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wolf life!!!

wolf kagoma
Community Member
btw plz only put this on gaia. idk but i dont like the world seeing me do more than one of these. [i already did orphan fans
Name: Dizzy Demona
Age: 13/15
Personality: vairies.
Eye color: Blue
Hair color:Blue
Height: normal?
pic: [do i need one?]
Village: moved to the leaf village.
Rank:chunuen/jonen [i stink at spelling srry.]
*Family: one sister. mother and father disesed.
*Pets: none. unless you were to count my demons.
::.. Abilities..::
Clan biggrin emonora
Kekkei Genkai: we in the demonora clan is born with varies demons.
Special Abilities(outside battle ex: quick learning): i am able to turn into any of my demons at anytime.
shian: wolf demon. has two tails and black eyes. she is veary protective and can be veary cruel.
veana: vampire/devil. has devil wings and red eyes. wears black and red. demonic and smart. she is also seven years older than dizzy
kiki: a dog demon. also has black eyes and one tail. she is funny and hyper.
mitsuke: a black haired/fured cat. she is veary flirty. she is also minipuletive and sneaky. she is usaly wearing ssomthing showy. has green shining eyes
yuki: a rabit. she is shy and lovable. she has white hair and usaly wears a hood to hide. light purple eyes
naomi: a angle. light brown hair and light purple eyes. angleic and caring. she is the opisite of veana except she is still quit avrege brain wise
may: she is preppy and quit stupide. she has green hair and is a mermaid.
Rate on a scale from 1 - 10, 1 being the worst, 10 being the best.
Ninjutsu: 9
Taijutsu: 10
Genjutsu: 7
Weapons: 10
Medicine: 6
Cooking: 9
Humor: 10
Determination: 10
Temper: 7

Likes: ramen, stealk, to help others, to hang out with friends, dance near the water fall as well as sing, to be out watching the stars. think about my perants and plan my revenge on the murder, and many more. [it's late so i can't think of any!]

Dislikes: chearleaders, fan girls/boys, being mad fun of, being dissed, friends being dissed, and many moree. [cant think!!]

Hobbies: dance, sing, plan reveng, look at stars, teach yound children and more.

::..Social Network..::
Friends: Naruto, Sakura, Hinata, Shino, Kiba, Ino, Shikamaru, Chouji, Neji, Lee, Ten-ten,

Temari, Kankuro, and sorta Gaara, more but to lazy to write

Enemies: Sasuke, my fan club, lizzy's fan club, more!

Squad Members(include a sensei):in orphanfans story! D:
*Crush(s):^////^ naruto and kiba!
::..Questions(not RP)..::
-Did you move from a village to where you are currently staying?...yes
-If so why? my mother was killed and i fell off a cliff and forgot about my past. i forgot about my sister and past and such but i remember bits. i got many jobs and one was to diliver something to the leaf village. i decided to stay there.
-If your family is deceased how and when did it happen? my father died of an illness only a mounth before my sisters birth. my mother was killed trying to protect me and my sister. me and her r now the only living members of our clan.
-If your family is not deceased what will you do if they die from either murder or disease?if my sister where to die i would kill the murderer or if it were an illness i'd find a cure so others don't die.
-When you battle does anything change in appearance? if i change into my demons yes or my katana might turn into a wand for i am also a wizerd.
-What is your favorite song:"what it's like" "pictures of you" and "walking on air" alos mayde "victums of love"
-What is your favorite Quote: "dream as if you'll live forever. live as if you'll die tommarow."

::..RP TIME!..::
Okay you are sitting in your bedroom, bored when you suddenly see what you're doing 24 hours from now. What is your reaction and what was the vision?
i would sit upp and look around. sometimes my sister pulls pranks like so. if it wasn't her i'd look into the book of the demonora's

After a hard 10 hours of no-stop training you faint from exhaustion. There is no one around. Who do you think will somehow stroll by and see you? What is their reaction?
i would hope naruto or kiba,but with my luck probly neji or sasuke. they would drag [literatly drag] me to the hospital and ditch me not caring if im ok.

(Shippuden Question(s)!)
You are in the hospital from a very deadly mission. Someone comes to the window and kidnaps you. It turns out to be Sasuke. He asks you if you want to join team Snake. What do you say and how would you react?
i would scream and make him let me go. i would scream no and if i'm able i'd run to naruto and tell him sasuke is near the village.

After word goes around that Itachi is dead and everyone thinks that Sasuke is coming home. What do you think and do?
think: i highly dought that. probly destroy his old fan club and those who get in his way to take over the world. do: i'd tell them to relax. if he comes home he comes home if not...well i hope your hopes weren't to high.

When Sasuke comes to attack and destroy the Leaf. What do you think and do? If you give him a piece of your mind what do you say and how do you get him to listen?
I'd find him and punch him. i'd then scream at him givin him a pece of my mind. "DO YOU RELISE EVERY ONE MISSED YOU!? EVERY ONE WAS WORRYING! EVEN I WAS!" i'd then start to tear up thinking of every one's faces.
One last question! You are at a party and EVERYONE is there. You all are playing truth or Dare, spin the battle style. The bottle spins 7 times before it lands on you. What do you pick and who is your darer(meaning who is the one that's going to ask you the question?)
I would obviosly pick dare! with my luck i'd get sasuke or some one who dislikes me.

Enough RP are you sad now because I'm not doing anymore RP questions?

::..What do you think of..::

Naruto: he is able to look deep into your soul and cheer you up! he's the greatest..-mumbles- and i like him
Sakura: she is smart, and kind. I hope she finds the right man.
Sasuke: he is smart and strong. i respect him, but like to make fun of him!
Sai: he was able to regain his emotions. i'm proud of him.
Kiba: he's strong and nice and funny! -mumbles- and i like him...
Akamaru: KWAIII! so kute! love him!!!
Choji: he almost ate my hand when i took his chips! he's a great fighter
Shikamaru: lazy~! he's smart. only if he would move more!
Ino: she thinks to much of her hair. she almost took me to the mall! O.o
Shino: i like his bugs. i once made a bug hotel!
Hinata: quite. if i ever chose kiba over naruto i'd surely help he get naruto!
Gaara: he doesn't talk to me much..i think he's affraid of veana
Kankoro: perv. good pupet person thing..
Temari: haha awsome to hang around with. great sparing partner!

Kakashi: Do you know why he wears the mask? to sook up the blood from his nose bleeds because of his books! XD i figurred that out!

Kurenai:great sesie!
Asuma: great sensie
Tsunade:me gamblin partner!
Jiraya: he is never alowd to reserch on me. i nearly killed him last time
Iruka:like a father to naruto and i!

Pein: T.T i saw him in the bushes yesturday he a stalker!
Konan: ....she love pein what else is there?
Itachi: he only killed his clan for a simple reson.
Sasori: a great pupet maser thing.
Deidara: Art doesn't go boom!
Tobi: not a good boy.
Orochimaru: RAPE RAPE!!
Kabuto: four eyes! [mm lazzy!]

::..Special Guest..::
Put in X if you know at least one or more of the people listed below[ x]
If you put an X in the box before, do you want to hear what they think of you [x ]
If you want what they think of you, you must put AT LEAST one word about what you think about them or they will not reply.
Sintary Sacuna(me): rocks [im lazzy srry]
Yuki/Jasmine Sacuna:from japan. or so she says <.< >.>
Dizzy Demona:ME!!!

::..Would you rather..::
Start a food fight with.....Naruto or Tobi?
Get into a fight with....Sasuke or Itachi?
...either or is fine
Live with all your enemies for a week or marry one of them?

::..Other stuff..::
Okay the reason for the pointless questions were because....
If you want like a little one-shot/romantic moments thing put in x in the box [ x]
if you put an X in the box do you want it before or after the time skip(you can have it right before and then after)
Before [ x]
After [ x]
Right before and after [x ]

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