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Donations log :]
a log of ppl who have been kind enough to donate anything to me.
although this is not a donation. i still think that it will be read by someone :]
this was a bulletin iwrote on myspace....

two hours and i have to get ready. for what, idk? but i have to be up at 7am today. i wish my 360 wasnt broken. id be entertained somewhat. i think im just gonna sit here and write down all my thoughts for a while.

thought one:
"when hell is full, the dead will walk the earth."
ok. so the dead come back as "zombies." and ur supposed to shoot a zombie in the head to kill it. wtf? that shouldnt do any good. the ******** should get up. where the ******** else is he supposed to go? hell is full remember?!

thought two:
why do people say "i can't wait until its afterdark to go to the club." ok. now ******** that whole sentence except the afterdark part. afterdark is daytime dipshits. cuz it is after the dark.

thought three:
despite better judgement i will probably have coffee during some point on this day of may 14, 2009. if you know me you know this is not a good idea. after my coffee my already hyperactive self will become hyperactive tenfold. and then i wont sleep for a day or so and ill wind up right here sharing my thoughts with you.

thought four:
i can't belive you actually read all of that. kudos. i would like to congradulate you on reading something that literally has no benefit for your life.

thought five:
im really hungry now. but i just remembered that we have no milk. so until i am able to leave i have no food.

thought six:
in retrospect my hunger binge a few days ago was not a good idea. i ate all the food in the house (except the salad and other vegetables) and am now left to starve. ps. i am really hungry.

thought seven:
if u have gotten this far in my thought log you should go comment one of my pics or send me a message. if u comment my pic ill be sure to comment one or two of yours, and if you send me a message ill be sure to reply.

thought eight:
my thumbs kinda hurt now cuz i typed all of that on my phone. althought im sure you are intrigued by my thoughts i must bid you adieu. or however the ******** you spell that word. ps. m stomach growled fairly loud and startled my cat lucy.

thanks for reading

xXDevourer of CookiesXx
Community Member
xXDevourer of CookiesXx
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