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Alllll About Me...
Likes, Loves, Complains, Problems(not really, too private), Copyright characters I love, my OCs I love...Drawings made for me...Poems...
The knife was so close to her throat, the gun so close to her temple. How was it that he could hold both of these in his hands, yet still have such an iron grip? For, she couldn't move a muscle lest the blade slit her throat or he pulled the trigger.

Backtrack a little..

He was handsome, murderous but handsome. It was sad...Pitiful, really. She'd done nothing to this tortured soul of a young man, yet found herself pinned against the alley wall just a small distance from her house with his silver weapon pressed to her jugular. He was probably only a few years older than her, and she'd probably seen him around. Thanks to the light of the full moon, she could tell this was someone she had met before. He was familiar, but she couldn't place it.

"Tsk, tsk...Oh no, oh no...Don't zone out, sweetheart. You won't scream as loud if you're not paying attention when you die."
The man tickled her throat with the knife, brushing her skin with the edge of the blade and clucking his tongue. She squirmed up against the wall again, narrowly avoiding a cut from the blade.
"What-" She gasped, the blade drawing closer again, to where she didn't even want to risk speaking lest she suffer an injury sooner than intended.
A chuckle, then the blade was withdrawn ever so slightly. "I'm only kidding, I'll let you speak. Now, what was it?"
She quivered, taking a heavy breath seeing the threat pull back slightly, but couldn't find her voice.
He clucked his tongue again, "Now, now, don't test my patience. What were you going to say?"
It took a moment, but she finally found words.
"What...What do you want?"
"I want to kill you." He said simply, features confused by the easy question.
"N-not money, not..Anything else?" She couldn't deny the feeling of relief, but let out a cry as she was pulled up by her hair.
"No, not anything else." He shook his head, smirking all the while looking down on her.
"Now, anything else you wanted to say? Before you die?" He grinned, letting go of her hair to pull out a gun. "Do you want to choose? Or do I get the honor?"

Horrified, she snarled with a voice she never knew she had.
"Go to hell."

"Where else did you think I came from?"
Chuckling, he tilted his head, viewing her with amusement written all over his face as he positioned the gun right near her temple. The knife was back to her throat, and his face was uncomfortably close, she could feel him breathing and instinctively squirmed once more.
" I don't believe they dig graves close enough to hell for the likes of you."

"Graves? Darling, don't you know? My kind doesn't die." He sneered, cocking the gun. "I think I wanna do it this way. It's louder. More of a mess."
The click of the gun made her flinch, and clench her eyes closed.
"I..I forgive you.."She stammered quietly, heart beating so wild it would kill her if he didn't make a move first.
"What?" He asked, bewildered, not withdrawing but staring at her with wide eyes.
"I..I said that I forgive you."
"For what?" He scoffed, narrowing his eyes.
"For killing me..."

There was no reply. He was simply too astounded to answer.
It almost seemed as if he was rethinking it,
as if he wouldn't-


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