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Two Cresents Moons
Bleach RP~ Myia Tetsuna
Gaian Name: Nex Remeo
Character Name: Myia Tetsuna
Character Age: 219
The Type of Being: Arrancar
Side: None
Rank: Run of the mill Arrancar.
Zanpaktou: Shiki: Syamasuni {But has a blade on both ends.}

Bio: She was bound to the world by sorrow and rejection from her sister. It did not take her long for her transfromation into a hollow. After transforming, Myia took her sister's life and then began to attack families. Izen found her after she claimed the lives of a family of three. Izen forcible used the Horacux on her.
After that she began completing secret missions for Izen. She grew to love her new home quickly, but one day she stole one of the Gigai from the 12th Squad and took off to the human world where she has constanly been on the run. After Izens defeat, she finally got to relax.
She had lived in the human world since and has eazily ajusted. She has one Gikongan pill and when she is not using it she keeps it in Syama {A doll named after her Shiki}. She constantly carries Syama with her when she has the pill. She went back to the spirit realm and staied this time, sence Iezn no long was there.

Battle Information: She is calm and relaxed but her facehas a smerk on it constantly untill the fight is over. Her attacks can be planned through or just ramdom at will.

Additional Information: The necklace she wears was how Izen had tracked her so easily, before his defeat. And yet she has not taken it off-Is also seen on her when in her true body, the necklace.

Appearance: Arrancar { The Hollow Mask. The crack below the right eye is a symble of her pain.} Gigai

Character Theme: Angel- Within Temptation

Nex Remeo
Community Member
Nex Remeo
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