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3rd period
The Taming Of The Shrew
William Shakespeare
November 4,2008
AT English

William Shakespeare has written many famous plays including “Hamlet” and “Romeo And Juliet” but my all-time favorite play by Shakespeare is one lesser-known plays titled “The Taming Of The Shrew.” There are many truly awesome people in this story but in my personal opinion Bianca is the genuinely nicest person in this story . Bianca has been through so much. She has a horrible life and an abusive sister. I keep wondering how she keeps her sanity in tact.
Bianca has to put up with Katherine on a daily basis. Kathy hits her everyday, without fail, for no reason at all except to diminish Bianca’s happiness and ,even though Katherine’s plans always fail she keeps on trying. Now that’s what you call ambition. I guess Katherine is under the impression that because she is not happy no other person, slave or not, can be. Katherine is always yelling at Bianca or cussing her out(in old English, of course). Bianca lets Kathy take advantage of her a lot more than she should. She ended up being struck and tied up even after begging “untie me, thy good sister”. Bianca does not scream and shout like her sister.
Bianca is the most wanted girl in all the land. She has many men fighting over her, including Cambio and Litio. The loser (Litio) ended up extremely angry at everyone, including Cambio. She has started so many fights between so many friends. Cambio and Litio decided who was going to marry Bianca by telling her father who has more belongings for her to inherit when he dies. Bianca was forced to marry Cambio who she came to love in the end.
In the story Bianca’s labeled “pretty” many times. Bianca has waist-length red hair. She also has fair skin. Her skin is pale and smooth. Bianca is not only pretty on the outside. She is pretty on the inside also. Though, I would call her beautiful. Bianca is never mean to her sister, who is horrible to her. She is also nice to everyone she meets. She never classifies them or labels them.
Bianca’s an amazingly beautiful person. She just has a horrible life. ”untie me thy good sister “. I admire Bianca. She has never lost her temper and cuffed her sister. She has never even struck her sister.

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