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My life
* My name is GrayStripe I was taken away from my home then I befriended a kittypet named Millie. She is becoming a warrior and now she will have to prove it because we are fighting a fox…

“Get his back I’ll get the front!” “Ok GrayStripe!” As they darted u p to the fox the fox leaped and bit Millie in the tail. Nevertheless, GrayStripe was fast enough to scratch the fox across its eyes so then it yealped giving Millie time to escape. Nevertheless, instead of going after Millie it went after GrayStripe and bit him in his front paw. Felling the hot stickiness of the blood. Inundated with rage GrayStripe leaped at the fox and spun on his back so he would slide under the fox and scratched the fox’s stomach with his back claws so the fox would run away. “Good job Millie” Graystripe purred. “No thanks to you” she purred as she batted his ear. “Now lets head on to Highstones and find some marigold on the way for our scratches!” “ok lets go Graystripe” As they walked to high stones they decided to stop and hunt any thing they could find but since the Twolegs destroyed the forest they were not able to but what really surprised them was why would a fox be in the barren wastelands of where the clans used to live. Then an idea popped into Graystripe head why do not they stop at Barleys on the way. It was on the way to Highstones any ways.
Later that day…… “GrayStripe watch for those weird mountain cats ok” “ok Barley!” As they walked to Highstones, they saw the weird mountains cats Barley had warned them about.
One of the cats noticed them and said “Hi Stormfur where is brook” he asked.
“How do you know Stormfur, where did he go?” Graystripe said shocked. “I bet he didn’t
Heed stone tellers warning and was very unruly,” one said. “Iv had enough of you to your crowfood.” Graystripe hissed. Then Millie went on the move and said “Graystripe you stop it these cats know where your son went so they must know where the clans went.” She said wisely. “OK, if storm fur is your son I guess we can help” one said. “Let us tell you our names my name is Rock, and this is Talon,” the smaller one Rock said. “Well let’s go show us where the clans went first.” Graystripe mewed hopefully. “So if your mountain cats why you are far from mountains?” Millie asked “well there’s a problem at our home there’s these giant cats attacking us we call them Sharpteeth. There was once only one but feather tail managed to kill it but at the cost of her life.” Talon said
Perking her ears up and crouching, Millie said “mouse!” Then before she could jump, Rock tackled her. “What the you mouse brain I almost had it” Millie said then staring up she saw tons of falcons circling them and the mouse. “RUN!” Graystripe said running with Millie, Rock, and Talon following. Then they suddenly ran into a jet-black figure. “What happened?” Graystripe asked warily, then noticing that he ran in to. “Ravenpaw!” Gray stripe said. “That’s my name old friend and I brought some other friends with me” Ravenpaw mewed. “Here they are Princess, Barley, all of SkyClan, Hattie, and Smudge. Padding up to him one of the cats said, “Hi I’m Cherrytail and this is my brother Sparrowpelt.” The young tortoiseshell cat mewed gleefully. “Oh and this is Petalnose, Echosong, and Sharpclaw.” She mewed “well ok, then I’m Graystripe and this is Millie. I think we are going to rest her tonight,” he said lying down to sleep. That night they all slept well in the morning the were off. “I never ate a mouse before and I don’t want to” Hattie said to Millie “Its good after a bite,” she said. Checking his scents Graystripe scented a strange cat approaching them it was an elderly tom. “Stand your ground we have a loner,” Graystripe said. Then they all herd what the tom was saying “Dogs! Pack of Dogs sucked into some thing!” “You there follow us and we’ll see what it is” As they followed the strange cat finally they got to the strange thing “by the way my name is Purdy,” the old cat said as they approached the bluish red thing. “What is it the” apprentices said amazed at onetime then at once they went in “what the AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”
The apprentices yowled “no!” Millie said chasing in to the thing after them and one after another they all went in Gray stripe saw a bright light and then nothing……………….

What is that…? A nice gentle breeze… I hear a voice… It is familiar… “Graystripe”… “Graystripe”… Feeling I do not know… “that’s it you get up or I will claw you!” felling a sharp pain in his side Graystripe jumped up “what the? How come I’m so tall what is this on me and what are these things?”He mewed looking at a brown thing coving his body, a bent stick with a string on it with some other sticks with silver points, and a long silver thing. “What happened why am I on two legs?” Graystripe mewed “I don’t know it must’ve been that weird thing but every one is here so it should be ok” Cherrytail mewed “lets go hunting Ravenpaw and try to find out what to do with these weird things” Graystripe mewed walking out of the camp. “I see something,” Graystripe said pulling out the stick with the string taking another stick and putting it on the string pulling back and letting go to launch it. As it flew, it hit the mouse that he was trying to hit.

“Move you rats!”Scourge barked at the other dogs “I smell cats scourge I think we now have some food to eat tonight” Rip said drawing his sword. “I guess meat is back on the menu” Ice said taking his spear “lets go kill some cats men we now have food” scourge said drawing both of his swords. Barking all at once, they said “PACK! PACK! KILL! KILL!” They said charging the small area where Graystripe and Ravenpaw were.

“I smell dogs!” Graystripe said drawing what he now knows is a sword at the same time as Ravenpaw drew his dual swords. “PACK! PACK! KILL! KILL!” the dogs said shooting arrows and throwing javelins at the two cats “Thunderclan!” the two cats yowled charging the dogs in battle. Slicing at a dog graystripe cut its ear of but then he was slashed across his left eye covering his other eye blood.
As the battle raged on gray stripe herd more yowling and turned around to see his companions charging into the battle to help amazed at them he was distracted and got hit in the head and got knocked out.

Sharpclaw was fighting for his life cutting at the dogs and the he started fighting scourge Scourge slashed at the cat making a deep cut along his side then he slashed aging but Sharpclaw blocked it and and tried to stab scourge but scourge just jumped on top of him and then stabbed him in the back pulling his sword out Scourge said. “Men we have food but we need more kill the rest”

Fleeing back to their camp where they had more cats, Millie picked up sharp claws body and ran. “Graystripe there are to many of them even with more help were are still bound to lose,” she said taking a dagger and throwing it at a charging dog (the dogs are more wolf than dog). “I see what you mean look they have reinforcements” Graystripe said “great” with a barrage of arrows coming on their left and right they knew they were in big trouble until the arrows stopped coming and the wolfs fell down reveling the rest of the cats came to help them.

Blood rushing trough his ears Sagepaw was have a blast fighting the dogs and wolfs the dogs were less likely to hurt because there were a little the rest were wolfs “got another” sage paw said stabbing a wolf. “Good one but try this” Cherrytail said sliding under a wolf and she grabbed its neck and snapped it. “I think we need to get out of here” sage paw said. “Duh they have tons of wolfs coming at us and we have to kill them” cherry tail said not knowing a wolf was behind her. “Cherrytail no!” sage paw said as Cherytail got stabbed and fell down dead. Then another came up behind him to sad to realize he got a sword straight trough him to.

“were are losing cats allover” Millie said as more cats were falling down dead “I know raven paw and us are the only ones left” gray stripe said looking around at all the bodies. Then a barrage of arrows cam out from allover and hit them closing his eyes Graystripe fell down dead or so he thought.

“fauder fauder, wake up fauder” “Graystripe wake up” “we are out of the portal and we have been for a while” “I had kits” jumping up out of his sleep Graystripe saw Millie and one kit. “Hi faduer my name is cotton kit” the kit mewed staring at the kit Graystripe noticed that Millie and the kit had twoleg stuff on even him. However, they were blocking off the blood coming out. Standing up he saw he was not walking on two legs anymore but he still was twoleg as if he had long hair on his head the same as Millie and the kit and he wondered if they were still in the portal. Staring at his kit a wolf jumped out of nowhere and attacked. Jumping up onto his hind legs he found out he could stand on his hind legs to. He swiped his paw and a glowing thing that turned into a blade shot out of a band on his wrist the fox shot out two curved blades. They charged each other and fought their blades were crashing and then finally he dislodged the wolf and cut its ear sending it whining off. Turning to his kit Graystripe noticed she had grown darning the battle a few moons till she would be a warrior. “father train me to fight” she mewed having three thin long claws coming out of her paw with the band on it then a long blade came out of her other paw. “Ok” Graystripe mewed lifting his blade to attack. Leaping before he could swing cotton kit leaped over him and swiped hitting his back with the claws she had. “ok I think your good enough cotton kit” Graystripe mewed.

Three days later Graystripe decided to take Millie and cotton kit to the wolf castle where they found out the portal is so they had to storm the castle fight through the lines of wolfs they had in there get to the portal and get out. Jumping cotton kit threw 2 kunai that she learned to shoot out of her band hitting two guards’ then out of her other band she had a short blade. Graystripe and Millie were busy in front of the gates taking care of the guards when a dead wolf fell down and hit the last guard and then the gate flew open to reveal Cotton in the middle. “hurry we have to go they have elite soldiers nothing can pierce their pelts”Cottonkit mewed running with Graystripe and mille right behind.

“Scourge our defenses have been destroyed we have cats in here’’ a guard said, “Good, Get my amour and prepare the elites we will guard the portal.” Scourge said evilly

Running to the portal Graystripe noticed the odd light coming from the portal turning a corner he stopped with Millie and cotton behind him. “Welcome Graystripe We has been waiting” Scourge said having his two elite guards’ come forward. “Ill get Scourge you two get the guards’” Graystripe mewed.

Slashing at his enemy ear Scourge hoped he mad the right choice using the minor elites then focusing on gray stripe he spat “RavenClaw was begging for mercy so I killed him and ate him” “you monster!” Graystripe said swinging his blade ad hitting Scourges left paw cutting it off. Looking around him Graystripe saw what he for got about they were surrounded fiery pits with spikes at the bottom kicking him Graystripe Yowled “FOR SKYCLAN AND RAVEN PAW!” Falling scourge threw his band up onto the ledge knowing it would blow up soon. “You’re going to die to Graystripe” he yowled as a spike went straight through him revealing that he had no heart. Turning around Graystripe sliced off the heads of the two elites. “We have to go now that band is going to blow.” Running through the dead bodies’ cotton told Graystripe and Millie how to shoot kunai. Running throwing kunai they were knocking the guards’ try to escape off the ledge then they turned and saw the band starting to shoot of waves that were destroying every thing in their path “Mother father go will stay” Cotton said kicking he parents into the portal getting hit by the wave she died but her body was sent through the portal to.

“Graystripe no she is dead,” Millie, cried nuzzling a lifeless body on the ground then having flash backs Graystripe said “let’s go”.

I do not know if I should tell her that Cotton was never her kit but my former mate Silverstream

Most characters and places are based on the books by Erin Hunter.

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Cayoke Leach
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