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This is a Journal were I keep my art or post stuff you should read : 3
Quote of the Day

Random quotes I find around gaia, earth, or google that strike my fancy.
Some are funny, some are random, some I think have meaning.
Who knows.

June 2: I see nothing wrong with any kind of love. If you want to marry a lamp, go marry a lamp. Not my business. Let them be, and they'll let you be.
June 3:Then may God have mercy on your purposeless soul squirrel, mercy indeed.Pshhh. What god? This talking squirrel has outgrown the imaginary friend phase. by Nukeleo & xBanda
June 4: You may love him, but he certainly doesn't love you. And love isn't enough if it's unrequited. -Sven Svenson
June 5:.What the hell do you mean you don't exist?-Aaron K
June 6:((Sorry I was missing today xP))
June 7: Forever you exist, and then all of a sudden- you are no more. -Hana B.
June 8:
June 9:
June 10:
June 11:
June 12:
June 13:Copy from one, it’s plagiarism; copy from two, it’s research.
June 15: Grace the clock for more than a minuet; starts looking like a timer, trigger, detonator for this shrapnel heap. When it finally clicks over the hours, watch the blast to the doors and another shift of food-line done, distant in the night of Braums where that thought is only a piece of shrapnel for tomorrow.-Holy Wars In My Fistula
June 16:Roses are red, Violets are blue, This is in the wrong forum, And I just reported you - I_Write_Ivre
June 17:Honestly? Poetry doesn't have to have any type of intended "deeper meaning" to make it good. - 0-DCB
June 18:If you can't be bothered to spell or use proper grammar, then your writing is automatically dog poop.-Anna_Spence
June 19:Who is this "life" and where does it get all those lemons!?-unknown
June 21:
June 22:"...and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you."-Nietzsche
June 23:
June 24:
June 25:

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