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Persephone Mirren
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Hello, I'm//
Persephone Mirren

My gender is//

I just turned//

My sexuality is//

People say I'm//
Serious and hard working. When first getting to know her Persephone can come off as cold, distant, and plain rude. Once you get underneath this front she is kind, caring, and would do anything to protect those she cares about, but she does not trust easily.
She thinks before acting and always carefully assesses situations.

I am a//
human hunter

My powers are/

I use//
bow & arrow and dagger

A little bit of my recent history//
Persephone grew up on the stories of the gods and goddesses. Her childhood was nothing special or extraordinary. Simple life, simple family in a simple town. She had two brothers and a sister raised by a loving mother and father. By time she reached 16 she began to learn that her family was not so simple. Her father was a hunter, her mother the detective and her older brothers all hunters as well. And they said it was her turn. At first she didn't understand, but years of training showed her the ways of monsters and how horrid they truly were. When she was twenty it was when her life turned upside down. Persephone had skipped a night of training to go to the movies with friends and when she had returned home the door was open. The young girl stepped inside to find the house ransacked, but her family no where to be found.
She went down to the basement in the training room and instead of killing the family, which would have been easier, they turned them into the monster they so despised. Her mother and father had been turned into werewolves and had ripped her two brothers apart. They sat naked and cowering in the corner while shaking from all of the crying. Her little sister only seventeen was nailed to the wall, her intestines reaching the floor. From the looks of it she was still alive, but barely. So Persephone did what any hunter would do. She grabbed her bow and arrows from the wall and shot her parents dead, then walked over to her sister. Her eyes met her own and begged for death so that is what she gave her when she thrusted her dagger into her baby sister's head. The police blamed her for it, but the organization her parents worked for bailed her out, and changed her name. When they asked what she wanted to change her name to she decided on Persephone, her sister's favorite story. Then was placed in the town permanently on an assignment to rid of the monsters it hid.

• quiet
• being alone
• ranged combat

• cares too easily
• darkness
• cruelty

Though living in town three years, Persephone has always kept to herself and decided to work in the library to further research on her assignment.

My puppeteer//
vodka thief

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