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take a look into the randomness that is me! i will be posting a story caled DOG NAPPED.its a mystery short story i had to do for school.
dog nappens page 4
"A key? What's a key doing here? I wonder, is it Terry's?" Kat returns to Sam and asks who here
has key axes to the back door entrance.
"Me, Jennifer, kathy and Terry all have keys, why?"
"I found one by the back entrance."
"Well it's not mine, ask the others." She went back to the office to work on papers for the new arrivals.
"Kenta can you call Terry to see if he's missing a key"
"Yea, I guess. What for?
"Just do it" , Kat yelled to at him.
Kat walks into the vet's office, "excuse me Kathy can I ask you something or are you busy?"
"No, I'm not come on in."
"Are you missing your key to the back entrance to the shelter?"
"No I have mine, see.", she pulls out her key chains with many keys on it.
"Ok then, thank"
Kat went to find Jennifer. When Kat returns the shelter Kenta is on the phone, most likely talking to Terry. Jennifer walks bye with here usual 'get out of my way' attitude.

"Hay Jen, are u missing your back entrance key?"
"Yea I am, why did you find it?" , her attitude suddenly changed to kindness.
“Yes, I did but what was it doing out there?"
"Ummm... I was walking around yesterday because I was Ummm... board."
Kat wasn't buying that at all, She had her first suspect.
"Here's your key back" , kat hands her the key."Jennifer do you mind coming over tomarow.
Kenta and I were planing on hanging out, want to join us?
"That's an odd request from you, but you found my key so I guess I will take you up on your offer."
"Ok see you tomarow then." Kat walks back to the lobby desk.
"So Kat, what's that all about, you hate her why invite her over?
"I think she could have stolen the dogs"
"really why?"
"She has lost the pet show 6 times in a row now, we all know how much that bugs her. Not to mention the dogs here are better than that rat wit furr she owns."
Kenta laughs,"thats so mean Kat. So why does that make you want to invite her tomarow?"
"Ugh, do you know nothing, im going to intricate her, smart one.."
Kenta sighs
"ok whast wrong kenta?"
"well...how do i say this... i was hoping that tomarow would just be you know,just us."
Kat laughs,"what like a date?your sewwt Kenta."
Hay buy the way, Terry said he also lost his key but, he is positive its not the one you found."
heart coment plz heart

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