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Jagger on "Love"
What is love? To me, it’s a very human thing, though not one that I think my people and I are incapable of feeling, entirely. We don’t mate after all, the Kephri, I mean. At least not all of us. That’s something that’s left to what humans call our “Hive Queens”. I’ve always found it funny how they relate us to Earth based insects. It’s always been something that’s both oddly insulting, yet wholly accurate. The majority of Kheper females aren’t capable of reproducing (those other than the "Queens", of course). The men and their equipment work just fine, but not all ovens can cook the buns, if you know what I mean. This is wonderful for those who can have children, of course. There’s the Queen, of course, the head honcho who calls all the shots and makes all the rules. Then, there are the others – the women who weren’t quite lucky enough to wear the crown, but still get to sit in luxury and comfort all because their parts work properly. The continuation of our species does pretty much depend on them, so they are taken well care of. Not that the rest of us are treated like street rats or anything like that, mind you. The Kephri tend to take care of their own. Very few poor and homeless, even less crime. There are just those who sit a bit more comfortably than others. I've always wondered if, perhaps, there was a little jealousy or bitterness between those who could and those who can't when it comes to the fairer species, but I don't entirely care so I never asked.

I digress. We don’t reproduce in the same way that humans do. We don’t grow attached to one person who we later make lives and a family with. Those who are believed to have good enough genes are allowed to mate when the time comes, but the rest of us don’t really concern ourselves with “finding our one true love”. Any love we share for each other tends to be more platonic than anything. We all simply take care of each other. We’re one big happy family. Imagine how confusing it can be now that I’ve chosen to surround myself with humans…well, they’re not really humans anymore. I should say ORPHANS, a strange bastardization of the two species’ mixed together in human laboratories somewhere in a deep dark s**t hole of a place. Regardless of their origin, they still feel as humans would feel. They laugh and cry. They get angry and act irrationally, but most of all, they love. They are capable of feeling, for just one person, more than most of my kind feel for our entire race as a whole.

Perhaps they bring something out of me – something I never thought I could feel before. I don’t know whether or not it’s a good thing, but I don’t want to ponder over it either, really. I’ve cast away the side of myself that really makes me belong with my own kind. There’s no point in sweating the small stuff.

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