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My life and other random stuff
Dean sat down with a sigh on the hotel bed, he kicked his shoes off and then ran his fingers through his short hair, "Ugh.... Damn car ride." He laid back on the bed and decided to get a few minutes rest

"You're the one who insists on driving so long." the man's brother replied. Sam on the otherhand, began to unpack anything the two might need during their short time at the hotel. It was just one of their many stops. I swear if I hear 'Back In Black' one more time i'm going to hit something. With a sigh, he too plopped down onto a bed - his own - and picked up the loca newspaper. Hopefully anything that might have been considered Supernatural would be placed there, and they would have their next job. Hopefully.

Sure enough... On the front page metioned about mysterious disappearances but the cops believed that they were bloody murders, for each victim that had been taken left behind a blood trail and shredded furniture, they wondered if it was a rabid bear or something of the sort that did this..... If Sam would read farther he would find a picture of Meghan in the newspaper and it spoke of how she witnessed an attack

Sam did read further, hesitating when he read her name. "Well i'll be damned." He murmured, staring at her name on the page. Meghan. He hadn't seen or heard from her in a few years. Obviously she was still alive. After a moment, he tossed the paper at Dean's head. "Think fast." He muttered, standing up. "We have ourselves a new one. And look who's involved."

Dean caught the paper and read the article, stopping when he saw Meghan's picture, "No way...Meghan?? She witnessed an attack??" Dean got off the bed and sighed, "Well then let's go see what happened.''

Dean was never really one to wait, he of all people knew that. It didn't matter that it was rather late at night. He seemed to remember Meghan being a night owl anyways. He shrugged into his jacket, locking the motel door behind them. The black 1967 Chevy Impala rored to life as soon as Dean twisted the keys, and a moment later Sam shut the passenger door. "Well. At least we're not going to have to lie to her." He said. Usually in situations like this, and in other cases, they had trouble getting what needed to be done...done. People didn't exactly believe in the Supernatural.

Dean sped out of the parking lot and the car roared to life, it shot down the road and he sighed, he saw that Sam had taken out his laptop and glanced over, "Research?"

Sam shrugged, "Gimme a minuet." He ws searching the description of the death aginst any others in the area during the last hundred years or so. They didn't seem to fit any peticular soecies. Maybe vampire, but their blood wasn't drained. "I' thinking it's a demon." He said quietly. The death's didn't go back in time. They were only recently within the past few months, which meant it was something new. Something that had just moved into the area.

Dean nodded once and looked over at him, "And did Meghan give a statement on what it was? They probably calling her a loon or something..."

Sam put the lapop under the the seat and pulled out the newspaper again. "Well, it looks like she's finally stopped spouting whats really out there. I guess she got tired being thrown in Jail. She says it's a bear...but she dosent look so sure in her picture." Sam sighed, rubbing his eyes. "Alright so, she got a good look at this thing, so she probably knows what it is."

Dean nodded, feeling bad that Meghan had been thrown in jail... Stupid cops had probably thought it was her until they found more evidnece, "Alright then....." He soon saw the sign on the town and drove in, 'Remember where she lives?"

Sam nodded, "Assumeing she hasn't moved by now." At this point, he couldn't imagin staying in one place for more than a week. He was so use to jumping in the car and driveing off with his brother every couple days, that it was starting to mess with his perception. Sam directed his brother right into the driveway of Meghan. When the car went silent, Sam opened the door and climbed out. For a moment, he wondered if she would remember them. It had only been a few yeard, but time seemed to drag out longer for them.

Dean got out of the car after shutting it off and slammed the door shut, then he looked at Sam, "Time to test her memory...." Dean flipped up the collar of his jacket and then walked up to the door, pounding on it with his fist.... He had a tendency to do that.... After a few more knocks the door opened a crack and a young woman looked out, "Yes?" Then she froze and she opened the door more, she had brown hair that was beautifully curled and wavy, her eyes were a luminiscent blue and freckles dotted her face, "Sam and Dean Winchester?"

Sam smiled lightly, taking her in for the first time in years. She hadn't changed much, and yet there was something different about her. Something he couldn't quite put his finger on. "That would be us." He said after a moment when his brother hesitated. He paused for a moment to look at his brother before he looked back at Meghan. His smile was gone now. Why couldn't their visits be more social, not just strictly business? Right. Because they were both obsessed with this hunting thing. That could put a damper on any relationship. "Look, Meghan. We've come to talk to you about...about the attack you witnessed."

Dean remained silent while Sam did all the talking, he wouldn't admit it but his brother was better at this sort of thing. Meghan's eyes went down a bit before she opened the door all the way and stepped aside, "Please... Come in.." It was only then that they could see that she was wearing a black nightgown.... Kinda sexy

Sam actually had to remind himself that stareing was rude, so he forced himself to find intrest in something in the room - something other than Meghan. "So...uh..." He cleared his throat, glanceing around the room. "What exactly did you see?"

Dean noticed Meghan as well and cleared his throat, "Sorry if we were interuppting something." Meghan chuckled quietly and went to grab her robe, which was still a little sexy but not as bad, "I saw a bear.... That's it..."

Sam sighed, turning around to face her once more, "Come on Meghan. You didn't really see a Bear, did you? It was something else and we need to know what it was before it kills again." She of all people should know the importance of this situation.

Meghan sighed and wrapped the robe around herself to try and shield herself or something, "I don't know exactly what is was.... But I saw that it had black eyes and was a girl.... I think it was a demon."

Sam nodded - exactly what he thought it was. "Alright," He paused to throw a glance over at his brother, before turning his attention back to Meghan. "You're going to have to come with us. Would you be able to point this woman out if you were to see her again?" He sighed, looking down at the ground. Who knows how long it'd been since she hunted. Obviously, from the look of her house anyways, it had been awhile.

She closed her eyes and ran her fingers through her hair, "I remember that girl like the back of my hand... She was the one who got me thrown in jail....." She sighed and looked at them, "Why don't you two rest and then we can start fresh in the morning?"

Sam looked over at his brother again, promtping the man to say something. He didn't. He sighed again, and shook his head. "We have a place to stay for the night..." He paused, wondering if this demon would possibly go after Meghan if she figured out Meghan had seen her. It was entirely possable, though not probable. "Alright fine. We should probably keep an eye on you anyways."

Dean smirked, glad to not have to return back to the motel room, "Sweet.... So um..." Meghan smiled and turned to the kitchen, "I'll get you something to eat..." If they looked at the back of her arm they would be able to see a long scar that went from her shoulder to her elbow

Sam watched her leave before turning his attention back to Dean. No doubt the sound of food would make his brother happy. "Well this turned out better than I thought it would." He said quietly, sitting down on the couch. He probably could bet on not getting much sleep tonight.

OOC: So we should probably skip ahead to the next morning soon, unless you had something planned.

((Not really... Unless we want to have Dean hit on Meghan and then get shot down))
Meghan prepared them a heart meal of steak, mashed potatoes, and broccoli. It was ready before they knew it and she placed the meals in front of them

OOC: Only if you want to. I'm gunna have Sam knock out after the meal so...heh. It's a little to soon though for me anyways. I mean to have anything going on between Meghan and Sam. I'm all for character development xD

Sam stared down at the food placed in front of him, smiling just slightly. It had been awhile since he'd had a home cooked meal, and this smelled and looked very good. "Thanks Meghan. This looks really good." He said just a tad nervous.

((Oh trust me! I'm all for character development.... All right then so we can just skip to the morning))
Dean started to scarf down his meal and finished it after several minutes, when Meghan came to take the plate she pointed to one of the spare bedrooms, "Now go get some sleep..." Dean gave a smirk and looked at her, "You uh.... You wanna join me?" Meghan chuckled quietly and just pointed to the room, not falling for any of his tricks

Sam rolled his eyes and stood up. His brother was always pulling things like that with women, and the funny thing was that more than half the time they actually worked. "Thanks again Meghan it was great." He said before he wandered off to get ready to sleep. He prepared the things they would need in the morning, before he allowed himself to drift off into a light sleep.

In the morning Dean would awake to the smell of bacon and coffee, he shuffled awake and stretched a little, that was the best sleep he had ever gotten!! He got up and walked out to the kitchen, seeing that Meghan was cooking. He was about to say something when Meghan said, "Morning Dean." He froze and looked at her, her old hunter skills were a little too good sometimes.
Meghan turned and looked at him, "Your cologne gave you away." He nodded, 'Ah.."

Sam was up hours before his brother, and Meghan too for that matter. Of course, he hadn't slept much. Every creek of this old house had sprung him out of the light sleep. He had been almost expecting that demon to come for Meghan, but it never happened. Everything was safe. Sam was all ready to go, as usual, when he stepped into the kitchen, elbowing his brother as he passed.

Dean winced a little when his brother elbowed him and then took a seat at the little bar, though it was more like a counter and he sighed, "Smells good." Meghan smiled and cooked some eggs, "It'll be ready in a second or two."

Sam glanced over at his brother as he sat down, wondering what was wrong with him. Usually he would have smacked him over the head or something of the sort. Then he figured he must really be distracted by Meghan. "You should probably go get ready once you're done." Sam said quietly. "It would be best if we search for this demon as soon as possable." Before someone else gets hurt.

Meghan turned and placed a plate in front of the both of them, "Then eat up.... You'll need your strength." She decided to leave them be and then headed back to her room to change, Dean's eyes followed her... Pervert

"Would you stop being disgusting and eat your breakfast?" Sam complained, stabbing the contents of his plate with a fork. She was nice enough to make them dinner and breakfast, the least Dean could do is not look at her like she was something to eat. But then again, he did look at most women like that. "And hurry up." He added.

Meghan got changed out of her robe and put on jeans, a white tank top, and then a black vest. She knew that the Winchesters hed weapons but she still put a knife in her boot.
Dean scoffed lightly, "Just admiring another hunter..." He then started to eat his breakfast

Sam rolled his eyes, "I'm sure you are." He muttered. Once finished, he collected their plates and did the best he could to clean up while his brother went out to the car. Who knew how long it would take them to find this demon. Hopefulyl not long, but you never could tell. "So." He started when Meghan emerged, "Can you try to describe what this demon looked like? Besides the black eyes thing..."

Meghan went back to the room and then pulled out a sketch and handed him a picture of a girl, "I described this to the police... Before I was arrested." Meghan wore her hair down and wore a necklace or two around her neck, for protection

The girl in the picture had long, deep red hair and pale skin. Her eyes were as black as any demon he had ever seen before. Sam sighed and handed the sketch back to Meghan. "Alright well that'll certinly help. Show this to Dean too so he can get an idea of what we're looking for." With that said, he turned and left her home, meeting his brother at the car.

Meghan nodded and held the picture close, then she followed Sam out and locked the door behind her. Dean gave a whistle and smirked, "You still know how to handle a gun right?" Suddenly her foot pinned him up against the car and pressed down on his chest, "You still kow when to keep your mouth shut... Right?" She asked with sarcasm as she smirked and lowered her leg. Dean cleared his throat and urged her into the car, "Lucky shot."

Sam payed no attention to the two. They had been doing this when they were together before, so of course they would squabble now. It was normal to him. He helped her into the car, then climbed in himself. What they didn't know, was that this girl was in the local library at that very moment. She was somewhat of a reader, if you could believe that.

Meghan sat in the back while the other two sat in the front and she showed Dean the picture of the girl, "Sketch artist drew this.... This is our demon..." Dean nodded and looked at the picture, too bad.... The girl was pretty.... He put the keys in the ignition and then started the car, speeding out of the driveway

Sam examined the picture for a few more seconds before handing it back again to Meghan. He looked out his window, keeping an eye out for anyone that might fit the description. The young woman was making her way out of the library when the black impala rushed past.

Dean didn't even see the girl walk out though and he kept on driving, Dean sighed and glanced back at Meghan, "Are there any crime scenes that are still open?" Meghan froze a little, "Um... The place where I witness my attack... It may be.." It had been a year... But that was also the year that she was in jail.... The worst year of her life

Sam shook his head, promptly smacking his brother as he took ahold to the wheel. He forceibly turned the car around, "What are you blinde Dean?" He snapped. "You just drove right past her."

Dean looked at his brother angrily and took control of the car as he turned it around, then he saw the girl and sighed, "So what..... I just run her over.... It's broad daylight and in public."

"No. You're such an idiot. We don't even know if this is the right girl. We have to make sure before we try anything to drastic." He rolled his eyes, keeping his gun hidden as he climbed out. "Hey! Excuse me miss!" He called. Sam was always the one to be so...politically correct about everything. The redhead turned around, taking Sam and the black impala behind him in curiously.

Meghan scooted forward and watched Sam closely, Dean scoffed a little, feeling a little stupid for a moment but then he cleared his throat and remained cool, looking at the road ahead of them

Sam shot a glance back at them, wondering if they were just going to stay in the car and do nothing. So like Dean. He sighed and turned his attention back to the girl, "Uh yeah I'd like to ask you a few questions about the recent murders."

Dean smacked his forehead lightly and then got out of the car, "Sammy... Get back in the car..." Then he looked at the girl with a smirk on his face, "Sorry... My brother tends to be a little... Well." Then circled his finger around his temple... telling her that he was loopy. Meghan hoped that Sam would go with it... Dean was trying to play this out smoothly

Sam glared at his brother for a moment, but eventually took his place in the car once more. Dean usually knew what he was doing. Usually. Okay, so he was nervous.

Dean gave a charming smirk and cleared his throat, "Hey there.... Sorry about that." He said to the red-headed girl, "What my brother was trying to ask was if you could give us some directions." He had a plan in his mind. Meghan looked at Sam and patted his shoulder lightly, "It's okay man."

"Directions Dean? Really?" He muttered, resting his head aginst the dash of the car. And there were sometimes his brother failed. The woman looked at Dean, then back to the car again, "Uh...sure? Were are you headed...?"

Dean sighed and then named a victim who had been taken, "We need to get to her house.." It was the one who Meghan had witnessed... The attack.

"Oh um..." The girl glanced around quickly, nervously, "I'm uh...not really sure. I just moved here so...I did work with her though..." She turned and pointed back at the library, "You can ask our boss. I'm sure she'd have no problem..." She said slowly, turning her attention back to Dean.

Dean looked like he was taking out something to drink but the container actually held Holy Water, so he spilled a little on her hand and then put it away while her back was turned

The holy water did nothing to her. She felt the moisture and turned around again to look sharply at Dean who was looking as though nothing had happened. Sam watched this all, looking from the girl to the sketch. It was an exact match, save for the black eyes. He sighed, "This is our girl but..." He shook his head. It was her but...at the same time it wasn't.

Dean made a nice recoverty and looked up at the cloudy sky, "Ugh... Must be starting to rain." He flipped up the collar on his jacket and smiled, "Well thank you anyways."

The woman glanced up at the sky before looking back down. "Yeah...right. You're welcome?" Unsure of what else to say, she turned and hurried away. "Great. You've probably freaked her out beyond repare." Sam called when she was out of hearing distance.

Meghan chuckled lightly but inside her mind tumbled, what the hell?? That was the girl who had attacked her! She knew it was! Dean scoffed and went back into the car, "Yea well... I got more information than you did."

"Yeah well you didn't give me much of a chance now did you?" He asked, scowling at the back of his brothers head. "So whats your next big udea genius? Huh? I mean she'll probably freak out the next time you approch her." He sighed. Well she wasn't a demon, but she did have the black eyes. Or at least Meghan thought she had. "So...what now?"

Dean sighed, "Well.... She's clearly not it... So we just have to keep looking." Meghan moved forward, "No... That is her... I know it is." Dean turned back and looked at her, "Are you sure?"
Meghan glared at him and then moved out of the car, slamming the door shut before walking off, Dean sighed, "I didn't mean it like that.."

Sam rolled his eyes, "You're not really much of a people person are you? Aside from the bad pick up lines." He shoved the door open and got out, intent on chaseing after the girl. "Meghan wait!" He called, jogging to catch up with her. "Dean didn't mean it like that. He just...wanted to make absolutly sure. So we don't go after the wrong person. We don't want any innocents to get hurt here."

Meghan turned back at him, "Sam... I was called crazy for months... And then I was thrown in jail.... I got this!" She lifted up her shirt a little and a long and gruesome scar that went from her stomach to her hip was visible, "Because a woman in the jail believed that pychos should die....... I know that that girl is the demon.."

Sam nodded, "Alright. I know you do. We just have to find a way to prove it Meghan. That's all. Let's keep an eye on her for awhile before we do anything to drastic. We wouldn't want to-" He was cut off by the sound of a muffled scream. He glanced around the area to see that they'd wandered rather far off, away from most people towards a more abandoned part of the town. "But first let's check that out." He grabbed her arm lightly and lead her towards the sound.

OOC: I figured a little action would be fun now. It would be better than stalking her for a few days or whatever, and this way they can really be sure that she's a demon - plus they'll see her personality switch.

((Kk, that sounds good))
Meghan was only pulled a little bit before she started to jog towards the sound of the scream, she had her knife out and was ready to fight if need be

As they rounded the corner into the ally way, two women came into view. One was the redhead before. Her hair was down now, cascadeing down her shoulders like rivers of copper. Her eyes were pitch black. It wasn't just the change of eyecolor that tipped Sam off that something was different. There really was something different about her, it was as though she was a compleatly seperate person from the one she had been before. She had her hands around the womans throat, and the poor girl was hanging at least a foot off the ground.

Meghan snarled when she saw the sight of the black-eyed demon that was choking the woman she brought her hand back and then the knife flew towards the demon

[I realized that up untill now i've never mentioned the demon...things name haha]

Alegra easily flung the woman to the side. She slammed into the wall and slumped over, growing still. The redhead laughed, her eyes now fixed on Meghan and Sam, "You're going to have to do a lot better than that." She said, pulling the knife from were it had burried itself in her shoulder. She flintched a little, but other than that it seemed to have no effect on her - and it wouldn't untill she changed back. "Sam Winchester. Oh, i've heard of you and that damned brother of yours. This should be fun." She laughed again, lowering her stance. She approched them slowly, almost teasengly.

Meghan's mind scrambled as she searched through her mind of latin phrases or spells to say that could send the demon away, she stepped forward and sighed, she held up both of her necklaces that were made to ward off demons and evil spirts and she started to roughly speak the latin words

Alegra grinned, "Oh no, somebody help me!" She mocked. "What?" She tilted her head to the side slightly, looking at Sam. "Christo. Oh I just scared myself." She laughed again, backing off slightly. The words Meghan spoke did have some effect on her, but it didn't seem to hold long. "Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus..." Sam continued with the exorcism, placing himself between Meghan and Alegra. His voice grew in volume as he found the woman backing away slowly.

Meghan felt the words slowly returning to her as Sam helped her, she spoke the words with him and continued to hold up the necklaces, watching as the girl backed away

Alegra flatened herself aginst the wall, visably shrinking back as Sam and Meghan's words wrang our through the narrow ally. Slowly, she slid to her knees, curling in on herself. The air seemed to grow lighter suddenly, and Sam fell silent. The girl wimpered, holding her injured shoulder tightly. "W-what happened?" She asked, her voice tight with pain. When she lifted her head, they could see her eyes were no longer black, but the deep green they had been before.

Meghan raised her brow in confusion and then looked at Sam, "What... on... earth?" She turned and whispered with confusion so only he could hear, "Possesion?"

Sam turned to Meghan, equally confused. "I...don't know. I didn't see the demon leave her body...did you?" He glanced around quickly, as though he might have missed something. He hesitated for a moment, keeing a sharp eye on the girl. She did nothing but cower in the corner were she had fallen, putting pressure to her shoulder. He shook his head, "Whatever it was, I think it's gone now." He approched the frightened girl slowly, cautiously. "C'mon lets get you out of here."

Meghan watched the poor girl cower in terror but she didn't know what to do... She knew that this was the demon that had killed her friend... She didn't exactly feel sympathy

Sam helped her up, making sure not to bump her injured arm. He tossed his cell to Meghan, "Tell Dean to get his a** over here." He said lowly, keeping most of his attention on the girl. He knew whatever was controling her before was gone now, but he was still cautious.

Meghan found Dean's number and called it, he answered and she gave him the directions on where to go. Then she hung up, a few minutes later the Impala roared up to the alleyway and Dean got out, "What the hell happened?"

"Long story short?" Sam helped the girl into the back of the black impala, climbing in the back with her so Meghan wouldn't have to sit with her. He knew she still felt resentment towards her, even though it wasn't her fault. "This was the demon we were looking for. Don't freak. Posession. Gone now. Safe."

Dean nodded once and then climbed into the car, once Meghan had retreived her knife she climbed in as well, then she sighed, "What the hell..... So this girl is clearly a vessel for a demon."

"Well obviously she was." Sam said tightening a cloth around the girls shoulder. She seemed pretty numb at the moment, probably her bodies natural defense to pain. Alegra was glanceing around, obviously disorented, "I'm sorry but...can someone please explain to me what the hell is going on?" She seemed to have gotten over her inatial fear quickly.

Meghan looked at her and sighed, "A misunderstanding.... We'll explain more in a few minutes." Meghan looked at Sam, "Knock her out so that she doesn't know the way to my house..." Dean was heading there since the hotel was too far and they didn't need it anymore

"Knock me out my a**! I am sitting right here you know." She said, glaring at the back of Meghans head. She turned her glare to Sam, "You're the two who approched me earlier aren't you...?" Recognition passed ifront of her eyes for a moment, before she grew angry again. "What the hell do you want from me? Hm?" She pulled away from Sam, crossing one arm across her chest. Normally someone who had been posessed would remember their actions, and the feeling of helplessness as they couldn't control themselves. This wasn't the case here.

Meghan turned to the girl with her knife drawn and pointing at her throat, Dean had to resist the urge to stop the car, but he knew that would draw attention.
Meghan was now seething with anger, "Sit down.... Shut up.... Unless you want to be gutted like a fish.... Do you want that wound fixed or not? I told him to knock you out so that you don't lose more blood by moving around...." She glared at the girl for a little bit, wondering what she was going to do

Alegra stared at the girl, face blank. She knocked the knife away, and smacked Dean's head. "Stop the ******** car." She said lowly. She kept her eyes on Meghan the entire time, "If you ever threaten me again, i'll make sure that pretty little knife of yours will be the last thing you ever see." She growled. Dean of course, stopped the car, rubbing the back of his head. Alegra knew more about demons and the supernatural than they might have thought, and with her 'condition' she was very unstable. One word could push her over the edge. Her power came from her anger, so depending on how angry she was, was the damage she did. She pushed the door open with her good arm and climbed out, "I have nothing aginst you two." She said simply, and began to walk away.

Meghan wasn't giving up so easily, she opened the door and Dean tried to stop her but it was too late, "Excuse me!" She jogged after the girl, "Then why did you grab a woman by the throat? You were clearly trying to kill her...." The memories of her friend being practically ripped to shreds started flooding back

Alegra hesitated, turning to face Megan. Eyes void of all emotion, she spoke. "I don't know what you're talking about." She said, her voice was cold but a tone of honesty rang through it. "Oh my god. Did somebody drop you on your head when you were a child? Or do you always go around dragging strangers into your car and threatening them?" She shook her head, her anger returning. "No, don't answer that. I probably don't want to know." She began to walk again.

{Merarw. Cat fight haha}

Meghan narrowed her eyes and jogged after the girl, "What do you mean you don't remember? You don't remember what happened......" Meghan cleared her throat and sighed, "Look.... I think that my friends and I need to explain what's going on... And fix that wound for you as well..."

She stopped again, turnng around. "What happened to gutting me like a fish?" She asked, most of the anger gone from her voice now. She just seemed tired. She sighed and shook her head.

"Well.... If I tell you the reason that I was angry you wouldn't remember.... Just please...... Listen to what I have to say at least." Meghan's eyes showed hurt and sadness

Alegra's face sfotened suddenly, and again her mood shifted. "Okay..." She sighed again, rubbing the back of her neck, "What happened to you?"

Meghan clenched her fist to hold back the painful memories, "My best friend was slaughtered in front of me...... And I couldn't do a thing to stop it..."

Pain flashed in her eyes for a moment, "I'm...so sorry." What else was there to say about that? Suddenly she felt very bad about loosing her temper and threatening the girl like that. She certianly had been through enough without here help making it worse.

Meghan turned away from her and started to lead her back to the car, not saying anything as she climbed in the front seat

Alegra followed her silently, staring towh at her hands. She slipped into the back seat again, not meeting the eyes of anyone in the car. Sam stared at her, then back at Meghan. He hadn't heard whatever had happened, but obviously the moods of both girls had changed drastically. Were they really that much alike?

Dean glanced over when he heard a sniffle and he saw a tear fall down Meghan's cheek. But he pressed down on the gas and made his way back to Meghan's house

Alegra closed her eyes and leaned her head back aginst the seat, hoping to make Meghan feel a little better about her seeing the way to her home. Whatever that meant. And she obviously couldn't see anything with her eyes closed, now could she?

Several minutes later they were back at the house and they all headed inside, Meghan grabbed Dean and Sam what they needed to fix her up, then she sat at the table and watched

Alegra winced as they got to work on her shoulder, and it soon became obvious that they were use to this sort of thing, or at least that they'd done it a lot. "So...you guys are h-hunters?" She asked, her voice failing her on the last word. Sewing up a wound certianly did hurt more than it looked. Obviously. Well it was better than what it was before. She nodded a thanks at the two boys when they were finally done, pulling her sleve back down to cover her arm.

Meghan stood up and walked over to her, "Alright.... I think it's time that we figure out what's going on...." She sighed and pointed to a chair so that she could rest a little, "Do you remember anything that has happened for the past six months?"

Alegra hopped down only to walk over and sit down again, this time on a chair. "Well of course I do." She said quietly. "I've only been living here for about three months though. Uh...well it'd help if you wanted to know about a specific memory?" She rubbed the back of her kneck again, looking from Dean to Sam to Meghan. Sam took over for the moment, "Do you remember experienceing anything strange? Like say hallucinations or anything like that?" Alegra shrugged, wincing at the pain it caused. "Uhm...blackouts. I have weird blackouts sometimes but they usually only last a few minuets. My doctor said it's a normal symptom of post traumatic stress disorder. Apperantly I was in a pretty bad car crash a year ago but I can't remember that eaither. I only remember waking up in the hospital."

Dean nodded, "When you had these blackouts did you wake up in strange places? That you didn't remember or have never been to before?"

Alegra thought for a moment, before nodding. "I wake up in weird places yeah, but never somewhere I havn't been before." She sighed, resting her head in one hand. "Oh...does this mean theres something wrong with me?" She looked up suddenly, as though dhe was just realizeing this. "Oh...my god. Did I kill your friend?!"

Some of Meghan's hair was covering one eye so she looked at her with the other, Dean decided to answer for her, "We aren't sure.... So that's what we're trying to figure out."

Alegra looked away, wrapping her arms around herself. That would explain why she was in that ally, and why she was injured. She'd gone after another and they'd stopped her. Hopefully anyways. "You should probably kill me then." She said, her voice just above a whisper though she was trying to sound casual.

Meghan narrowed her eyes lightly and felt her fingers itching to grab her knife and fill this girls request. Dean sighed, "It doesn't exactly work like that.... We need to know why this is happening."
Meghan cleared her throat, "How do you know about hunters?"

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