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my journal of all the things i wanna put here My avvi art updates will also be here, so check often those who have an art being done by me.
Jeannette woke up slowly as the bright morning sun shined on her through the opened window curtains. She covered her face with her arm then rubbed her eye as she slowly sat up with a yawn. She looked around: Though her eyes were blurry, she could see Amber sleeping like a baby next to her while Nina was sprawled across the bottom of the bed. She looked over and saw that June was not in the bed that had been brought in for her. The bed was made cleanly. Jeannette tried to move around but Nina was half lying on her legs.
“Niiinaa,” Jeannette called out to her, yawning.
Nina slept soundly while Amber woke up. She looked at Jeannette and told her good morning with a sweet smile on her face.
“Good morning,” Jeannette replied.
“Howd you sleep?” Amber asked, stretching while still lying down.
“Great,” she laughed a little, “Id love to go to the restroom but Nina wont wake up,” she tried moving her legs.
Amber laughed. She got up and crawled on the bed over to Nina then shook her gently, calling her name. Nina was not waking up. Amber shook her more but realized that she wasn’t getting up so she decided to move the sleeping girl. She pushed Nina off of Jeannette’s legs.
“Thank you,” Jeannette told her and got off of the bed. She stretched her arms high over her head while stretching the rest of her body at the same time. Amber joined her on the side of the bed. The two watched Nina sleeping.
“She sleeps like a rock,” Jeannette commented.
“UhHuh,” Amber commented back then asked, “What time is it?”
“Its 9:36. Should we try to wake her?”
“Yea, probably.”

The two ladies set out to wake up Nina. They nudged her and pushed her while calling her name and telling her to wake up. Nina was not going to wake up. They had taken the covers, shaken her, shouted at her, moved her so the sun would hit her face, and even went jumping on the bed. The girl slept worse than a rock! The two stood there and stared at her in disbelief.
A knock came from the door followed by Masons voice telling them that breakfast was ready. The two girls responded telling him that it would be a second because they could not awaken Nina. Mason smiled behind the door and sent Nina a text.
“Wake Up! Im pounding on the door. Im not the man I was before!” Played from Nina’s phone, waking her instantly and sending her into a frenzy looking for her phone. She moved around the bed, searching under the sheets and pillows until she found it and opened it, reading the text: Good Morning, Sleeping Beauty. She, on her hands and knees with her hair wild and everywhere, blushed and looked up at the frightened Amber and Jeannette.
“Well, shes up!” Amber laughed.
Jeannette joined her laughing.
Nina looked away then sat and shook her head, making her hair look somewhat decent. She texted Mason back: Good morning. Howd you know I was still asleep? Nina then got up and fixed her pijamas.
“Breakfast is ready,” Amber told her.
“Alright,” Nina was up and ready. Her stomach was thinking for her now.
Amber and Nina started for the door to go have breakfast. They looked at Jeannette who was still standing there.
“I’ll be right there. Just give me a sec,” Jeannette told the others as they headed to the dining room for breakfast.
After locking the door, she stood for a second and wondered where June had gone and considered that she may have gone home early. Playing her hand in her hair, she went to the bathroom and put her free hand on the door knob and twisted then pushed. Something was blocking it. Jeannette considered that it may have been the rug that was in front of the sink. She pushed the door a little harder and it opened up. Her purple eyes grew large and shocked at the site: June lay on her stomach on the floor, her curly brown hair spread wildly around her, one arm sat underneath her while the other reached out with pale skin towards the shower curtains. Blood covered the mirror and sink then ran down the drawers onto the royal purple rug and spread wide around June’s unconscious body. Images of the young Laynee lying sprawled on the road, her long black hair wild and out of control around her, her neck split open with white bone protruding out while blood floods out onto and around her petite body, flooded into Jeannette’s mind.
A loud, blood curling shriek finally escaped from Jeannette’s throat. It rang loud and pierced through the walls and to the other. She continued screaming repeatedly, panicked beyond the point of return. Her screams kept leaving her mouth uncontrollably, loud and shrill. She moved back and tripped, falling backwards onto the carpet, banging her head against the floor. She attempted to crawl back, screaming still. Her body had turned pale and was shaking uncontrollably. She no longer even knew where she was. She kept screaming.
She had not heard the voices outside her door that were pleading for her to open the door. She could not see anything past the image of June’s unconscious body.
The other finally managed to open the door and get in to find Jeannette sitting on the floor, screaming, frantically attempting to crawl away from the bathroom. Amber and Nina ran over to Jeannette and attempted to calm her. Shikonay went over to Jeannette too but then noticed June lying in bloodied bathroom and ran over to her. She walked into the floor covered in crimson blood and attempted to find where the bleed was. She found it: June’s right wrist was cut wide open and bleeding profusely. She tried putting washcloths and pressure on the child’s wound while trying to find a pulse.
“Mason, find me some dressing!” She told Mason.
Mason stood and quickly ran out of the room to Shikonay’s bathroom and took all the First Aid items he found and ran back. He walked in the bathroom and got down next to Shikonay then took out several gauze and dressings and put them on top the washcloths that were not soaked in blood. Her layered them on and began wrapping them. Shikonay removed her hands and quickly replaced them on top of the wound.
Amber and Nina were wrapped around the frantic Jeannette, trying their best to calm her and keep her down. Jeannette flailed around, screaming and crying from the trauma of it. Nina wrapped her arms tight around Jeannette, hugging her. Amber did the same.
“Please, take Jeannette outside the room,” Shikonay told the girls as she continued working on June.
Amber and Nina took Jeannette, holding her almost, and escorted her out the room to the living room. They sat her down on the sofa, sitting next to her and comforting her. Amber, with her head on Jeannette’s shoulder, softly ran her hand on Jeannette’s hair. Nina held onto Jeannette’s hand while quietly telling her that everything will be alright.

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