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i love my friends, i love to see them happy. but everyday somthing goes wrong, either they cant say somting right, or you cant say somthing right . to see them arguing over somthing so stupid, that can be sloved so easily can be so irritating to a best friend and i am the third wheel. the two lovers walk together, even though he broke her heart, she holds his hands when she is torn apart,. i love you to death, but when i get pushed aside into a corner where i cant escape the drama, i start to hold my breath until someone gets hurt, and thats usually you. i sit and watch your drama being planned and in the scene but since i am not a drama girl i get shoved in my corner until you come for help. what can i do? i am jus trying to find a path to a place where it was the old us instead of all this heartbreak. its almost the end of the year, when you make a resolution, make it where youre stronger and not fall for guys so easily.. i mean, i am the third wheel, i see it happen everyday, he blinks his brown eyes into yours and you cant help but give him a smile to say everything is ok. but it wont be because he will turn his back and do it again. this is what a third wheel is for, to observe the situation with open heart and mind. after the month i have observed, i am tired of being the third wheel. because all i see is the same mistakes and same heartbreak. its non stopping cycle of battles and if he cant even say sorry to somthing he said, then he is never truly sorry about anything. you see it too, you just dont want to beleive whats going to happen. i may not be the third wheel, but i am your best friend and i got your back. nobody will hate you if you say goodbye. they will admire you for standing up for yourself instead of being walked on like a rug. i only think he has you under his arm, jus because he wants someone under is arm. like that dance, it may have been his best friend, but he had her under his arm, so he wont feel alone. i dont want to wait for the supernova to happen in the choas, becuase it will happen. he will screw up again and you will have to say goodbye, and thats when hell breaks lose. but i dont want to be there to see you break down and cry, i want you to prevent this problem by getting it over with and done. it can be easier to stay friends but theres disadvantages to that for you and advantages for him. i love you my dear one but you gotta figure out what you gotta do in order to not have a shattered heart and dispise everything about guys, cuz there is so many great guys out there that will want to treat you right and have you under their arm, not just because they dont want to feel lonely but they are proud to call you their girlfriend.

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