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God Mod One in Purple
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AT MY SIGHT SCORING SYSTEM: Everyone does this; so I figures I would put a points system together, which I know will never change, when i see an attractive person(mostly girls). It's an instant score system that always works for me only and then shows a score in my head.

I using the average scale, ONE to TEN; one being super f-ugly, and ten being a perfect person, in a normal realm of reality that MOST people will fit into. The key to this system is when you go over or under the normal scale. BUT you can get more or less than this basic score by adding or subtracting this points via the points system below.

The system starts everyone at 0 (zero). Yes, you are not even on the 1-10 average scale at first micro second. Then its begins; generally I start at the top work my way down, winning point for those things that those points qualifies for. If you get the first point(s) on that feature, then there are more point to be added or subtracted in the feature. Add/subtract all the points in that feature you got and then then go to the next to see if you qualify for the next feature.

For example, lets say you are wearing 14 hole doc martian boots. Looking at the scale you add: TWO points for Boots, any style. Since you are wearing boots you can then add the the extra for the feature, +2 points for combat boots, +2 for metal on boots, +2 points for cool laces, +2 points for more the 16 holes. Looking at this, you would get 2 points for wearing boots, 2 points for the 14 holes for a total of 4 points for this item alone. An average Hot girl at a Club i go to or anime expo will average about 30 points.

~~Bonuses: I have tons of Fetishes (see below). Basically,I want girls who like: BANGS, tights, nylons, stockings, bodysuits, one piece swimsuits, socks, gloves, hats & wearing dresses/skirts/minis regularly. I would want you to dress up for me, always. -

After you add/subtract all the points, There is more ranges than just the basic 1-10. Go ahead and play, see what your is right now:
(Quick play: start at Zero and add)

~~1 point = You're a Girl who is 5'7" or shorter, +2 if you are between 5'4 and 5'7, +1 if you are between 4'10 and 5'4

~~1 point = You weight less that 151 pounds, +0.5 points for each 9 pounds Less than 151 (Only up to 7 points)

~~1 point = Taking pictures with my camera, +1 getting contact info to do share photos regularly, +1 you modeled for me, +2 I pick you up in the picture, +3 sharing pictures of yourself

~~1 point = Smells good, +2 for something eatable

~~1 point = for each bows on outfit, +1 if it is HUGE, +2 if you show me them all

~~2 points = Boots, any style. +2 combat boots, +2 buckles on boots, +2 for over the calves

~~2 points = Mary Jane shoes, +5 with white trim, +3 for me, +5 with kitties or Pandas on them

~~2 points = 2 to 5 inch Heels, +5 not normal, +10 danceable

~~2 points = Converse shoes, +1 they mismatch colors or/and styles, +2 special theme

~~2 points = bare feet or Mismatching socks, +1 tan line socks, +3 for one sock on and one off barefoot, +4 ruffle top socks, +5 socks over tights or leggings

~~2 points = Reading Glasses, +1 that are also sunglasses, +3 full rims

~~2 points = Size 34B breasts, +1 Size 32, +2 Size A or AA

~~2 points = Seen definition of muscles of legs, +2 shapely calves and defined thigh muscles

~~2 points = you generally are smiling before you see me, +1 can get me to smile,

~~2 points = lovely voice (and I tell you this), +2 for greeting me, +5 for always replying to me

~~2 points = Asks questions, +1 outsmarts me, +2 is kinkier than me (and I tell you this), +5 you love to role-play

~~2 points = swimsuit, +1 if its a single color with white trim, +2 if its a one piece, +2 for each additions one piece swimsuit worn at same time, +2 under normal outfit, +3 is wet because of water or sweat, +3 ruffles, +3 camel toe, +4 is wet head to toes

~~2 points = Can or Likes to swim, +1 at the beach, +2 swim in my pool, +3 is with me in my spa

~~2 points = Seen Guarder belts, +1 any color besides black, +2 if white or neon colors

~~2 points = Bikini styled panties, +1 white, +2 child like pattern, +5 mermaid or fantasy pattern

~~2 points = Skirt, dress or Top, +1 for each: Rainbow trim, Strips, Checkers, matching; +3 for each: tutu, rainbow, each layer seen, all white

~~2 points = Choker or Collar, +2 with a Leading chain with no Master, +3 you want to play

~~2 points = Four or more pieces of your outfit match, +2 confirms Outfit with me, +4 Lets me pick out the outfit (place you are getting dressed at only)

~~2 points = For each tattoo of: Mermaids, Fairies, Pandas, Cat-people, Robots, Swords, Ninjas or Dragons, +3 if you show me, +3 if you have names for them, +10 for special meaning tattoos (each meaning)

~~3 points = If you screen name includes: Mermaids, Fairies, Pandas, Cat-people, Robots, Swords, Ninjas or Dragons, +2 if you Icon is also one of these

~~3 points = Mid drift, +2 hip bones are out there, +3 visible Six pack, +5 touching rights

~~3 points = always want a hug from me, +1 full hug, +3 lift hug, +5 cradle hugs, +5 kisses included

~~3 points = Pale skin, +2 freckles, +3 no tan lines

~~3 points = Hair Bangs, +2 of you have side and front bangs, +2 for each differently colored set from rest of hair, +3 V- bangs, +3 Long bangs, +5 rainbow bangs, +5 wet bangs

~~3 points = Very Long Hair (from past shoulder Blades to small of back), +5 if you cut it yourself, with me or a friend, +10 if length is to calves

~~3 points = Neatly cut short hair, +1 random shaved spot, +2 fade from a shave to longer on top, +3 One length pixie cut, +5 Bald and proud, +7 Undercut (shaved to short hair behind ears to neck with long hair covering it)

~~3 points = Redhead, +1 fire-lines (dyed and grown out), +2 Unnatural Redhead, +10 Ginger

~~3 points = Hair others for each; Widows peak, Curly, thick, touchable, crazy, mind of its own, let me comb or wash it, wet, underwater, each braid, each ponytail, clean and smells good ( I tell you this), I have touching rights (different from touchable)

~~3 points = Tights above top of pants or skirt, +3 LEI or bubblegum, +3 tights seen under pants because of holes, +5 if legging styled blue jeans, +5 real side zippers

~~3 points = Wears a one color tight fitting outfit; +2 for each addition layer, +4 fishnets, +5 all white

~~3 points = Small feet (less then women size 9 US), +1 each size smaller than 9, -1 (MINUS) each size larger than 9, +2 long toes (more than inch), +3 points feet, +4 points toes together while standing, +5 random pointing while standing,

~~4 points = Color in hair, +2 point for each extra color, +3 points if whole hair is that color, +5 points for rainbow of colors

~~4 points = Shiny pants or leggings each; tucked in shirt, Leg gap, Bikini styled panty lines seen thru outfit, patterns or themes, All white, with socks

~~4 points = One or two Ponytail(s), +5 points for a French Braid +1 per each additional ponytail up to SIX

~~4 points = General flexibility, +4 if you show me, +4 if you let me touch you in each pose

~~4 Points = Sports skills each: Splits, cartwheels, volleyball, balance, strength (in general), dexterity (dance for more than 3 songs straight), if you do everything here for me, training and exercise

~~4 points = Dancing ability, +2 dancing on stage, +3 dancing on box, +5 dance for me

~~4 points = For each week you post something On my: LJ, yahoo messenger, AIM, tumblr, fetlife, or MySpace friends lists & talk to me regularly, -1 points if you don't (each week)

~~4 points = If hired (you don't know, then you are Hired)

~~4 points = Satin/spandex/fishnet Gloves that fit snug elbow length, +1 for each layer, +1 for each color , +2 held by fingers connected to both sides

~~5 points = Lady Points (These points are lost forever the second I see you in pants, jeans or the like)

~~5 points = perfectly painted nails; +3 one random nail, +5 cool designs on nails, +5 claws, +6 lets me photograph them, +10 uses your claws on my back

~~5 points = Any color jeans or shorts with holes in them, +3 for something shiny underneath, +5 each layer of fishnets or tights underneath,

~~5 points = Bodysuit, +2 full (head to toes), +2 fits perfect, +3 random colors, +3 full arms, +5 hip side skin shown, +5 all white, +10 total coverage (no skin showing)

~~5 points = Corset, +1 latex, +1 touching rights, +2 silk or metal, +3 fits correctly (no more than 2 inches apart for back lacing), +4 Metal boning, +4 V styled shape at bottom of front

~~5 points = Tights, stockings, fishnets, vinyl, or socks, +2 for holes in tights, +4 stripes, +4 points for each additional layer seen, +4 for mismatched or pattern (except lacy)

~~5 points = Tight-white Clothing each piece, +4 for both top & bottom (tight white dress is +8 points)

~~5 points = You are a close friends who sees me at least once a week, +1 per time extra time, no more than 10 extra points total, +5 if everyday

~~5 points = I have random touching rights with you, +3 random poking, +4 I can give you a random massage, +6 random holding, +10 random tickling or any other type of touching

~~5 points = Role play any of these: Mermaids, Fairies, Pandas, Cat-people, Robots, Swords or Dragons, +3 you wear cat ears, +5 each time you “meow” at me randomly

~~5 points = One piece micro dress or body suit, +4 spandex, layered

~~10 points = Perfect symmetry (I tell you this)


(Add up the above, then subtract the below)
-5 points = Latex clothing, +3 latex dress

~~ (-)2 points = for each inch over 5'8 in totally height

~~ (-)2 points = each 4 pounds over 151 pounds

~~ (-)2 points = smells bad AND I tell you this

~~ (-)3 points = Hates everything about each: Lolita styles, anime, cosplayers,

~~ (-)3 points = Each swear word in normal conversation (no limit)

~~ (-)3 points = never smiles, -5 makes a point around me to never smile, -10 generally evil smile (with action of evil intent)

~~ (-)3 points = flip flops or thongs, sandals

~~ (-)3 points = no socks with shoes

~~ (-)3 points = Can't swim, or dislikes water in general

~~ (-)3 points = mismatching two piece swimsuit, -10 thong or string bikini with no coverage

~~ (-)3 points = For each increase for +2” band size over 32, each letter size over B, (example; some one who is 38 DD, there score would be = -3[3 (band sizes) + 3 (cup sizes)] = -3 x 6 = -1 cool

~~ (-)3 points = Wallflower (no dancing)

~~ (-)3 points = regularly wears poor fit blue jeans, -5 bleach stains, -5 low waist line

~~ (-)3 points = Wears a Dress & has no tights on or the like underneath

~~ (-)3 points = dirty clothes each: tights, socks, shirt, pants or dress, etc

~~ (-)3 points = Cant touch hair because of jell or hair spray, -5 impossible to find hair

~~ (-)3 points = for each half inch over one inch Diameter nipples

~~ (-)3 points = for a religious screen name, -5 if you want to tell be about it (every second), -10 if your parents are super religious and you still talk to them

~~ (-)5 points = I call you Fired, -10 extra if I call you “totally fired”

~~ (-)5 points = Bad dressing lines (I tell you this)

~~ (-)5 points = perfectly straight teeth (cavities are okay), +1 braces

~~ (-)5 points = each for tights problems: Twisted tights (tights that don't fix right and twist), too small tights, too large tights, Black, nude or tan tights, see skin thru tights, lacy tights

~~ (-)5 points = Proclaimed Religious; or a Demon, Devil, Vampire, etc

~~ (-)5 points = Has a Master, -4 for each additional master

~~ (-)5 points = No flexibility, -1 will not try, -5 leg or hip problems, -10 back problems, -50 totally broken

~~ (-)8 points = uncared for hair, each: not brushed, not washed, splits ends, no smell, uneven, the long hair “layered affect”, Any type of layering, from neck to shoulder length hair (except if its a super curly craziness), lazy or easy hair (and you tell me this), dirty blonde hair or dyed blonde hair, gray hair

~~ (-)8 points = for each bad smelling reason: your job ( cleaning restrooms), burping, or pets

~~ (-)8 points = Any dark sunglasses especially if I can't see your eyes

~~ (-)8 points = bare knees or elbows, -(5) extra if outfit shows this, or draws attention to either

~~ (-)8 points = each for bangs: no bangs, sideways bangs, big forehead (more than 3 inches from eyebrows), too short bangs (less that two inches), irregular bangs, long side bangs that are NOT let loose, see forehead thru bangs or not enough hair bangs, bangs covers eyes completely, pinned back bangs, single color bangs,

~~ (-)10 points = No fantasy in your life

~~ (-)10 points = for each tattoo of Jesus Christ, a cross or the like

~~ (-)10 points = For each thing about your nails: Bites nails to super short, uses nails to make me bleed, eats the paint, dirt under nails, no nails (for each one gone), UN-groomed nails

~~ (-)15 points = You leave "my care" (i drive & you disappear) without telling me/some one

~~ (-)15 points = You get wasted/drunk in "my care", -10 if a miss social time because of you, -25 you throw up in my car and not help in anyway to clean up or prevent it,

~~ (-)15 points = For each moment of pain Causing physical or mental harm to me

~~ (-)15 points = for each about teeth: not straight, smokers yellow

~~ (-)15 points = no touching rights, -20 no sex talk (if I start the conversation and you say no way)

~~ (-)15 points = Never allow a picture of you, -20 total jerk about it and makes me feel bad, -50 tells others about pictures taken, especially police type figures

~~ (-)15 points = If You drink regularly, -25 if you are underage, +10 only socially, +31 points if you only drink once or twice a year

~~ (-)15 points = if you smoke regularly, +4 if you smoke pot, +20 if you smoke pot ONLY

~~ (-)20 points = Smells bad because of yourself(non showering), smoke, burping, or pets

~~ (-)25 points = if you Wear Thongs or flip flops styled shoes regularly

~~ (-)30 points = Cause me any of the following, for each: loan money lost, stolen item, broken promises, broken trust, clean up problems, lying, drama, Dis me, my family, close friends, property or the like

~~ (-)50 points = CURRENT drug user & I can SEE the drugs change you, -25 you don't care, -25 you offer me or anyone I know some, -50 you DO care

~~ (-)50 points = You have a boyfriend/girlfriend for more than 4 weeks & less than 2 years, -25 for each year after the second, -50 if married

~~ (-)50 points = for each kid you take care of under 18; +45 points if each child is over 18, -25 if each is kid has a different father, -25 points if the kids are rude and mean, -50 if you have no control, -50 you make me babysit, -50 pregnant now,

~~ (-)100 points = if you make my mom cry in my presence, with the BONUS of an instant-auto UN-friend.

(your total) == Your Total points score. ??? or - ???

Scoring: (please note: ###.5 scores round down; example 38.5 = 3 cool

~~ Negatives to Zero (0) = I will stay away from you, forever or until i "get over it."

~~ One thru 10 = standard rating scale for average people in everyday life.

~~ 11 thru 20 = Club standard, beautiful people that make Club Perversion and all of these types of clubs the greatest in the world

~~ 21 thru 35 = people you would normally be in my top 5 at my clubbing adventures

~~ 36 thru 65 = These are this people who don't get listed in my top 5 because favor them over anyone else in the area. They make me generally happy every time I see them.

~~ 66 thru 125 = All people who i would basically do anything for, this in includes my close friends.

~~ 126 thru 200 = God sent (serious angels)

~~ 201 & above = Impossible (I would marry you here if you do)

This is the "general" scoring system, scores reflect two things; at the clubs & in my life:

~~1. If I even want to be around you.
~~2. How much I want to date you.

~~ NOTES: I don't date people in clubs as a rule because there is too much drama. Do you see how guys can score points here? (revised April 25, 2013 for better readability, more and new point values, current with my life. And, of course, like always, I may revisit this again.)

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