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MA Journal..

So like, i havent wrote in this for evaaaaa.
and im really bored. well not really. but wht ever.
i think im going to watch hot rod. do you no wht that is?
its funny. go watch it. now.
my font looks weird. i previewed it. and im not liking what i see.
anywho about hot rod. i own it. i was going to watch it earlier but i wanted to eat like a fat a**.
i got a really cool bracelet today. a girl in my p.e class that i dress out next to gave it to me. and im like yeah thanks. its cool. its from our school store thingy i think. its tie die green and it has like three dog foot prints on it.
yeha im cool. no big deal.
also, i had a party for my math teacher thats leaving. and i was suppose to bring chips but i kind of forgot.
who remembers to bring food to school? i mean really? do you go home saying "oh i have to bring chips to school."
i say "oh i have to pee."
my other teacher was all, you cant eat anything and im all. pfft. so later i went up there and grabed some chips and ate them. it was so cool.
my friend gave me like 3 box's of cookies and she brought them and no one ate them. so many ppl attacked me. );
i felt like barfing all over your grandma after.
my back hurts. i think im going to crack it
ahhhh that was nice.
my kitty is looking ca-ute. ;]
its nice outside. i think i wnt to take a walk. NOOOT ;]
i wudnt go out thar by myself D:
maybe if you came with me ;;;;]
man. i can sooooo go for some water.
like that nice a** water that is just so nice. and tastey.
i met a new person today. his name is greg.
hes pretty damn hot.
i added him on facebook since i talked to him for like 5.1 seconds.
but hey, i needed to add him. at the time i was talking to him my friend was having fun in the bathroom with her boyfriend.
hes really ugly. and im like why are you going out with him? then she went all blahhaha explanation mark on me. and im just like wat evs.
haha jk i love her. <,>
well goodbye 8D

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