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Mega Solar Girl Kia's activitys
~-{ STORY TIME!!!}-~
It was another boring day here in Nevervill, and Kia was more bored than usual today....
Sam walks in
Sam: whats wrong Kia?
Mega solar Girl Kia (MSGK or Kia):oh nothing its just so boreing today.... not even the birds are chirping
well you know, its like 3 am right.....
yes im aware of that
..... oh-ky then..... why dont we play the PS2?
i sold it....
ok..... a computer game?
all annoying
then go out for a jog
its not 7 yet
OMG do you have an excuse for everything?
no.... but the things that you are saying you have been saying for the past 3 weeks...
>.> have not
Kia opened a case and took out 21 tapes and a recorder and played each tape
yes you have
.... thats creepy..... you know that right?
yes, but its all worth the trouble of hearing you say the something everyday
well its 3:25...... what should we do?
we? why the h**l are you up anyway?
ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i woke up.... because i got bored....
>.> riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight
im serious!
are you serious about being serious enough to tell me the truth about your unseriousness?
yes.... wait no.... yes! ... no!
yeah i figured much
It was 4:10 at this moment and Sam still hasnt figured out that Kia was just messing with her mind again... like she did the day before and the day before that one and that one all the way to the first day Sam started living in Kia's castle.
are you done?
yes! the answer was yes!
are you sure?
no... wait yes... no... yes
Kia picks up a slipper and throws it at Sam's forehead
no... ye-
Sam falls over
Sam rubs her head
im sorry
sure you are, now are you hungry?
yes... a little
then come on lets find something to eat

I'll make the next story next week ^_^ till then g'day

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