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Welgaia City Gym Rules


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Leader: Patrick, keeper of the Hurricane badge

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(Anecdotes in green and/or parentheses like this are my addition to what I copied from Vixena Azura's Rules)

Standard Clauses

-Sleep/Freeze Clause
Only one Pokemon may be asleep/frozen at the same time as another. You can, however, have one asleep and one frozen at the same time. Once one unfreezes, that Pokemon or another may be put back to sleep. Pokemon asleep due to the effects of Rest or Effect Spore do NOT count towards that limit.

-Evasion/OHKO Clause
Sometimes grouped together as "No DT/OHKO". Moves or Abilities that increase/decrease accuracy/evasion are banned. Such as Double team, sand attack, or mud-slap moves purposefully aimed at lowering evasion/accuracy are banned. (however moves such as muddy water are allowed for it does not have a 100% chance of lowering accuracy.) Abilities that raise evasion are too so prohibited such as: sand veil, snow cloak, etc.

-Species Clause
Each Pokemon must be of a different species. Different Pokedex number means it's a different species.

-Hax Clause
They are luck based items. Quick Claw, Focus Band, Scope Lens, King's Rock, Razor Fang, Bright Powder, and Lax incense are banned.

-Self-KO Clause
This mostly only applies to tournaments. It's used to break ties. If both players are down to their last Pokemon and one uses a move that kills itself, such as Explosion, Self-Destruct, Destiny Bond, or Memento, the trainer who used that move is considered the loser in the match.

~Optional Clauses~

The following clauses (rules) can be placed by any leader at will. These do NOT apply to all battles, unless specified by the individual gym leader.

-Item Clause
By far the most common non-standard rule, item clause states that each Pokemon on the team must be holding a different item from one another. So no double leftovers or focus sash. Items that do the same thing but aren't the same, such as leftovers and black sludge, are allowed. (Double Lefties allowed)

-Explosion/Selfdestruct Clause
Only ONE Pokemon per team can use this. (Agreed)

-Skarmory/Blissey/Cressila Clause
What this clause(Rule) states that if you decided to use one of these 3 Pokemon you can use no more then ONE per team. (Agreed)

Tweak Rules

All gyms have the option of having up to two Tweak Rules. Tweak Rules are rules that are Gym Leader created and are not of standard competitive battling.

1.) No Acid Rain please, use of Acid rain will result in no badge given (I believe in 1 weather condition at a time)

2.) I allow double leftovers in my gym, but no more than two

Special Rules: (not necessarily needed to be followed to win badge)

Anyone who defeats my gym without using ANY rock type moves (sandstorm and Stealth Rock included) will receive 6 TM's of their choice. Other Prizes may be given out too depending on my mood and how good that battle was such as: Art, Master balls, etc.

Anyone who doesn't use Rock, Electric, or Ice type moves (weather affecting, and post-switch damage moves included) at all and still beats me, will receive a shiny pokemon (I will RNG it myself)

The Gym Leader Insurance Policy

To ensure the fun and fairness of both the leader and the challenger, all who play are in or play against a PBN Gym leader must take this into consideration. With the Gym Leader's duty, they are to be the master of their element. However, even a master has his/her disadvantages. In order to balance the odds for leader and challenger, each Gym Leader has been given the right to balance the odds by allowing up to two Wildcard Pokemon into their Gym team. Wildcard Pokemon are Pokemon not of the gym's theme. However, even with that, it can be hard to counter weaknesses that plague the elemental team. Because of this, the Gym Leader has been granted a second right. All challengers challenging a gym of any type, can only have a maximum of two Pokemon [of the same type] that are of an advantage to that Gym. Also, the challenger can only have a maximum of 3 moves [of the same type] that can cause a Super Effective hit on the house element. Both the Pokemon/Super Effective move limit, pertain to the element that the leader holds and not to the Wildcard Pokemon. As a third and final protective right, the Gym Leader has been granted the option of Tweak Rules. Please see the ~All Gym Rules~ Section for a complete definition of Tweak Rules.

Please understand that under most circumstances, a Pokemon of a superior type can take a whole team down of an inferior type. And since a Gym Leader is locked into using Pokemon of the same type, this policy is to ensure the fairness of both players.

(I may relent and allow you to slide by one the insurance policy in my gym -Patrick)

I Copy/pasted this from Vixena Azura Journal, added my 2 tweak rules, and use it now.

People that have won the Hurricane badge:

Captain John Stamos (she's my GF, what do you expect, that's auto-win xD)

xSevenMoonsx (that was so horrible that I think I blocked it out)

Other Leaders I have battled and won badges from:

Didn't think I'd find my way back here again. lol

Pokemon Y FC: 5086-1297-5720

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