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kat's like, journal. yah
This is MY journal. Do not read. Only if you really want to. The story is about my life, but with a twist. So, sure I don't care if you read this. Note" Most of the things that happen in this journal have never happened. Except for the poetry, that h
July 21, 2008

Oook, so on friday night, I got back from a five day trip to Washington State. My mom and I were there, looking at homes, and nieghborhoods. Why were we looking? Well, it's if my dad gets a new job at Fort Lewis(the Army Base in Washington). He might get a job at their hospital, Madigan, which is huge, and looks kinda like a mall on the inside. That was day one.

The next day, we left the iver Cloud Inn in Tacoma(which btw, is excellent). And we then drove past Seattle, and continued up to Everett. Everett, is were our family friend Mr. Barry Herem(I believe that's his last name). We stayed at his home,for the rest of our trip, so it was our little motel. He has artwork all over his house. He does commissions for Airlines, Ferries, and others. And he specializes inNorthwestern Art(think Alaskian culture). We also went to Target, the ones up there, are way better than the ones here in California. That's my opinion on Tuesday, also, Barry has quite the additude!

Wednesday, my mom and I took our rental car, and GPS(Barry also came with), and we all drove to some island somewhere(I forgot it's name!). Barry was our GPS for a few hours, he also said that a GPS should give life advice too, such as "Don't stop there!" or "Ooh, drive up here", and "Hey you!". So everytime we would drive into a town, he'd roll down the window and say loudly:" Hey you!", or " How are you?". Eventually, my mom sarcastically fired him as a GPS, and he shouted out the window: "She fired me!!!" Moving on to Thursday now....

The day after, mom and I got up at, what, like 9:00? We went to Anacortes, and took the 90 minute ferry to the San Juan Islands(SJI). My mom and I practically stayed on the ferry the whole trip. We only got off for at least 20 minutes, and then got back on. The ferry was loads of fun, on our way to the SJI, the boat stopped, because there was a group of Orca's. I actually saw the back of one. And now to Friday!!!

Friday morning, we awoke at 8:00 A.M. We went walking for a bit, then came back to the house. We left at 9:15, and Barry went back to working on his six foot steel sculpture of a Killer Whale. We drove to Seattle, to visit the Pikes(or was it Pines?) Place Market. Then left Seattle at around 12:00, returned the car at 1:00, and got to the airport at 1:30. Our plane was supposed to take off at 6:45, but we got there a tad bit early... Our plane was delayed for an hour, then 30 minutes, then we were told that we would take off at 7:00. When 6:45 rolled around, the plane wasn't event there yet! The plane arrived at 6:53. by 7:00, half the passengers were on, but then had to get off, because of a light problem. So for thirty minutes, we all were standing around, until they directed to a different plane. At 8:00 we boarded, and at 8:15, we took off.

However, when we got to Oregon, we were going really slow, and flying low, because of an ash cloud from a few islands in Southern Alaska. So, I took and hour nap, and by the time I woke up, we had 10 minutes 'till we reached Long Beach, California! We landed at 10:30, got our luggage, and got home at 11:30.

SATURDAY!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! yes, saturday, July 19 was my 12th Birthday! Thank you for reading!!! Bye!

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