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My Journal Well I'm not one for writing things in journals or anything like that but I'd thought I'd give it a try I want to write about all the crazy things I and my friends do I suppose that it will mostly be what I do b/c most of my friends are miles apart f

Renie Winters
Community Member
So right now my family just moved and because we didn't have a place of our own we are staying with an older couple that knew my mother since she was 19 years old. Now seeing as I am as independent as I can be, with out a job, in a new place, trying to get into collage, still living at "home" and only being back into America for 1 and a half years. I do not agree with them on most points and could (most of the time) care less what they have to say about "back in the day" (and yes they really do start off stories that way). Now after much boring and unwanted observation I have discovered that the older you get the more diseases you get. Yes I know old age doesn't always come gracefully and the elderly really do get diseases such as alzheimer's and osteoporosis but I don't mean the kind that affects your physical health. No on the contrary I'm talking about a disease that everyone has as a child and it goes away and then as you grow older and people seem to be younger and younger to you it returns its called the Talkative disease. Its the disease that when there is more then just you in the room (there have been rare cases when they talk and they are the only one in the room) you have this unquenchable urge to talk and I don't mean just "Hi how was your day?" No I mean to talk about anything and everything weather the listener cares or not. Now there is now cure for this disease but there are two ways to avoid it. The first is make sure if your parents or grandparents contract this disease call a social club immediately and make sure they have lots of social events to attend. The second way to avoid this disease is to ignore the person but pretend you are listening with an occasional nod or "uh-huh". Unfortunately this disease has yet to be cured but if you would like to contribute to the Cure Talkative Foundation please call (555)555-CURE. .

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