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Holy crap on a stick! Continuing the story from my old journal

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Chris watched Kieth walk down the hall before aking, "Who was that?"
I didn't want to tell him that he was from the future to, because it might get his hopes up for nothing. My mind raced to make up a random job that he had visited me about.
"He's a bounty hunter," I finally said,"He heard about the whole demon problem we had."
Yuna came in as I said this.
"He doesn't seem like any bounty hunter I ever met..."
"You'd be suprised..." I told her, remembering when a bounty hunter had befriended us back in Roswell, before getting shot by a robber who been running from him for a while. The bounty hunter seemed lazy, and calm, which was oppisite of what most people see when they think of one, but he was actually very cunning and did as much work as possible, the robber had just gotten lucky.
"Are you okay, you kinda dozed off there," said Chris, who hated being ignored.
"I'm fine, just still tired" I answered, yawning for emphesis.
"Whatever, we have to go, if we're gonna get home, it's not gonna happen by just sitting here"
"Yeah, yeah"

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