🌙I Do Role-play ▪︎Semi-Lit - Literate✨
Please do not waste my time with an RP if you're not going to put in any effort.

~Shiny Treasures I Need~
♥Sin of Pride♥Moonlit Meeting♥Extra Thiccc♥Moove/Strawberry Moove♥Snip Snip Scissors♥I am Gothic Despair Bear♥ANY Wedding Bells♥ANY Parisienne♥ANY Over the Rainbow♥ANY Witch Habit♥ANY Tsundromeda♥ANY NezuMimi♥ANY Soultaker♥ANY Wolfsbane♥ANY Pinned♥ANY Daughter of the Sea♥ANY Witchy Aesthetic♥ANY Aerides♥

Plus-size, Pansexual, Redhead, Pagan, Masochistic Kitten-Sub-Little-Brat.
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