hit her, a little life, and she urned to me, and bolted in humility on back inside. I could see that she was ashamed of me seeing her so vulnerable like that, but mostly at herself for acting so suicidal.
It was then that I resumed my sight, thinking to myself that question, if I had answered right. It was then that I had noticed the dangling charm on the edge of the antenna jutting out of the edge of the building. The necklace, the heart locket. I tried reached for it, to grab the necklace, but only ended up falling off the roof myself. It was at that moment I realized that he didn't jump, he fell. That he was thinking of her at the time. But I sure as hell wasn't thinking that fast, because when I fell, it happened too fast.
Luckily, the tent, balloons, and the asphalt broke my fall. I had the locket in my hand, but one end of the heart had broken off, the end that held the picture of Eva inside.
I never told Eva about that night, about falling for her, and about the locket. But, two years later, about two weeks ago, she had committed suicide, slitting her wrists, out in San Bernardino, California, where her dad had moved out to get away from everything, including his wife and her daughter's boyfriend. I had paid my respects, and returned to her the necklace. The thing that had killed her in the end. A broken heart.

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