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1. How much gold do you have?70k
2. What's your name?iiSwEeTnIgHtMaResii
3. Veggies or meat?umm meat
4. Do you have a girfriend or boyfriend?not right now
5. What's your ethnicity?indian/hindu
6.Milk or juice juice
7. Manga or Comics?comics
8. For or against gay marraige?hmm well its not a bad thing right?so i guess for
9. Pandas or Koalas? pandas
10. Beer or Wine? lol beer
11. Wine or liquor?wine
12. Beer or liquor?beer
13. Do you even like alcohol?lol not really sum is pretty nasty
14. If I repeat any questions, I'm sorry. Do you believe me? ummm sure =]
15. Birds or lizards? BIRDS
16. What is your mother's maiden name? um....no idea
17. Roll a random number. 8
18. Converse or Vans? converse
19. Billiards or pinball? pinball?
20. What kind of college do you want to go to?wat do u mean wat kind?
21. Roll any type of dice.umm a blue one lol
22. Do you have a tattoo?no but i want one =D
23. What is it of?nothing
24. Broken any bones?no
25. If so, what bones did you break?
26. Have you ever broken anyone elses bones?no not yet lol but im planning on it
27. Sprain anything?ya
28. If so, what did you sprain?my ankle
29. Do you own your own computer?ya
30. Do you own your own phone?ya
31. Do you have cable/digital cable/satellite in your room?not in my room
32. How many vhs movies do you own? i dnt no wat those r oh video tapes no
33. How many DVDs do you own?no idea
34. How many cds do you own?no idea
35. Do you still have cassette tapes?nope
36. If so how many do you have?none
37. Getting tired of this yet?totally
38. You think I can go further?totally
39. What is your gold amount now?70k
40. Are you regretting doing this?kinda
41. Are you determined to finish this no matter what?totally
42. Are your fingers crapping from answering these questions?not yet
43. Gonna tell anyone about this?already told one person
44. Have you told anyone yet?yep
45. Being outdoors or being inside?outdoors
46. Cookies or ice cream?ice cream
47. McDonalds or Burger King?burger king
48. Fast food or restaurant?restaurant
49. Dairy Queen or TCBY?idk dairy queen?
50 Theme parks or fairs?theme park
51. Rides or games?rides
52. Water parks or roller coaster rides?roller coaster rides
53. Love or Lust? luv
54. Family or Friends?family
55. The sun or The Moon? the moon
56. Read books or Watch TV? hmmm if its a really good book then book if not tv
57. Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?ugh if i had to pick harry potter
58 Mulan or Brother Bear?mulan
59. Pink or Red?red
60. Blue or Green?neon green wait no blue dark blue =D
61. Bus or Train?bus
62. Bike or Skates?bike
63. Roller skating or Ice skating?ice skating
64. Ipod or CD Player? ipod
65. Math or Science?math nah science fun science tho lol like chemistry =D
66. Gym or Art? art
67. Choir or Studyhall?woah none!

Have you ever?
68. Been Sick? yep am right now
69. Told someone you loved them?no
70. Been told your loved?no
71. Hated someone?TOTALLY
72. Been called a b***h?yep
73. Been told your pretty?yea
74. Been told your ugly?no
75. Been told your fat?no
76. Hurt yourself by accident?a lot
77. Hurt yourself on purpose? yea
78. Read a book?ya
79. Missed anyone?ya
80. Wished to be alone?ya
81. Wanted candy?ya
82. Ate any candy?ya
83. Saw a ghost?i think i did
84. Been on a date?couple times
85. Went shopping?TOTALLY =D
86. Smoked a cigarette?ummm
87. Ridden on a subway?no
88. Made a frog out of clay?no o.O
89. looked under your bed to see if there is a monster before you go to sleep?no
90. Written a book?no
91. If you have do tell what the name of it is and i will read it.
92. broke curfew?never had one
93. Been kissed?ya
94. feelings hurt?ya
95. hurt someones feelings?ya
96. Got into a fight?ya
97. Watch something on the news and find out someones missing?ya

Do You Like�
98. Mulan?sure
99. Brother Bear?sure
100. The Little mermaid?eh
101. Tarzan?eh
102. Pizza?ya
103. Cheese?ya
104. Ice Cream?YA
105. Harry Potter?not really but the new movie was awesome cept for the end
106. Lord of the Rings?nope
107. A Series of Unfortunate Events? um idk wat tht is
108. Dogs?ya
109. Fish?wait to eat?nooooooooo
110. 50 Cent?ya
110. Gaia?ya
111. Chatter box forum?sure
112. Rap?ya
113. Country?not really
114. Hip Hop?ya
115. Fly? wat?
116. Breathe Under Water?no
117. Stop these Questions?sure
118. Be a super hero?ya hehehe lol
119. be invisible? sometimes
120. run at the speed of light?no
121. Do something you've never done?ya
122. Have a magic ability?no
123. Be a superheroes sidekick?no
124. Walk in someone elses shoes?no
125. Make world peace?wud i like to?ya
126. End world hunger?again wud i like to? ya
127. Make the hungry not hungry?ya
128. Find a cure for an incurable disease?i wud like to
129. Hire a maid to clean your room?i waud want to
130. Can you do back flips?not sure never tried
131. Have you ever seen a fairy?umm no?
132. Would you walk 100miles to see someone you love for 20 minutes?i wud try? iiiif i new they luved me bak
133. Are you going to keep going?sure
134. Describe your perfect date. umm well it wud be perfect?
135. Have you ever smoked pot?no n not planning to
136. If you had a chance to go on a trip where would it be to?paris/cali
137. Do you believe in love at first sight?ya
138. What's your lest favorite chore?i dnt really hav any cept for watering the plants
142. How much gold do you have? 70k
143. What does your dream avi have on it? well snow feather,dreamers dust lusty right now i jst want winter rose tho
144. Do you drink alcohol?sumtimes
145. What is your Mom's middle name? no idea u no? ishd totally ask =D
146. What is your Dad's first name?
147. What month where you born in?may
148. Name the 7th month.JULY! =D
149. What do your parents call your Grandma?my mom calls her mom mom lol
150. Do you wear diapers?no o.O do u
151. Do you like KiKi Kitty's?ya
152. Have you ever slept with a blankie?no
153. What age where you when you stopped wetting the bed? o.O
154. How did you find out Gaia was a site?my bff
155. Are you active?sumtimes
156. How much gold do you have?70k
157. How much more gold do you have now than you did in question 1?none =(
158. Are you doing these in separate posts?no cuz i didnt no wat u meant by tht
159. What is your favorite kind of dog?idk the really cute ones =]
160. What is your favorite website?idk gaia?
161. Type a random word. cookies
162. Do you think the end is coming up?sure
163. Do you have a mule? no tht wud be weird plus it wudnt fit in my room
164. Have you ever kissed a big spider?ew hell no i hate spiders
165. Do you donate to your friends?i donated sumthin to my gaia sis n trying to get sum stuff for sum of my other friends
166. What is your favorite letter? S, n w cuz it seems like ur sayin double u =D
167. Where is your computer located?in my living room n theres a tv there so im watchin tv n on the internet n listenin to music
168. Have you ever choked on a gumball? YA like once
169. Have you ever got stung by a bee?umm no i dnt think so
170. Have you ever had warts?no
171. Have you ever had zits?uhh i guess?
172. Do you use face cleanser?ya
173. If you do is it clean and clear?no
174. Have you ever had a accident in your bed after the age of 10?nope
175. Have you ever sneaked into a movie without buying a ticket?no i went to a movie then i sneaked into 3 more
176. Have you ever hacked someones account?no
177. Have you ever talked to yourself out loud in school?nope thts a gud thing rite?
178. Have you ever got coal for Christmas?no lol
179. Have you ever accidently flushed your favorite thing in a toilet?nope
180. After Christmas or Easter, have you ever seen Santa's or the Easter Bunny's footprints around the house?i never believed in them n no
181. Have you ever slept with a blankie?nope
182. Have you ever punched your mom or dad?no lol oh well my dad but we were playin
183. Have you ever seen a UFO?no
184. Would you rather freeze to death or burn to death?oooooo well
185. How long are your showers? idk like 10min most
186. Do you like getting mail?sure well wen im bored
187. Do you like cheese?sure
188. how many posts do you post a day?like none lol
189. Bump once. uhh bump?
190. Can you dive? ya but no
191. Whats your worst fear?well like ur worst fear is to fear ive heard that a lot lol
192. Do you like someone?yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
193. Whats their name?noooooooooooooooo
194. Are you in love?no
195. Do you believe in love?yep
196. What do you like most about Gaia?ummm talking to ppl
197. Whats the scariest thing you've done?uhh scariest?hmmm well got lost n walked home alone at like 10 in the night
198. Are you listening to music right now?TOTALLY
199. If so, what kind?um hip hop? lol
200. Do you know how many pints are in a gallon?uhhhh...
201. Do you hate me for typing so many questions yet?no not yet but im gettin there
203.Have you ever seen a squirrel?ya
205.Do you believe in Faires?fairies? no
206. How much more gold do you think youll get?idk but i really need it right now
207.Why did you choose that user name?idk i was thinking then i thought of it n it was the best i cud come up wit so i put it biggrin
208. So, are you gonna stick around to get in the Hall of fame?ummm wat hall of fame? o.O
209. Take the poll if you havent already.k
210. Are you observant?kinda
211. Positive or negative? positive a little negative tho
212. Do you have more gaia friends then real life friends?lol ya i hav like 300
213. Do you remember what question 12 was?no idea want me to look? =D
214. Do you like the movie Napoleon Dynamite?never heard of it O.O
215. What is your favorite website?ummm i swear i answered this b4 but i guess gaia?lol
216. Is this quiz stupid?uhhhh kinda
217. Is it getting boring?not really cuz im doin other stuff
218. What is your favorite cereal? COOKIE CRISP,n fruity pebbles =]
219. Can you force yourself to burp?no lol o.O
220. Where would you like to go in the world?wait does that mean like wat do i wanna do wit my life lol or like places?
221. What are you going to do when you finish this quiz?sleep my eyes hurt n i slept for like 3 hrs today
222. What time is it now? wow! 5:01
223. What time did you start this quiz?umm yesterday at like 2am
224. What time do you think you'll finish?um im goin for 6:01
225. Did you know that it is not even half over yet? ya i checked how many q
226. Have you done things you wish you could take back?ya =(
227. Do you wish some people could just go away? YES
228. Do you ever wish time could stop?sometimes
229. Do you wish I would just go away?lol kindaaaaaaaa
230. How much gold do you have now?70k
231. Do you like family guy?sure
232. Have you seen corpse bride yet?ummm i dnt think so did u see the orphan =D
233. If not, Do you want to?sure
234. Do you like turtles?baby ones
235. Do you hate babies?NO
236. Name one thing you can't stand about people?hmm wen they lie n stuff........
237. Name one thing you can't stand about media?ummm idk
238. Are you drinking anything right now?ya
239. If so, what?water
240. Have you ever eaten a worm?ewwwwwwwwwww no!
241. I like ladybugs. cool

Name one song by the folling bands/singers/rappers if you don't know any just put n/a.

242. Linkin Park n/a
243. System of a downn/a
244. Eminem ummm superman
245. Kittien/a
246.Guns n roses n/a
247. ACDC n/a
248.Kelly Clarkson uhhh since u been gone?
249. Lindsy Lohan wow n/a
250.Brittany Spears circus
251. Maroon5 n/a
252.Pink Floyd n/a
253 Silverchair n/a
254. Good charlotte n/a
255 Simple Plan n/a
256. Avril Lavigne hmmm complicated?
257.Disturbed awww i forgot oh ya down with the sickness
258Mudvayne o.O
259Did you know a lot of those bands? nope
260. What time is it now? 5:14
261. Own something one of a kind?i did my mom lost it
262 Do you Like Riddles? somtimes i guess
263. What about unscrambling words? eh
264 What is 12x12? ummm gimme a sec uh 148???rite?
265Are you as bored as I am?most likely ya
266What does it take to make you happy?idk i like wen ppl make me laugh
267Has anyone saying I love you hurt you?no
268. Have you looked at how many questions there are yet?ya
269 How much gold do you have?70k
270. How much more gold do you need to reach your quest?ummm
271. Are you going to Finish?sure
272. Have you have splurged on something for yourself?wat does that meeeeeeeean?
273. If so, what did you buy? ?
274. What's your favorite music to dance to?
275. Do you think it easy to rap? nooooooooooooo definetly not lol
276. Do you go to concerts often?no
277. What was your favorite Summer Movie? ummm idk the orphan =D it was awesome
278. What was your least?ummmmm hmmm idk they were all pretty good
279. What is the worst food in the world? ummm no idea
280. What is your favorite Skittle's Flavor? ummm blue?
281. What is your least favorite number?ummm i dnt hav one
282. What Brand of Lotion is your favorite?hmmmmm idk right now i using this pleasures thingy called velvet somthing
283. What is your favorite thing about me?i dnt really no u but i admire that u made all these questions lol
284. Why do you think I worry about what you think about me?oh well i never new that
285 What is your Favorite kind of Headband [ex: Doll Ears, Fox Ear, Angelic Headband etc.]?hmmmmmm i guess angelic headband
286. Do you have any new ideas gaia should use?no not really
287which item annoys you to death?idk
288. Why?idk
289. Do you use 1 player or Multi Player in fishing?i play that
290. Do you join other people's games or do you start your own?start my own
291. How many friends have you taken off your friend list lately?one but added them bak
292. Why would you do such a thing?well i added them baaaaaaak =(
293. Do your Friends Comment in your journal?its on private
294. Does anybody comment in your journal?no they cant
295Do you hate Quest Threads? um sure
296. How Many Quest Threads have you made?none well i dnt think so
297How many Quest Threads have you donated to?none
298. Are you Greedy when it comes to gold?no but everyone asks me wen i either spent it all or im tryna get sumthin
299. What is the ugliest item on Gaia?no idea
300. What is the Weirdest? umm sundae's treat

What is your�

311. Grade level? o.O
312. Eye Color?brown
313. Hair color?black
314. Short or Long hair?long
315. Height?like 5ft 2
316. Style?idk like i wear like jeans n stuff kinda tom boyish lol
317 Personality?outside good inside not so good lol
318. Looks?idk
319. Hot or Cute?o.O
320. Muscular, Really Skinny, or fat?well im not really skinny n im not fat i guess kinda average
321. How do you want to die? id rather not answer that O.O
322. Have you been to the mall lately? ya
324. Do you get along with your Parents?eh
325. Do you think your Attractive?eh
326. do you shower Daily?DUH
327. What age do you want to lose your Virginity?uhhh yaaaaaaaa umm 15,16? idk
328. Hate anyone?ya
329. Are you Straight, gay, or bi?straight
330. What age do people think you are?i said on my profile
331 What age do you wish you were?15,16
332 Are you happy with your hair color?ya i guess
333. Do you dye your hair?no i want to
334 are you Left handed, right handed, or ambidextrous? right
335. Obsessions?uh a little
336 Have a favorite quote?no not really
337. If you do what is it?
338. Do you have a web page?no
339 If you do what is it?
340. If a movie was made about your life, what would it be called?umm well i havent even been thru half my life yet we'll see lol
341. Do you ever pretend to be someone else just to look cool?no
342. If you were another person, would you be friends with you?sure
343. Have you ever played poker?no ive played card games hehe go fish lol jk
344. Have you ever thought you were going crazy?no
345. Have you ever killed an animal by accident?no
346. Been on the radio/TV.?no
347. Had a dream that kept coming back?ya
348. What kind of cologne/perfume do you wear?umm i wear my moms white diamonds n stuff lol
349. do you Believe in life on other planets?ya i guess
350. what about Miracles?sure
351.Magic?:eh not really
352. do you Believe there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?no?
353 Do you wish on stars?i did couple times wen i saw like the first star not anymore tho lol
354 Do you prefer knowing someone before dating them or going on a blind date?umm knowing someone
355Have you ever wished it was more "socially acceptable" for a girl to ask a guy out? ya
356. Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone physically unattractive? no
357. What's the last present someone gave you?ummm idk
358. Who gave it to you?idk
359. Do you like it?idk lol

Was there anytime�
360. You wanted to kill?ya
361. That you laughed at?ya
362. That laughed at you?umm ya my cuz n stupid bro
363. That turned you on?o.O
364. You went shopping with?ya
365. That broke your heart?no
366. To disappoint you?ya
367. To ask you out?
368. To make you cry?ya
369. that you thought about?ya
370. You saw a movie with?no
371. You talked to on the phone?no
372. You saw?ya
373. You thought was completely insane?ya
374. You wanted to be?no well ya i guess
375. You told off?ya
376 You trusted?ya
When was the last time you?
377. Smiled?yesterday
378 Laughed?yesterday
379. Cried?idk
380. Bought something?umm idk
381. Hugged someone?idk like last day of school
382. Watched your fave movie?ummm like last month
383. Had a nightmare?not ina while
384. Talked on the phone?like yesterday
385. Listened to the radio?umm idk
386. Watched TV?well i guess im watchin right now
387. Went out?yesterday
388 Helped someone?lol
389. Were mean?alwayz to my bro
390. Sang?wow no idea lol
391. Saw a movie in a theater?umm like last week
392. Skipped class?not yet
393. Eaten a bug?never
394. Crashed a friend's car?not yet
395. Done drugs?i wud say not yet but no
396. Been in love?i actually thought i was it was really stupid tho
397. Been dumped?not yet
398. Shoplifted?lol idk
399. Been fired?not yet
400 Been in a fist fight?not yet
401. Snuck out of your house at night?not yet
402. Had feelings for someone who didnt have them back?ya
403. Made out with a stranger? never
404. Gone on a blind date?never
405. Lied to a friend?idk
406. Had a crush on a teacher?eww never
407. Killed someone?haha not yet
408. Been in a car accident?never
409. Seen someone die?umm couple years ago
410. Been on a plane?umm like a week ago
411. Cheated on a test?uhh last time i had a test O.O
412. Stopped reading a book 20 pages before you finished?i did like 2 times
413. Made a snow angel?last time it snowed
414. Played dress up?never
415. Cheated while playing a game?haha ummm wow its been a while lol
416. been lonely?eh not really
417 fallen asleep at work/school?almost did
418. Used a fake ID?not yet
419. Felt an earthquake?never
420. Touched a snake?
421. Ran a red light?couple times
422. Been suspended from school?not yet
423. Had detention?not yet
424. Worn a outfit that you later regretted wearing?ya lol
425. Had someone tell you your outfit is ugly?not yet lol
426. Witnessed a crime?ummm hmm couple years ago
427. lap danced? O.Oi wud say not yet again
428. Given a striptease?O.O for this one too
429. Been lost?umm uhh like 2 days ago
430. Been to the opposite side of the country?like a week ago
431. Felt like dying?the day b4 yesterday
432. Cried yourself to sleep?couple years ago
433. Played cops and robbers?lol i remember that couple years ago
434. Sang karaoke?never
435. Done something you told yourself you wouldn't?like a year ago
436. Laughed till some kind of beverage came out of your nose?never
437. Caught a snowflake on your tongue?hehe last time it snowed
438. Kissed in the rain?never?
439. Sing in the shower?never?
440. Been embarrassed in front of your boyfriend/crush?last school year
441. If you have please tell of your horrifying experience.i cant really remember sorry
442. Had a dream that you married someone?never
443. Glued your hand to something?lol ummm like a year ago but unpurpose
444. Gotten your tongue stuck to a flag pole?not yet lol
445. Worn the opposite sex's clothes?never oh well one time i wore my lil cuzins basetball jersey cuz they all wanted me to math wit them
446. Sat on a roof top?couple years ago
447. Not showered for a week?never
448. Ever too scared to watch scary movies alone?ummm i cant remember
449. seen such a scary movie you slept with your parents that night?
450. Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on?never
451. Been told you're hot by a complete stranger?on gaia like a week ago? n ive been told i have pretty eyes from a complete stranger like last month was totally weird
452. Been easily amused?yesterday
453. Laugh so hard you cry?umm idk last month?
454. Cry so hard you laugh?umm last time my cuz pushed me n got a huge scar on my arm by a like loose wire but by accident cuz hes pretty strong lol
455. Mooned someone?never
456. Flashed someone?never
457. If youre a girl tried to pee in a urinal?wat?never?
458. If youre a boy worn makeup to school?
459. Forgotten someone's name?couple months ago
460. Slept naked?never
461. Gone skinny-dipping in a pool?never
462. Been kicked out of your house?not yet
463. Played a prank on someone?hmmm cant remember
464. Gone to a late night movie?like at 11 umm a year ago
465. Failed a class?not yet
466. Choked on something you're not supposed to eat?not yet lol
467. Played an instrument for more than 10 hours?never
468. Eaten a whole package of Oreos in one day?never
469. Bought Mardi gras beads?never ppl gave em to me n my cuzins friend won sum for me last time
470. Thrown a shoe?umm last time i wore shoes lol
471. Felt like killing someone?yesterday
472. Ran away?not yet?
473. Been kidnapped?never
474. had detention and not attend it?not yet
475. Yelled at your parents?couple days ago
476. Made parent cry?never
477. Cussed at your parents?umm couple years ago?tht was a huge mistake O.O
478. Cried over someone?couple years ago
479. Owned more than 5 sharpies?never
480. Dated someone more than once?umm couple years ago
481. Have a dog?wen i was like 2/3
482. Have a cat?couple years ago
483. Own an instrument?never
484. Been in a band (school does count)?never
485. Had more than 25 sodas in one day?never!i wish lol
486. Broken a CD?umm i dnt buy cds anymore so like couple years ago
487. Shot a gun?not yet
488. Was it real or fake?
489. Been on Gaia for more than 5 hours straight?yesterday O.O but i was doin somethinelse n staed logged on
490. Slept in the same bed as someone of the opposite sex?not yet
491. Have a dream come true?idk
492. Been kissed unexpectedly?i new about it
493. Tried to break a record?never well my own records wit my cuz n bro
494. Entered an eating contest?never

Do you?

495. Cook?kinda
496. Want to know me?ya
497. Want something that you can't have?ya
498. Think this quiz is too long?ya
499. Own more than 6 pairs of shoes?ya
500. Get on Gaia daily?sumtimes
501. Like to write?a little
502. like school?NO!
503. Own a pair of cuticle clippers?wat?
504. Enjoy listening to music from games?no
505. even if you've never played the game?no
506. Read magazines?not really
507. What kind of magazines do you enjoy to read?
508. Like to listen to music?totally
509. Ever get cramps?sumtimes
510. Ever get migraines?not really
511. like kitties?ya
512. like dogs?ya
513. like animals in general?ya
514. Crave something right now?no
515. like chocolate?ya
516. Think the sun is too bright?sumtimes
517. Do you shop at Abcrombie and Fitch?um no?
518. Wish I can stop asking these stupid questions?
519. Wish you never started this quiz?kinda
520. When was the last time you missed someone?idk
521. When was the last time you fought with a family member?yesterday
522. Fought with a friend?ummm like sumtime this week
523. Had a serious conversation?idk
524. How long have you been doing this quiz?umm today like an hour
525. How much gold have you gotten so far from doing this quiz?none
526. How much longer do you think you can take it?ill give it half an hour
527. Can you not wait till this is over?YES
528. Do you hate me for asking all these questions?ya well ya
529. Do you know your multiplication tables?i guess
530. What is 12 times 16?ohh no idk lemme get my calculater =D 192
531. What is 135 times 674?90990
532. Do you know how to divide?ya
533. What is 72 divided by 9?oh i dnt need calculater for this one 8
534. What is 6789 divided by 3?ohhhh now i need it 2263
535. What is 144 divided by 12? 12
536. What would you do if you were going to die in a day?everything
537. Favorite breakfast cereal?cookie crisps/fruity pebbles
538. Do you like coffee?ya kinda
539. What's your favorite restaurant?idk
540. What do you like on your pizza?idk chicken?lol
541. Have you ever tried to make a pizza?no
542. Do you eat the cream out of the Oreo first?sumtimes not alot
543. Do your teachers like you?idk
544. Are you a teachers pet?no
545. Would you ever run for president?no
546. Would you ever marry someone for their money?no
547. What is the date?ummm the 5th =D
548. What does you dream home look like (please describe vividly and if you can post a picture of what it might look like)ummm idk
549. Have you ever laughed so hard you peed in your pants?no
550. Has someone ever told you your avatar was hot/cute/sexy?ya
551. Have you ever told someone that their avatar was hot/cute/sexy? ya cute
552. Have you ever been stung by a jellyfish?ya it hurt =(
553. What are you thinking about right now?ummmm a guy
554. What would you do if an Alien landed in your backyard and asked for directions to the White House?umm ill tell them u make a left go straight turn right go left continue straight turn back go left then go right go straight again n turn left then turn right n turn left then go straight n ur there =]
555. What would you do if your room was painted neon orange puke green and highlighter yellow?i wud paint it over
556. Do you like anchovies?no
557. Do you actually carry out your New Years resolutions?not really
558. What's your favorite subject?math i guess
559. Why do you like it?its easy
560. Which subject do you absolutely hate?social studies
561. Why do you hate it so?its boring
562. What grade are you in?ummm.........
563. Do you like school?nope
564. Do you eat cafeteria food?ya sumtimes =(
565. Ever work in the cafeteria?no
566. Ever started a food fight?not yet
567. Aced a test you thought you wouldn't?ya without studying =D
568. Have an overdue library book?ya
569. Do you still have that over due library book?lol ya
570. How long have you had the over due book?like 3 weeks
571. How much do you think your fine is by now?idk
572. ever been in a school play?no not planning to
573. Are you in any of the school clubs?no
574. If so witch ones?
575. Seen a school play?ya
576. Is your school private or public? public
577. If its private do you wish it wasn't so you didn't have to wear a uniform?its public n i still hav to wear uniform =(
578. Do you actually use the hangout option on Gaia?wait like mtv n stuff? ya
579. Do you make your bed?not really lol
580. Do you wish this survey was over?ya
581. Do you make bad jokes?idk
582. Do you take candy from strangers?YAAAAA ITS CANDY DUH! lol jk
583. Do you wish you had facial hair?ew no
584. Do you have any skills you'd like to brag about now?eh no im ok lol
585. Do you ride the bus/drive/ or get driven to school?i walk its pretty close
586. whos your best friend? invincible loser
587. Are you weird?do u think im weird?
588. Do you act like you're on drugs but your actually not?no
589. Can you flare your nostrils?o.O
590. Do you have the soundtracks from your favorite movies?no
591. Do you still have a VCR?no
592. Is it even plugged in?no
593. Do you own scented markers?no oh wait ya but i didnt no they were lol
594. How many posts have you made?idk
595. Whats your rarest item?idk
596. What are your goals in Gaia?idk
597. Why do you play Gaia?idk
598. What do you think the point of Gaia is?meet ppl? idk lol
599. What is your total gold?70k
600. What is the total gold that you increased?none

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