This is the nightmare scene my fanfic character has.........this is my naruto fanfic and it has just been written a few mins ago

[/color]~~~Now It Ends~~~
In my dream were feelings of sadness,guilt,anger, and hate. Two figures stood in a night air.One figure held a long blade. Within the soft midnight mooonlight reflected from the blade's metel sides.Swiftly killing the other figure, sharp as a wolf's fang the blood rose and struck it's target.Red scarlet blood shownon the thin sides of metal. Blood, moonlight, murder, betrayal. Red surrounded the still blade weilding figure. Blood red eyes stared at me, Anger filled them. Fear shot through me.The sky turned a firery red. Within it's grasp was a dead black moon. I was lying on cold dirt ground pure whit cursed blood poured from wounds on my head, chest, and stomach. Breathing was becoming painful. Sauntering slowly was the black figure. It held it's sword above it's head ready to swing downward. At that momment i knew i was about to die. I tried to scream, nothing came from my lips. His blade went through me. More white blood came from my chest. The black moon although dark, shoun it's sparkling light unveiling the dark truth about my killer. Itachi stood abouve me. His eyes i now realize are that of sharingan. Tears filled his still hateful eyes. I tried to move twards him, but my strength had faded. I fell onto the ground again, causing the sword already in my chest to go father into my heart. The Uruha's calls rang through the air. Itachi disapeared in black smoke. My body was unable to move. More and more blood poured from my chest. A red aura surrounded me and took the last of my energy. As abruptly as my heart started it stoped. I lay there dead on the blood covered ground. The air went black and i coouldn't recall anything...................

and thats as far as i've gotten...........sorry