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Some stuff I put down Read the title.

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Name:Kuki Hitsuji

Age: 17

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 165 pds.

Build: Slender and athletic.

Dominant hand: Left.

Weapons: "Muramasa"-Kuki's self made sword. A sword made of his darkness. It can absorb magic and relfect it.

Armor: Outfit 1: A red and black top that covers half of his face and both of his arms. Shoulder guards made of orichalcum are place on top of this top kuki wears. A zippered shirt is placed under this top,it is made of red leather. A red undershirt made of polyester is under the leather zipper shirt. A red shintoist's pants with designs are Kuki's bottoms. Leather wrapped boots. Black grip gloves.

Powers/Abilities: Kuki has control over both light and darkness. Kuki's control of light is more practical then his dark. Kuki can light parts of his body up and become a lantern to light the way for those who can't see. He can also make them tool,or weapons as well since Light is an easier element to control. Kuki's control over darkness isn't anywhere near as practical as his light. Kuki's darkness is wild and fierce,it is also a parasite. Kuki names the ability his darkness has as "Nullifying Darkness". His darkness has the ability to infect and 'taint' other elements except for pure light. It infects the element then changes itself to a false copy of the conflicting element,making both stop in their tracks,the darkness then taints the element and then noone has any control over it until the user says otherwise. Kuki can also see in the dark because of his eyes and the darkness. The darkness can also become a mode of transport for Kuki.

Conditions: Kuki must balance his light and Darkness. His sword(s) work as eveners and without having one in battle,Kuki endangers himself to his elements. Kuki's darkness makes him rampage when going too far,he will kill himself and everyone around him if the darkness has full control. If the light was to overflow Kuki,he would become a loving gentleman,not fighting anyone,taking any hit and would die in battle swiftly. Kuki has a giant scar-like tattoo on his back of the Yin-Yang symbol,it acts as a meter or gauge for Kuki's balance and use.

Biography: Kuki grew up in a little village outside of a big city. This big city loved to bully Kuki's peaceful village and Kuki couldn't stand to watch. After he turned ten years old,Kuki took down two debt collecters from the city,that were bothering a librarian with a stick. By ten,Kuki had already been reading large novels (fiction and legends seemed to be the only thing that fascinated him). Also,by ten,Kuki could somewhat use kendo-style of sword fighting. At 12,Kuki found a small forest,beyond the trees laid a giant hill breaking up the forest. on that hill,a giant tree,leaning north. Kuki spent the majority of his time there. He had no plight when it came to his school. He held no care for things going on between the village and the city because they refused to bully the village anymore after Kuki and the villages severe warnings towards it. Kuki felt his life was like a bed of roses. At the age of 15,that bed of roses,showed its thorns as the huge metropolis' military set fire to Kuki's village. Kuki was at his hangout when this happened,but as soon as he smelled the smoke,he opened his dazed eyes and darted back to his village but sadly...it was too late. Kuki watched the remains of his house crumble down from what was left of their own weight. Kuki turned round and yelled out to whoever had did this (not knowing it was the militaries fault) then got hit in the head and collapsed. When Kuki awoke. He found himself being bounced around in the back of a military vehicle,being transported to a maximum security prison. When Kuki found out about this,his rage and hate multiplied and then the drivers found themselves asphixiated from the air being blocked by a bubble of mini tornadoes and such vaccuuming the air out of them. The vehicle had crashed miles before its destination and Kuki kicked the back-door open then wobbled out. He then used sharp edges of the truck's crash to slice off the rope they had used to contain him and ran. Since the day his village burned down (which was also his birthday) he has held a huge chip on his shoulder and a book of old legends that the librarian girl gave to him after his encounter with debt collecters. He later went back to his village and carved a Bokuto out of the Oak used for his house. After a year,Kuki had traveled and learned more. On the exact moment he turned 16 years old,a man named Vaxon found him practicing his wind-sword style on the hill tree. He invited and Kuki accepted,claiming that he got tired of traveling alone. Since that point,Kuki abandoned his last name and replaced it with Hitsuji. After a fight with the man Luke Lonewolf,Kuki entered a state of near-death and unlocked his dark abilities. At first Kuki could not control them but eventually figured out their powers and what they could do. Through practice battle after practice battle with his apprentice Saika HItsuji,Kuki became able to wield wind and darkness with skill and grace. After an event at Battle Ram's tea house,Kuki took a leave from everyone for a year,where in that year,he abandoned his wind tattoo and dawned a new tattoo on his back. A Yin-Yang tattoo. He then trained in the use of light for almost a year in an undisclosed location and eventually came back to find Hitsuji in ruin,his leader Seto had left and Loki was the new leader. Kuki saw opportunity in this and joined back,the first person he talked to being Ren,telling her to apologize for him. Kuki also asked his new leader for a new title,so from that point on,Kuki Hitsuji was the Checkered Envy. After a dispute with his leader,Seto Hitsuji,Kuki was kicked out from the clan. Losing all respect for the majority of the clan along with Seto. Kuki changed his look once again to a red ninja-like look. Kuki abandoned the name Hitsuji and went to his old name for guidance;"Yugure". Kuki visited his hometown and found it untouched. He made a graveyard out of the area and threw out the debris from the fire that the wind had not picked out. Before this,Kuki stumbled upon a katana,its blade gleemed in the twilight. It seemed like it was staring at Kuki,like the sword was meant for him. Kuki took the blade and left his hometown once more. Kuki didn't have a name to be recorded. No nickname,nothing. He just had "Kuki Yugure",and it felt releasing to him.


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