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The do's and the don'ts. smile Learned these in Psychology. It can be very useful.

The DON'TS!!!

Do NOT ignore signs of suicide. These signs could be the following:
The person comes right out and says they are going to kill themself, or they say they hate their life, or do not want to go on living anymore. Do not ignore this, or treat it lightly or as a joke. It's better to me wrong and do something, than to be right and do nothing. If you have ANY suspicion that a friend or someone else might kill them selves, tell a trusted someone; such as an adult.

If someone tells you they are going to commit suicide, don't act shocked. AT ALL. That is known as judging the person..

Don't judge the person.

Do not give false assurance, such as, "Everything will be fine." In that person's point of view, everything is not and will not be okay. Other people also could have told them that, and it never got better..

Do not worry about breaking the suicidal person's confidence. Tell other trusted people.

If the person seems to be in immediate danger, DO NOT LEAVE THEM ALONE. EVEN IF THEY ASK YOU TO.


Listen to what the suicidal person has to say.

Show the person you truly care. Just because a person is suicidal does not mean they are stupid. They can tell if you're pretending/lying or not.

Show the person you care by saying things like, "I care about you so tell me how you are feeling."

Talk openly with that person, try to show that person that you understand them.

Ask the person if she/he has any plans if things get better, or if things get worse.



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