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My story for Language Arts class. Please leave your comments. c=Egypt, sandy and dry I thought to myself as I looked over my scroll-map that was fairly torn up. At least I was able to read it. The sunrise slowly crept over the sandy gold horizon, covering the darkness like a golden sash of a rich man. Oh how I utterly disliked the dawn and daytime, seeing as I have less of a potential of sight during the day. I would probably walk directly into a pyramid or something! Now was the time to take a rest.
My name is Syn, I’m nocturnal, due to my owl-like vision. I am a wanderer, I do not have a home, and I am also a professional thief. My skin is icy, and pearl white, as are the irises of my silver eyes. The only protection I had from the sun was my long, white, silk-like, flowing hair, also my rags-of-cloths that engulfed me.
You would absolutely never want to be bitten by me. I have canine teeth that I use to be able to hold my stolen food while I climb buildings to run away. Not to mention, they come in handy when I nearly get caught. They can slice through ropes, and make people scream ‘Ouch!”, which gives me plenty of time to make my escape. Anyways, on with the story!
As the light crept closer and closer to me, I had to flee, or I would probably burn into a pile of ashes. I turned around quickly, taking steady, and very quick steps north.
“Gah!” I blurted, as I stumbled into nothing, wait no, it wasn’t nothing. It seemed to be a coyote’s den, or some desert-wolf’s cave, no clue, I just knew that it was in the ground, and my head.. Oww! I must have hit my head on something hard, I was fading, was I losing blood? No, no, I’m too young to die! But then everything went black…
“Hey, sleeping beauty is finally waking up!” I heard a smooth, male voice purr, as I slowly opened my eyes, squinting through the dim light of the den. I saw someone, something sitting above me. It was a blur, it had to be someone! I scrambled to my feet, nearly crushing my head against the stone roof of the miniature house.
“Who are you, and want do you want?” I snarled at what now became a clear vision. It was a human, about the same age as me--- maybe twenty-three? I was twenty-two. He was giggling…
“My name is Seth, and that, over there,” he turned his attention to a dark figure sitting in the corner of the den, “Is my brother, Kei.” Seth smiled widely, overly friendly. Ack, so scary. But yet, my attention was all on the dark figure, so called ‘Kei’. They looked nothing like each other though. Kei had blood-red hair, and it was about ear-length, maybe longer, because I could barely see his eyes. But I could see his eyes just enough to be able to tell that he was glaring at me. His eyes were a light brown, pupils as slits, he looked like a cat. Beneath his right eye were the black markings of an Egyptian pharaoh, nearly scalene triangular shapes going down from the corner of his eye, down through his cheekbones.
He lifted his lips lowly, as if quietly growling at me, I didn’t trust Kei one bit.. Seth, on the other hand, was his very opposite. He seemed to be nothing but smiles and giggles. His hair was a dark, sandy brown, and slightly curled at the tips. It was in his eyes as well. Seth’s eyes were the same as Kei’s, just, not as creepy. I shifted around, soon propping myself into a cross-legged sitting position.
“I’m Syn. Sorry for landing in your, um, home.” I smirked softly, scooting away from Seth, because he was way too close.
“It’s completely fine.” Seth blurted, making me jump.
“It’s evening. I need to get going, so I can continue my journey.” I growled politely, or tried to. But, of course, Seth pops right up in my face, before I even attempt to crawl out of the den.
“Oh, where are you journeying to?” he asked, almost like an overly-excited dog getting a bone from it’s owner. I grumbled and growled very quietly, closing my eyes and then letting out a sigh.
“Cairo, it’s one of the most known places in Egypt right now. It’s located in the northern region.” I tried to crawl passed Seth, he only blocked my way.
“Oh, that town.. Do you mind if we come with you? We.. Erm, I don’t want you to get hurt is all.” Seth grinned at me. Kei shot a glare at Seth, almost as if wishing for Seth’s death.
“Um.. Thanks?”” I managed to say, crawling passed Seth, feeling the soft, silk wind of the night run against my pearl skin. The scent of a desert rain was approaching, I could sence it and smell it. It had a sweet scent to it, almost as if someone sprinkled beach water over the sand, and covered it in sugar. Seth and Kei soon stumbled out of the den behind me, chattering and snapping at each other quietly. Before they got within a ten foot distance of me, I dashed North, at my top speeds, letting the wind whip through my silky white hair.
“Hey wait!” I heard a different voice call. It had to be Kei. His voice was strangely soft, but yet strong.. A very strange combination. My footsteps slowed, and I turned to face them. They were walking? Goodness, how lazy! I grumbled and bit my lip, and then stood perfectly still, waiting for them to catch up.
It took them five whole minutes.. Such a waste of time when you’re a thief like me. I shot them both a glare, and growled under my breath. Kei just smiled.. It gave me the chills. I shook out of this short daze, and continued to growl silently.
“You need to hurry up..” I hissed, watching Seth move slightly away from Kei. I shook my head again, then spun around again, tapping my lead foot against the ground, silently running through the dark night. Luckily, Kei and Seth got the message that I did not like slackers.
As soon as we arrived in Cairo, I stopped quickly. The town was so.. Quiet in the evening. I scanned my eyes crossed everything, looking for any signs of danger.
“There’s no one here.” Kei snorted.
“I figured that.” I said lowly. Seth remained quiet, but I heard his stomach growl from where I was standing. He was holding his belly, and was looking down at it.
“Heheh.. I guess I’m a little hungry.” Seth grinned apologetically. His light brown eyes glowed at me, I sighed.
“We shall find something to eat then.” I said. Seth smiled widely, his brown hair falling in his eyes yet again. Kei only grimaced. I took long, silent strides, going deeper into the city. I began to see a dim light, and hear strange music. The music almost seemed to be being played by a Japanese Koto. Odd to find out here in the desert. It was only a few minutes, and we had stumbled into a city full of markets. Seth was staring in awe, but where was Kei? I snarled under my breath, spinning myself around on my left heel, and hitting the dirt with my right foot, running back to find Kei.
The sounds of snapping jaws, barking, ripping, and snarling pierced the air of where I ran. I turned one last corner, a dark red wolf with light brown eyes with the same eye markings as Kei was standing firmly in place behind and adobe.
“Kei?” I hissed, the wolf turned to me, snarling with a golden necklace with a snowy owl’s feather on the pendant in his jaws. Moments later, three ratty, scruffy street dogs tackled the wolf, tearing at Kei’s fur and what not. It was Kei! I quickly pulled my long bow from my backpack, and grabbed three quivers. I shot them all at once, listening to the growling die out. Key laid on the ground in human form, he was mangled with dog bites and scratches. I saw the other three laying dead, they had reverted back to human form as well. Crap. I didn’t mean to murder them. Oh well, now was the time to save Kei and get out of here! I grabbed the half-dead Kei, and put him over my shoulder, before anonymous figures came to investigate what the noise was all about. I hid behind another adobe, soon sprinting back to Seth who was in an un-populated part of the town. He was chewing on a watermelon, and when I brought Kei, he dropped it, his mouth falling open.
“Seth, we have to hide.. Now.” I muttered. By the time we found somewhere to hide from civilization, Kei’s heartbeat was slowing. I set him down on a straw-bed, wrapping his wounds in cloth.
“Kei, stay with us.” I whimpered, I didn’t really knew I could care so much for something that was causing me fear. Seth was pacing behind me, worrying about his brother.. I fell asleep.
The next morning, the desert sun rose, I squinted, the sunlight burning my albino eyes. Kei was staring down at me, he chuckled weakly and moved in the way of the sun.
“Thank you, Syn.” he muttered. I almost glared at him. What was he doing, fighting with the three others? But before I had the chance to recuperate my thoughts, Kei lightly placed a golden necklace, with the white feather of the snowy owl, which was the same one I had seen him with, over my shoulders. I could feel Seth’s jealous glare over my shoulders, staring at Kei.
“Enjoy.” Kei smiled, almost evilly. I can’t believe Kei would actually try to kill to be a thief! I only killed the three guards because they were attacking Kei, what if I was going to be the most wanted now? Augh! Kei, I dislike him so much now.
“Guys,” Seth interrupted my thoughts, “I’m hungry again.”
---------------To be continued.

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