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Yaoi Romances (My Savior Fandom)
This is a journal Dedicated to the original fandom I'm writing. Which is Yaoi. Its a romantic comedy that should surly catch the tase of any Yaoi lovers out there.
Chapter One: Intro To Elliot
“Give me one good reason why I should jump.” Elliot muttered, his hands were clasped tightly behind his back and his head hooked forward, peering over the small bridge. “Oh no reason really, it’s just that if you don’t jump, your friend here is going to be …lets go with…sacrificed?” The blonde boy who held Elliot’s hands captive behind him slurred his words as they escaped from his crooked front teeth. “Your forgetting that you owe me money!” The blonde spat, tugging on his arms. “ Ouch!” Elliot jolted forward, almost jumping from reaction to his arms being pulled. “I don’t owe you anything! You’ve always stolen my things at school!” Elliot retorted, and as a result the other captured teen was slapped. “Stop it!” Elliot screeched trying to pull away. “Shut it, f**!“ The blonde boy pulled his hair and threatened him again. At the moment when he thought he’d be pushed, he heard a loud thud, and was pulled back by a large masculine tanned hand. Elliot allowed himself to be embraced by this hand and turned his head slightly to see his savior. It was someone he’d never seen before. His friend had escaped, and the blonde lay passed out on the ground. Elliot was a few blinks away from tear shed and as he opened his mouth, he was cut off by a warm voice, equal to that of the hand.

“Are you okay?” The boy who had his hand wrapped tightly around Elliot’s waist was almost 5 complete inches taller. When Elliot didn’t answer he asked again. “Are you okay?” He was only shaken a few times, but his body gave in and he passed into the tanned man's arms.

When Elliot woke up he was laying on a soft comforter that reminded him of home. He sat up quickly, turning his head in a frantic manner. He wasn’t home, so where was he? Previous thoughts flooded through his mind and he was able to recall what had happened only a couple hours earlier. “Your up…” His savior spoke, and Elliot’s vision followed it. In front of him he saw a caramel colored man with deep hazel eyes and wave cut chestnut hair. His upper body features seemed to blend in with each other, and when he spoke his teeth, (which were much straighter then the blonde’s) glistened. Elliot, who remembered vaguely what his savior had done for him blinked and rubbed his eyes before spreading his lips to say “Who are you?” Elliot got an obvious but unexpected response. “Why, your savior of course” Elliot leaned forward and switched from a normal sitting position to the point where he sat on the edge of his seat with curiosity. “Yes…you did save me” Elliot repeated to himself, tasting out his own words. He had been saved after all, but how? How did this man know where he was? Why had he even bothered to help?

“What are you thinking?” The tanned man spoke with eyes glimmering with equal curiosity. “Why did you save me?” Elliot asked out of the blue. “I couldn't just leave you there to be harassed to the point of major injury could I? Then what kind of man would I be?” He asked as if the question should not have even applied to him. Things of greater importance occurred to Elliot when he heard this. “Where am I?!” He asked with a rising tone. Again his question was answered in an obvious way. “Your at my apartment,” the tanned man stood up to get a closer look at Elliot. Elliot’s blues eyes squinted slightly when he was approached. “Where do you live? I should probably take you home…” Elliot gave him a serious look and turned his head. “I was dumped off onto the streets way before now.” Elliot concluded, though this was a lie, and it didn’t seem very wise of him to tell a lie to his savior, he felt it had to be said. Elliot was in the middle of running away from his abusive home when he was captured by his high school bully. Odd wasn’t it? To be taunted by a high school student at such a mature age. Elliot had just turned 17 the weekend before the one he was in now.

“Oh,” the savior looked as if he were pondering something extremely important, but when his thoughts where put into words Elliot was unimpressed. “So, you can stay with me…?” This was an odd proposal to be hearing from an almost complete stranger, but Elliot accepted with a partial smile, and this is where his story began.

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