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Flying Bagel
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"I suppose I should start at the beginning...
You see, I've always been aware that this... presence resides in my room with me, I've always been slightly sensitive to the paranormal.
But this presence, let's call him "Alex", has been with me since I was little.
I remember things disappearing right out of my hand in the middle of the night, my touch lamp being turned on when there was clearly no one in the room (including me), or even the house.
Now, when I was little, I dismissed it, he was my imaginary friend, he could do whatever he wanted.
When I grew a little older, I came up with more explanations, a short in the lamp, for instance.
My freshman year of college, my sister became pregnant, and my room was turned into the nursery while I was relocated to the basement.
While at college, I hadn't had any experiences, except one, but it was due to a different entity.
I went home one weekend, and they hadn't moved my bed yet, so I stayed in my old room that night.
Thinking nothing would happen since there were no electronics save the overhead light, I fell right asleep, but in the middle of the night, I sat straight up in bed after hearing someone calling my name very loudly in my ear, and I looked toward the middle of my room.
There's a street lamp outside my window, so it was pretty bright in there, and there was a figure of a young man standing in the middle of the floor.
After blinking a few times, I shook my head and went back to sleep, dismissing it as remnants of a dream.
Now, when I finally did get down to the basement, I thought these occurrences might stop, thinking it was just localized to that room, however, I was wrong.
I didn't see him much down there, since it was much darker, but I did feel him near me from time to time.
I'll skip to the most recent part of the story now, to save your sanity...
I recently moved out with my boyfriend to his apartment, and I thought that, again, these experiences would stop, as Alex never seemed to follow me to college, so I thought maybe it was just my parent's house.
The other night, however, I couldn't sleep very well, I had just gotten over being sick and my boyfriend was out in the living room since he couldn't sleep, but I felt a sort of...pressure on me.
It was a sort of comforting pressure that I recognized as Alex.
My question is this:
What do you think this could be?
I've heard of spirits attaching themselves to dwellings instead of locations, but very few attaching themselves to certain people.
I have no clue who he might be, as I never knew anyone like him in life.
If it were a female presence, I'd say it might be my grandmother, as she died a few months before I was born.
I would just like to hear your opinions on what this might be, or if a spirit can in fact attach itself to a person rather than an object/dwelling/location."

"There was a presence in my old room at my parents.
Didn't follow me to college.
Followed me to new room at parent's.
Followed me to apartment.
Don't know what it is exactly.
Any explanations?"

"I apologize for it being such a long story..."

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